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Geography 101: Week 6 Notes

by: Jensine Bonner

Geography 101: Week 6 Notes Geog 101

Marketplace > Towson University > Geography > Geog 101 > Geography 101 Week 6 Notes
Jensine Bonner
GPA 3.6
Physical Geography
Henry L. Shupple

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About this Document

These notes cover what was discussed in Professor Schupple's Geography 101 class at Towson University
Physical Geography
Henry L. Shupple
Class Notes
geography, 101, Geography 101, towson, towson university
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jensine Bonner on Monday March 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Geog 101 at Towson University taught by Henry L. Shupple in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Physical Geography in Geography at Towson University.


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Date Created: 03/14/16
Geography 101 Notes taken interpreted and formatted by Jensine Bonner Week 6 of Notes 3716 Chapter 4 Info for Quiz 2 begins here Weather is The condition of the atmosphere including the various elements of weather Climate is The weather possibilities for long periods of time Period of time least a century 0 Be sure to know the elements of weather The Greenhouse Effect The possibilities of heat being trapped in the Earth s atmosphere 0 Know the primary Greenhouse gases 3916 Temperature Factors affecting temperature distribution Average angle of the sun at noon latitude temperatures will generally decrease with increasing latitude Season There are lower sun angles in the winter and higher sun angles in the summer LandWater distribution Northern Hemisphere 52 Water Ocean amp 48 Land Southern Hemi5phere 88 Ocean 12 Land Temperatures are more evenly distributed in the Southern Hemisphere lsotherm One of the various types of isolines this one connects points of equal temperature Ocean Currents Warm Climate Flows along the East Coasts of the continents Cold Currents Flows along the West Coasts of the continents The East Coasts will generally be warmer while the weather along the West Coasts will generally be more stable The circular ow of the water in the ocean is known as Gyres Global Heat Balance 13 of the ocean current 23 wind Altitude The temperature will decrease 35 degrees Fahrenheit 1000 feet Areas with high mountains will be colder Lapse Rate Inversion 35 days max Will affect air quality Neg Lapse Rate warm airgt cold air gt the cold air will be trappedgt the air quality and visibility will be affected Wind Chill The subjective amount of cold that is experienced at certain temperatures combined with wind speed The wind will make it feel colder There is a wind chill index and a heat index as well Heatlndex The humidity will make everything feel hotter 31116 Relative Humidity Air Pressure Atmospheric pressure Barometric pressure Weight of the atmosphere 6000000000000000 Tons Weight per unit area 147 lbs per square inch There are 2 types of barometerls 1 Mercurial Mercury is condensed the greater the air pressure the higher the mercury will go Air pressure is barometer at 2992 inches on Mercury Hg 2 Aneroid Barometer Strictly Mechanical Air pressure is measured at 10132 millibars mb Normal air pressure at Sea level 147 lbs per square inch 2992 inches 10132 mb Air pressure decreases with increasing altitudes rate of decrease 130 per 900 feet High Pressure Centers Anticyclones Symbol on a weather map H or High this will generally results in fairly good weather Low Pressure Centers Cyclones Symbol on a weather map will be L or Low will generally result in poor weather


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