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Global DivrstyInterdepend (I)

by: Buster Heller

Global DivrstyInterdepend (I) ISS 315

Buster Heller
GPA 3.91

Richard Harlow

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About this Document

Richard Harlow
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Buster Heller on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISS 315 at Michigan State University taught by Richard Harlow in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/207747/iss-315-michigan-state-university in Integrative Studies Social Sci at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Second Test ISS 315 Study Guide Section 005 1 What is the Sahel Semiarid regions 2 Countries in the Horn of Africa Dijbouti Eritrea Ethiopia Somalia 3 Landlocked countries in SubSaharan Africa 4 Where in SubSaharan Africa are the highest rates of HIVAIDS Southern Africa 20 24 in Botswana 5 SubSaharan African country where tropical deforestation is most prevalent Madagascar calmed down in the last 10 years 6Tallest mountain peak in SubSaharan Africa Kilimanjaro 7 Where in SubSaharan Africa are the most secure wildlife reserves located Botswana 8 What is transhumance Movement of animals between wet and dry season pastoralism Variable rainfall leads to transhumance 9What is Swahili Language of trade now used in East Africa 10 Where are subSaharan Africas oil reserves located 0 A significant amount of oil is located along the coastal plains and continental shelves of West and Central Africa Colonial powers in SubSaharan Africa Great Britain Belgium France and Portugal Where is Darfur located Sudan Conflict between Darfurians and Arabs divided Sudan Why are SubSaharan soils relatively poor Infertile because too old exception in rift valleys What countries received African territory in the Berlin Conference Priorto WWI the colonial powers were British French Portugal German Belgium Italian Spanish Belgium rule over its African colonies was what Paternalistic Treated Africans as though they were children who needed to be tortured in western way did not try to make them Belgium Raw resource oriented ignored the development of natives More than 10 million die due to exploitation First European country to have extensive contact with SubSaharan Africa Portugal 14005 17 SubSaharan Africa population 865 million people A A A N A a A A A Uquot A 9 18 What territory in the Horn of Africa has declared independence but has not been recognized by other nations 19 20 Somaliland On average about how many children does a woman in Africa have during her lifetime From the 1500s until 1870 about how many Africans were transported to the Americas as slaves N A 12 million Who are the Boers Descendants of the Dutch What was apartheid Segregation system 1 White 2 Colors mixed ancestry 3 Indians 4 Africans blacks A country in SubSaharan Africa that has no central government Somalia What country is providing money to African countries for infrastructure development China French rule over its African colonies was what Assimilation The two groups who fought one another in the Rwandan civil war Tutsis 8 llutus Countries in East Africa An interesting fact about Madagascar Extreme Deforestation MaayoPolynesian Why is the Kalahari not a true desert Receives more than 10 inches of rainfall annually Which European country had lost all of its African colonies by 1920 Germany Colonial power in northwest Africa British rule over its African colonies was what Indirect Rule To what do many experts attribute many of Africa39s civil conflicts How many African countries are members of the Organization of African Unity OAU All African countries The Boer War The most populous country in subAfrica Nigeria 160M Ethiopia 85M A country in Africa with no central government Somalia Why is the island of Socotra unique 30 of the Island s 850 plants found nowhere eIses and threatened by oil exploration and pharmaceutical companies seeking to use plants for possible new drugs 39 40 A A 01 I 030307 N40 0307 we Reasons for the protests and revolutions called the Arab Spring The eastern Mediterranean is called Levent highlands of Lebanon Where do most Egyptians live 10 miles around the Nile Religions from North AfricaSouthwest Asia Islam Christianity Judaism What determines where people live in Southwest Asia and North Africa Where they can find water Where is the Dome of the Rock the AIAqsa Mosque and the Western Wall Old City Jerusalem The Maghreb Approximately how many refugees have left Syria 300000 to 500000 Anatolia Plateau of Turkey Which animal causes the loss of forests in Southwest Asia and North Africa Goats How is Saudi Arabia expanding its farm acreage Results of climate change in Southwest Asia and North Africa Approximate population of Southwest Asia and North Africa Where is the Aswan High Dam located Egypt Cyprus In what Israel occupied lands where have settlements have also been allowed The economy of Turkey What does OPEC stand for Country in Middle East with the largest known oil reserves in the