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Ochem notes from week 3-5-15

by: colin catozzi

Ochem notes from week 3-5-15 Chem 212 - Organic Chemistry II

colin catozzi
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Organic Chemistry II
Dr. Lovely

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About this Document

The notes look like the get chopped off at the end of each page but if you look at the top of each page you'll see that the cut off bit is repeated on the next page.
Organic Chemistry II
Dr. Lovely
Class Notes
Organic Chemistry 2, ochem 2, notes




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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by colin catozzi on Monday March 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Chem 212 - Organic Chemistry II at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Dr. Lovely in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry II in Chemistry at University of Texas at Arlington.

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Date Created: 03/14/16
Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution Chapter 19 Thursday March 3 2016 1004 AM quot 6 B l 3927 CL H v 8151 pus V Make 0 PR C2 I LAVW V o gmmiwA39xm Q49 k if U MAM FEBquot In 511 Mtokml m f eL3939 P39 To wc c m y BrgtFe3 If p69 73 39 Fe B N u rhik 2 he Uuts umquot SA QY E Ed h YR IL keg vquot quot l e e rBrquotF OLD m J as a a 4 B J G AWNum 0 8 Re are MHEIAhM era1i who a 1 F ng mfeO e A Q we E85 by W VoCe 35 4 A fa gt A em MS 3539 V141 Atttrw39mg 4 Cwlwn you 4 gun ghiegt M a Srvmkhn 31h relhug urchin I39m RM Carliwh CH Hm 6 C19 c a Q rL FL O H 0 5 6 M A39e E Ah39i 3 LP 64 F561 Inkn NM 26 19 lqulo 19 tee ucf a 1C3 New Section 2 Page 1 0 1 c t L a 6 N m im 6 39 N01 5 n l39lro39vu39um oh 9 H e 00 U O N quot N 39239 N9 HO 5 8 n U 339 quot 0 Kg mgu l Egg w 3 quotgo 500 51 quot 3 p d I a with 596 2amp GE SAMm esRe m Shawn Q 503 ch 903 0 1 rumAg s quot 0 fuukr lv V o 1611 g g 909 H 5 98 5 H S 0H 2 59 em P of Q0 f K I a g 45 0quot MD 0 x v 5 0 H 0 3 H 6 Q s e a H u 3 g Hmquot T 360 gust 5 u uh W 3 o o a 0 Na OH 00 L 0H 1 Ho 1 opp FrieAclCm h wan5 J1 msz C c Lake s Al Alkquh a u 3 gtE H Cl I M S NJquot gr New Section 2 Page 2 ge39Q R d MI K glgmg 3952 R 4 qu quot 0 V6 Q L 9 k H C N 3 P e gt Hoquot MCI A Wowls or an alkyl hides 0 90 M39l39 wk C Juc hmu aura Mal4amp5 0599 I Qquotw H v M WAme mu 1 hem VJ 1139 O kyl h h Cl Lanai L major CH3 Mu fetaW gnu hum Re arranyway LH quot xquot CHV I 3 9 I Alcl V 4 8 0 f gr quot0quotquot 1 Au who W a 30 In I 0 9 421 Ma M 59 M N Ao tu KJ gm 5 CW 9 k C k o 3 6 ll 9 ll Shag Qch1z Aic13 2 R ccte AoaJ squot c Kg AMI k Vie e