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wk 7

by: Veronica Barragan
Veronica Barragan
Cal State Fullerton
GPA 3.86
World Civilization to 16th Century
Stefan Chrissanthos

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About this Document

7th week of notes
World Civilization to 16th Century
Stefan Chrissanthos
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Veronica Barragan on Monday March 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 110A at California State University - Fullerton taught by Stefan Chrissanthos in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see World Civilization to 16th Century in History at California State University - Fullerton.


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Date Created: 03/14/16
1St Century BC Republic A The century of the fall of the Roman Republic a Roman Revolution 0 Led to the fall of Roman Republic and rise of Roman Empire b The rst triumvirate 0 Cn Pompey Magnus 1 Most important 0 M Licinius Crassus 1 2nd most important c C Julius Caesar 0 Also important 0 Passed laws bene tting Pompey and Crassus because they helped him get in to of ce 0 Gets appointed governor of two provinces 0 At the time these two provinces were at the ont of the Roman Empire 0 Julius Caesar tries to win military glory 1 In 58 BC Caesar invades Gaul 2 It takes him a while but by 50BC Caesar conquers all of Gaul 3 By conquering Gaul Caesar won incredible military glory 4 By 50BC he had a very large well trained experienced and loyal army 5 The soldiers loved Caesar and would follow him anywhere 0 Near the end of the decade the alliance began to break apart 0 The rst blow came in 54BC when Julia died important politically because she was married to Pompey Julia was the daughter of Julius o Pompey and Julia actually fell in love 0 Julia died in childbirth and the baby dies as well 0 The 2nd blow comes in 53BC when Crassus is killed 0 Crassus went to the east to attack Parthia unfortunately he is defeated captured and is beheaded and used as a prop in a play 0 Pompey and Caesar break up 1 He became jealous of Caesar s military success 2 He used to be the most popular general but now its Caesar 3 Pompey joins with the Senate to try and bring Caesar down 4 They order Caesar to give up his provinces and his army basically his power 5 Caesar refuses to accept defeat and has a large loyal army that will back him up 6 Caesar takes his army and marches into Italy starting the second Civil War 7 Pompey and the Senate are surprised that he decided to ght because he only had one army and Pompey and the Senate had 4 8 9 They didn t have any of the armies with them so they ee to Greece Caesar takes over Rome without a ght d Battle of Pharsalus o The army of Caesar defeats the army of Pompey and the Senate 0 Pompey ees from Pharsalus and instead of going for another army he ees to Egypt 0 Ptolemy XIII is king of Egypt at the time 1 2 8 9 Descendant of one of the generals of Alexander the Great Ptolemy heard about the battle of Pharsalus and correctly guessed that Caesar would now rule Rome so he decides to get in good with Caesar As Pompey gets olf the boat in Egypt he is assassinated by Ptolemy s men Caesar arrives a short time after and Ptolemy hands Caesar the head of Pompey thinking that Caesar would be happy Caesar was not happy he claimed he wanted to spare Pompey so rather than thanking Ptolemy he kicks him of the throne of Egypt and Ptolemy disappears Ptolemy is replaced by his sister Cleopatra and at the age of 19 she becomes queen of Egypt Caesar spends the next year in Egypt hanging out with Cleopatra and they become an item She gives birth to a boy named Ptolemy Caesarion Caesar never lost a battle 10 Becomes dictator for 10 years 0 In early 44BC he announces he will be dictator for life 0 Rumors began to y that he would make himself king of Rome 0 Many Senators did not want to see this happen because they would lose their power e M Junius Brutus and C Cassius Longinus 0 They had been spared by Caesar 0 On March 15 44BC Caesar is assassinated by Brutus Cassius and the others 0 After the kill Caesar they tell everyone what they did 1 2 3 They tell people they restored liberty At that moment they realize they might have made a mistake because most people liked Caesar Brutus Cassius and the others leave Rome and go East f With Caesar dead the doors were open for M Antonius and C Octavius o Antonius was Caesar s second in command and he becomes very power very quickly 0 Caius Octavius becomes powerful quickly as well 1 Also known as Augustus 2 He was only 18 years old but he was Caesars closest male roman relative 3 He was his Great nephew Caesar named him his successor in his will 4 Many didn t take him seriously until it was too late 0 They take their army east to ght the army of Brutus and Cassius to ght the battle of Philippi 0 The Battle oif Philippi 1 The armies of Octavius and Antonius win and Brutus and Cassius commit suicide 2 Octavius and Antonius are now rulers of Rome a One rules west and the other rules east b Octavius wants to get rid of Antonius After Philippi Antonius goes East to rule his provinces and reunites with Cleopatra 0 He falls madly in love with Cleopatra divorces his roman wife and marries Cleopatra 1 Divorce was not acceptable 2 The thing that made it worse was that Antonius was married to Octavius sister 3 Cleopatra gives birth to twins a boy and a girl and Antonius announced that all his lands will go to his children with Cleopatra and not his roman children 0 This didn t go well with the Roman people and Octavius uses this as an excuse 0 He uses propaganda to against Cleopatra 0 Octavius says she wants to rule the whole world and that she must be stopped o Declares war on Cleopatra and Egypt 0 One big battle the battle of Actium 1 The navy of Octavius destroys the navy of Antonius and Cleopatra 2 They ee to Egypt Antonius commits suicide and she tries to make moves on Octavius and when that fails she too commits suicide 3 Octavius becomes Rome s rst emperor in Rome


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