world Saudi Arabia Where in the Middle East has water been used as a quotweapon of controlquot Palestinians Kurds What is dryland agriculture The five pillars of Islam Location of many Shiite Muslims What country in SW Asia is an Islamic theocracy Balfour Declaration I I I I 139 Human rights violations 5 living 66 Where do many of the immigrants from Morocco and Algeria go literacy 67 In some Arab Spring countries democratic elections have been held electing what group 6 What is the Middle East 6 Lebanon 7 What is GAFTA Qanats When was modern Israel created Euphrates 74 The split between the Shiites and the Sunnis 7 When did Islam originate 7 Three European countries that o ccupied the Middle East after Ottoman Empire 7 Which country in Southwest Asia and North Africa has takenrsteps to join the European Union 78 Three questions from What Happened in the World Last Week only study the ones from the areas we learned abouthighlighted February 10th 3 OLOOO lll m can 103 China stepped up controls on the internet requiring users of blogs and chat rooms to register their real names The US and Europe prepared a new peace plan to preSent to Russia regarding the Ukraine February 17th Venezuela s government took over a private supermarket chain because the president Nicolas Madura claimed the company was waging war against the population by hoarding food Protests in Haiti erupted in protest of the lost of fuel StudyGuide All multiple choice httnnuizletcom69702354iss315exam1harlow flashcards Good work so far everyone Do this for every test please First Exam ISS 315 Section 005 1 There are 4 questions taken from What Happened in the World Last Week The questions focus on recent events from the three areas studied in this section What Happened in the World Last Week Possibilities All from this 39 39 39 Venezuela banned former presidents of Colombia and Chile from visiting the country Haiti s government dissolved leaving president Michel Martelly free to rule by decree dictator Haiti s president appointed a new government Protests are occurring in the street saying the new gov does not represent the people Cuba released 53 political prisoners which was part of an agreement to normalize relations between Cuba and the US Moody s rating service establishes country39s credit downgraded Venezuela s credit rating to the lowest level for countries not on a default of loans this was due to oil prices dropping Gay couples were allowed to wed in Florida after a ban was overturned by a judge Kurdish forces have driven Islamic State fighters out of Kobane in Syria The US provided air strikes China is planning a large military parade in Septemberto mark the 70th anniversary ofthe end of WWII This is the first such event under Xi Jinping Most such parades are held on China s National Day haven tsludjedchinayet should be all here now IF ANY MORE THAT S NOT ON HERE PLEASE ADD All I had 0 western hemisphere gtyeah I think a lot of the ones that were more recently added aren t on the exam Asia Ukraine etc but I didn t want to iust delete them which ones are from the northern hemisphere A The northern 39 39 39 contains all except for Antarctica Australia South AmericaI and the southern half of Africa Isn t it Western hemisphere not northern Yea it is Western which is northI centralI and south america 2 Location Piedmont Foot of the mountainfalling line region between Appalachian mtns and Atlantic coast 3 Vegetation in the prairie Grassland Steppe 4 Location Marine west coast climate Maritime climates Coastal Oregon Washington British Columbia southern Alaska and North of San Francisco 5 Ogallala Aquifer location Central Plains North America Packet Page 2 6 What shaped the evolution of the US cities Transportation 7 What happened to the more than 4 million Native Americans in North America after the arrival of Europeans Disease and dissruptions about 90 of the Native people died 7 Eras of the Historical Evolution of US Cities 1 Before 1888 walking horse car 218881920 Electric Streetcar 319201945 Recreational Automobile 41945present Freeway 8 Migration trend that was caused by the mechanization of farming Rural to urban pg 6 9 Location of Megalopolis in North America East Coast of US 10 What are Edge Cities a relatively large urban area situated on the outskirts of a city typically along a major road 11 Dominant Religion in the US Protestantism 60 12 In the United States 1970present where are the majority of immigrants coming fromAsia and Latin America 13 What is a Nunavut The newest province in Canada 14 North American settlement pattern Westward Migration Beach boys African Migration from the South to North factoryjobs in the automobile industry and World War II By 1990 more than half of the population lived West of the Mississippi river Since 2000 California has a net out migration Nonmetropoitan growth movement to rural areas for economic opportunity fracking in North Dakota 15 What are the four employment sectors Primary natural resource extraction Secondary manufacturingindustrial Tertiary services Quaternary