H 5 G5 1 quot 9t 5 a 6m 0 I R V R gt B H I g or Nd New Section 2 Page 3 4b 0 lt 539 uo 9 unsaume L Gull14quot s39r when 4 C V n O CC 6 11ch 50A Sl39l um 135 W 7 LeKtA Ve New MAY 97 or nlq th e o r m Reuki j 39 N xvChm i H O O AA 7 OxlO Iooo quotLi39 3 x3 0 7 km pqlr wwrmol lo LenLlh M Retohve HQ 2 L SS Imac39l Ve J39Leh Ran we 39139 640439qu4 Bahuh e Tr c ivAex I I I gt Muw mj f quotC CPCampNYL3 L AJAUHGM H x 9 63 6 Qt H R V MM N Mk0 2 Re I A1quot quotL V0 943317 ACWvIJ 91A JAM 1616 P lm39cll 7 LT quot1397 J Mu lc e cation 2st cifd nv ampehs l of are umI39c I D you Luz k 4kLltJ139Juo 5 eteth Ana A an MMJI39C 139s Lele noble nflu39l Opvos c few eLJvm wI39Hx Avuw mln39l luwj o R 63A 0 quot39 K N Wm M whk O New mm em MAM C an quotnunmj AMMg 53M huh B L M 11 V l sqlgbquot 9 x P O H 39o H I 0 1quot e H I H l A I 3 9 49 L a Q e l l 67 65 New Section 2 Page 4 CHM sekzehe Eda64W claim 0 CUM s Ad k nhfhj CUov uL 5 L43 W 9 HM q Mmr I wwfuf yaw v ammt emu I km 0 e N to 39 N h 3m Chucks pit7 claim dons 7 mm N but 0 kt Itsurn M39Hx Junme arcf O o 9 W a It ede a use hymn Mg m w gkm 039 Tale sog dg lw 1 0 GritAA t39on AAivJA Swans gt a r 4 395 e53939vquotbe g2 16vqu 51 quot3 w 9e Dan39va mm w 4 o r sew7 n quotb k 0 69 k7 M h P hS39l39Rlvl39 Z ha k 6 k Ankh L7 My a TS jug14 unmw 1931 C 50ch l 9 04 A 51 QT W S l vonaly 1quot O H L H on Pa Q 7 OMK 5 39 Q 9 L a altHWJ39 l Cl Jon ov i J9 03 M rules 5 PMM 7 SALc 2 HAW Iona 39 L1 hastqu Ame1 um New Section 2 Page 5 Oh WM gvark f H686 39 Li VtSohMLK J lv uc39l 1m oh BU JK BUMA Crl e 39 a a w J m km W OWL D 0 0 d M l K R fret VIA E cause 6 OLLW7E he Man c 0 MC Y VQ 39 we vesbmtl JIWE WCS We Xe 5a f7iij Aes k 0AM o 4 54 44 1M V u a 39CWWI quot haslmkzaatw i5 4qu k H W llhlev mulcqle Wm 048 95 N2 slowM f 1 Hklm lh 5 V4 39I LdW A l LO LWM WIIFLJVth MJ C E leeLN yeng Ve TA T L A 1 H 2 iovwh j 39L 5 L IH2 5 439 1quot a vaWJ h I y Y o wJvaW nj 39 quotL 039 39L quot 5 41395 0 55 AWJ X Shaw 5 39 I 3 V39hgtl qrm T II739 0 Ms WCXLLm 39 Z 7 J nOL l 4 x3 Lx Adm aim Mm MI7J LI44 A S ys39l lns a W ALVZ aces W A New Section 2 Page 6 Mm MI7J LI44 A S ys39l lns a W ALVZ aces W talugg ioh quot Sub ski M ro kvLwc R whate Lo KMJ 19 L I C wJ Lol ruru I Cryk 01411 S LVOy j 2v W k 0 39 p250hmugt MAM13w 3 I IL Ase LL re amp Ih o wow 5 Ink W T 4uwtom 39I gh os39l39r Juu 5 R03 ranpavu Me N Nuke Ph l b Ave m4 9an s 411 83 A H o N m M No 139 N oHJ H10 a L 143 I N0L No d 0H M 0M 6 0H oL N e I my now ML NOL ml quot7 V I Iou WA Y e 6 quotLo NOL VOL N m e 0 11 g 0 quot3 o New Section 2 Page 7 39 Y0 V m y q A new gab J 139l39laq5 Lerf wu quIquotJhJPJ lmu rueIons


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