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notes over magnetism week 03.06.16

by: colin catozzi

notes over magnetism week 03.06.16 PHYSICS 1444

Marketplace > University of Texas at Arlington > Physics 2 > PHYSICS 1444 > notes over magnetism week 03 06 16
colin catozzi
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Dr. Suman Satyal

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About this Document

notes from the week before springbreak in physics 2
Dr. Suman Satyal
Class Notes




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by colin catozzi on Monday March 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PHYSICS 1444 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Dr. Suman Satyal in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see in Physics 2 at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 03/14/16
99 3ch Q 0 FOV OLV C bum1 1 m T1 M a gn etis m Tuesday March 8 2016 1109 AM abreast 16m NHLL NLC mmsweiiu 46 IN I M1 lquotquot quotem Anna F 1 Q 395 5 G t 39 um W WWquot 5 0v 5quot 4quotquot Qquot 4 We ac Vhra 397 5 4 4 mnq h 4 6 E 139 g bk LN 39 0 7 ijthI c 91A town39u j OdA D39P me Q Wu de L W A LcaJCny s39hl39o 000 0 0 e L G F O 9 g 9 9 P F 3 Igt 40quot V m3 yumquot 3106 kneelw 13 law WJ 0 XN9 W ch h maJrCoV 0f wwjhelw LEM J s m J 31cm 3 Card Tl e CJVu aux Mon13x3 ClquotM7 CS weld I 15 Fquot Mk x 1 WV 5 A MV MA 96 m quot 3 1 9 WV TACL L Jew 45 at 9 forat I k ckwofi Wl39hwl iquot WNV fey yley o Rkluv 1 1 hw39cWW V M hehc aka Iquot M39quot be Jule w 3 4 p 39 x 7 4 I A New Section 2 Page 1 Am 6 41ka ML 10 13907 m in 0 Plum V av rawhw w 39o a um iwh Y Mqhthgneu beccvnm 35 fdk jaunlw39lkW Y39 3 Lo MM qunL c Come 5 ferrulin 40 mgaulcc Bali Aug 4quotM l Tke r H wk 5 Wu CW AQNWMCV Ahvo hDVI El lmk39sm m an AWL ope WWWMg My he Maui up Wk TM v eaquotu39ok 6 th ox a 0mm 4w 4 7 a F 1 S t1 v E e 3 1 Se A 3 l F1LB14 B Twine 1 Fr Tovctuq 2 A B 6 uLn In rw ww w cwvml ML of wu39ve McLle UQAIwa rim 0 AVAU W quot c u u q out me New Section 2 Page 2 in ltI Arrhnl m3 Lou 3qu Mmgm io ew Due l o a Sat33W 4398 MK e Re Aug 46 q draw In w W 1393 V VWSR li yrvo Powli39ovnu 50 e Ans1a me A v wa v e PW 911 91mquot che oz1 Ween Awo WM b st 73 1 12 I3 u 1 1 5 ch Pym guwvcmx 1 DOW LQL 1 ll NVuV VQH Luvvevxr s Hymu f Tlo o39amp We Fm E IZU VO Magnet IMAM DM miirmhovm magneJn39c fell WM zfv o wvwn l a mixme om MAM1 A UAV V39eM39 W 939 JCWLgOE muj luolL 1 5 on far lo ohu39 Lo ch Vetquot o P caanyea39P WLMj Melo39c flux J Lvowflw JLC 39070 A Wu l nc few I 9 a Wmc mdief ml QF 39 b 39C os e 3 AWOL 1WD 3 LT ML l MUD NA quot New Section 2 Page 3 LWlo 3 LW Mquot l mm M clwM 1 I wu wm 15quot u Slaw an4 N u Ll L 4 W 0 Mo L J1 A P w 2 f ab 1 a Q a 7 o M CLUNSQ un reckon 2 5 L W WLaA Cvy kcb a5 5 owlVIN 6 0 c k 56 Q as mania CW Wench gt 2 cwvvw makes is NM wwjmlu39c 1 Dd quotto Orrotg Amid MQWA 3ro h we EMF 5 akath ke the M2 L7 vvoJg nk c p 6 y I Y Y X X Y X Y Y x K YY Y X y K YY y X y 7 XX XX Max vd legs eas New Section 2 Page 4


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