information processing 16 The Truman Doctrine gave US wider world role the policy of the US to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures 1947 Greece and Turkey 17 Recent trends in agriculture in North America fewer farmers but larger crops bigger farms o mechanization of agriculture results in rural to urban migration o 24 workforce in US 33 in Canada 18 Basis for migration to the Sunbelt South expanding economy cheaper cost of living recreation and air conditioning 19 What US state went from having net inmigration in the late 19005 to having net out migration California 20 What is the Columbian exchange introduction of new species wheat cattle horses by colonial powers from europe to the Americas 7 The Columbian Exchange 7 3 Cacao Bean eapple ATLA NT C OCEAN 21 Monroe doctrine A principle of US policy originated by president James Monroe in 1823 that any intervention by external powers in the politics of the Americas is a potentially hostile act against the US 22 Ecosystems of altitudinal zonation in Latin America tierra heladaFrosty near top tierra friaCod tierra templadaMild tierra caliente Hot bottom 23 What is dependency theory Expansion of European capitalism created Latin American condition of underdevelopment coreperiphery model 24 What are Colombia39s FARC and ELN FRAC Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ELN National Liberation Army Both guerilla groups 25 What is Grassification in Latin America conversion of tropical forest to pasture 25 Location ofthe Aztecs central Mexico to HondurasNicaragua 26 South American river basins Amazon basin and Plata basin 27 What trade block is the most important one in Latin America LAFTA the atin american free trade association Mercosur is the most important one so is Mercosurthe answer or LAFTA I think the answer to this isjust agriculture 28 What is Neoliberal economic development Neoliberal policies stress privatization export production and few restrictions on imports Benefits increased trade 29 Residents does a city needed qualify as a megacity 10 Million residents 30 Why are there less greenhouse gas emissions in Latin America Low population density not a lot of people drive cars 31 Import substitution Policies that foster domestic industry by imposing inflated tariffs on all imported goods 32Two largest cities in Latin America Sao Paulo and Mexico City 33Atipano Developed areas in mountain valleys by Inca Empire Treeless elevated plain in Bolivia and Peru 34Mestizo Person of European and native american descent 35Environmenta problems in the Valley of Mexico Air pollution sinking landdraws down aquifer poor water quality squatter settlements 36 Why syncretic religion in Latin America Allows animist practices to be included in christian worship 37 treaty of tortisillas 38 What country is the most urbanized in Latin America Uruguay 39 What is NAFTA North America Free Trade Agreement taxexempt trade 40 What is the Greatest threat to biodiversity in Latin America Deforestation 6 of earth mass but 50 of earth s species 41 Maquiladora Mexican assembly plant lining US border 42 Minifundia ejidos pattern associated with peasants farming small plots fortheir own subsistence 43 Latifundia Hacienda long observed pattern of maintaining large estates Began in Roman Empire encomiendas in the new world 44Characteristics of squatter settlements in Latin America makeshift housing on land not legally owned or rented by urban migrants usually in unoccupied spaces in or near rapidly growing cities such as Lima Peru aso called ranchos favelos barrosjovens pueblo neuvos 45Why deforestation of the islands of the Caribbean Earliest Deforestation associated with sugar cane production Haiti deforestation as a result of the need for cooking fuel 46Caribbean country that has contamination from sewage made half of its coastline unfit for swimming Puerto Rico 47Why hasn39t the Caribbean Sea supported large commercial fishing operations The ocean ecosystem is so varied and vibrant that commercial fishing isn39t profitable The amount of one species is limited 48 How much of its original forest cover has Haiti lost In 1990 it was estimated that Haiti had lost 97 of its39 original forest cover 49 What are the Greater Antilles Cuba Jamaica Haiti Dominican Republic Puerto Rico 50 What indentured laborers were brought to the Caribbean when slaves were freed After emancipation South and Southeast Asians were brought to work on plantations 40 of Trinidad South East Asian 51 Where would a person from the Caribbean be likely to emigrate Circular migration Free flow from Puerto Rico to US Other countries Chain migration migration to a country or city as part of a connection with relatives Migration to US and former colonial powers 52What occurred to Haiti in 2010 Fatal EARTHQUAKE that they re still recovering from 53 Agriculture in the Caribbean Plantations in humid tropical lowlands tierra caliente Produce a single export Capital and skills are imported Labor is seasonal Northern European origins


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