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Chapter 8 - Persuasion

by: Rebecca Stewart

Chapter 8 - Persuasion PSYC 2130

Rebecca Stewart
Intro to Social Psychology
Kathleen Burke

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About this Document

These notes cover everything discussed in class, regarding chapter 8, that will be on the second exam.
Intro to Social Psychology
Kathleen Burke
Class Notes
social, Psychology, persuasion, chapter eight, Burke, uncc, charlotte
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rebecca Stewart on Monday March 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 2130 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Kathleen Burke in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Intro to Social Psychology in Psychlogy at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.

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Date Created: 03/14/16
31416 Social Psychology Class Notes Pe rsua sio n Objectives 1 What is Persuasion 3 Elaboration Likelihood Model 2 The Yale School of Attitude Change 4 Resisting Persuasion 1 What is Persuasion Persuasion a method of a person s cognitions feelings behaviors or general evaluations attitudes towards some object issue or person 0 Attitude change 2 The Yale School of Attitude Change Who says what to whom in what context Focus on source content audience and context 0 After WWII why was Hitler so popular Why did he have followers For persuasion to occur people must 1 Pay attention to message 2 Learn message 3 Yield to message 4 Remember message 1 Strong arguments not always persuasive 2 Experts not always persuasive Source Effects 1 Credibility I Competence expertise People who are good at what they do or who are experts are persuasive I Trustworthiness Honest people are more persuasive People who argue against selfinterest are more persuasive 2 Likeability I Similarity People who belong to same groups or like same things more persuasive I Physical attractiveness Physically attractive people more persuasive 3 Elaboration Likelihood Model ELM Petty and Cacioppo 1986 31416 Social Psychology Class Notes 0 People differ in messagerelevant thinking 0 determines response to messages 0 Are you thinking carefully about the message Elaboration the amount of elaboration people engage in depends on and to elaborate ELM s two routes to persuasion 1 Peripheral Route I Occur with low elaboration Mommaquot 390 domle I Superficial cues determine persuasion Able toglgiomea I Example expertlse beauty brand name 2 Central Route I Occurs with high elaboration N I Involves careful thought about the message m I Focus on the strength of the arguments ELM s two routes depend on the level of elaboration mm by Whyde 0 Central focus on of the message high fades Wad cantd bmomaaaga b umoaaao maugoqud y cues m dd Minnow balms loge elaboration looking directly at it 0 Peripheral focus on characteristics low elaboration its there but you aren t focused on it mwhether we elaborate 1 to elaborate I Situational factors 0 Personal relevance 0 Accountability I Need for cognition Cacioppo amp Petty 1982 I Whether people enjoy and regularly engage in thinking even if it takes effort 2 Need for cognition scale items I quotI prefer my life to be filled with puzzles that I must solve I quotThe notion of thinking abstractly is appealing to me I quotThinking is not my idea offun 3 to elaborate I Situational factors 0 Time pressure 0 Distraction 0 Message repetition I Personal factors 0 Knowledge 0 Fatigue Classic example of central vs peripheral processing Petty Caciopoo amp Goldman 1 981 o Read a message stating why university should have comprehensive exams 31416 Social Psychology Class Notes 0 M mgh exams would be implemented next year M exams would not be implemented for 10 years Strong vs low I and of the source Princeton professor quotCarnegie Commission on Higher Educationquot vs high school students 0 m I Level of agreement with the persuasive message attitude toward comprehensive exams Mud lowId amok sin 0 um um tuna A watchman 0 i o I 1 0 1 WM 39139quot o M monvamon mo umquot 70 PROMOY39NG o M hm ponona y I M FACTORS ATTITUDE CHANGE o 24 o u o M o l l 1 Danniunion o 24 minimum 04 39 W l o 2 on i L o M o 3 014 o u Pma y quotMam m w I um ponmly quotbum c 06 os I Strong 000mm Moll New cl inquot some coupon some 1 o NHWWI Inc tmnii IJIIW W Mmlmpovpu 5quot 39urhobqv 39 OM jli l mild nu 1 Elaboration leads to strong attitudes 0 Central route processing leads to stronger attitudes 0 Peripheral route processing leads to weak attitudes 0 Use central route for important decisions 0 Use peripheral route for trivial decisions 4 Resisting Persuasion Attitude Inoculation McGuire 1964 o Inoculation Metaphor I Small dose of a virus gt body develops immunity to fullblown disease Exposure to arguments against your position may your ability to later resist arguments 0 Why Weak arguments lead you to more able to yourself from future attacks


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