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People and Environment (I)

by: Buster Heller

People and Environment (I) ISS 310

Buster Heller
GPA 3.91

Craig Harris

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About this Document

Craig Harris
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Buster Heller on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISS 310 at Michigan State University taught by Craig Harris in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/207756/iss-310-michigan-state-university in Integrative Studies Social Sci at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
ISS 310 Section 003 Spring 2011 Craig Harris Chuntian Lu Department of Sociology 183 310003 Spring Semester 2011 SYLLABU S Craig Harris Department of Sociology 429B Berkey Hall Of ce heurs By appointment harriee msu edu Chuntian Lu Department of Seeinlegy Of ce hours to be announced Inchunti msuedu Required Readings Paul Robbins Political Ecologv Blackwell Publishing 2004 Susanna Hecht and Alexander Cockburn The Fate of the Forest University of Chicago Press 2010 Thomas Easton Taking Sides Clashing Views On Environmental Issues Fourteenth Edition McGrawHill 2011 William Cronon Changes In the Land Hill and Wang 2003 Paul Rubblns if i a kit s Punk 39 v 39I Uquot I ll1TH N xIH ZiHHH IIIII39I39MII39I 1 II lf I HHICW IW M HHM III39IWLN CHANGE S in the quotI rm39 runjargon h iirulumlisrilnlilmr in Ihr39 hm qIwu mufunquot wwa Ii 1 39ir39u39 TH E F DEE 39 9 Reading Assignments Will be discussed in class on the assigned day 10 January Course organization 12 January Cronon Chapter 1 The View from Walden Easton Issue 16 Should DDT Be Banned Worldwide 19 January Easton ism 24 January Robbins Chapter 1 The Hatchet and the Seed Cronon Chapter 2 Landscape and Patchwork 26 January Eastern Issue 17 Do Environmental Hormone Mimics Pose a Potentially Serious Health Threat 31 January Robbins Chapter 2 A Tree Deep Roots Cronon Chapter 3 Seasons of Want and Plenty Course Requirements Five requirements Each requirement accounts for onefifth of the final grade 1 Choose 39a contemporary environmentalquotp39rdblemer issue i that interests you use the Nexis database atthe Library to find ree articlesin major news1paper that present V 39 cent rastling viewson the enVE39ironmentaisproblem oir issue Choose hewspapers that are in different pa39rtsi of the USi or quot1 39differe countries5m differe time periiedis Analee the coverage in the three articles answering the ful lowing39 questiogns How dpes each article defiinerthe3problem What 1 a re theattributeSthat quotmake it a problem er39 issue 5What dices each article say aregtihe Zimm39edijateca uses andthe underlying or fungdameintajlcauses Of the probi doeseach article effer as a sEOiut ion fbthhe problem or issuei Is this 39a sixperficialpalliatiVe soiut ion or afu ndamental solution dees the proposed SQIutiiQn relate to underlyin causes Ofvlthfe problem E ightpagias To submitted 7 e l ectronicalily on Angel course website Due February 4t 2011 per ohChane s the La nid HowWould analyze the changes thatieronoh describes the 7iidea39sg 39 conca pts and principles have N beendiscsussed frm pollitica 39ecolowy 3 Eight be A bmi ted electronily on Angel courSe we DUeiM a3rth4t h392011 thigobse a cnvtempbrla39 ry e39nVijronmehtalf problem or in Michiga n39 interests You i tcan bettihe same problem airquot issue that you e3Xamin39ed Fi nf Assignment Writ a pa pet that analyzes ti his p rOBI39em or ifssue i39n wray39 that would Whatquotquiestions wreuld 39 Cronn ask Use Gloog39le quotScholar orthg ezlectranic databases t he Libra to hid iinfbrmatiion about quotthe problem you h ave chos n to answer Crohon s questions 39i39Eigjht pages To be Submited e39l ect39mhical ly Angel quot Vgc o urse 7 Due ril 1st 7 4 per thate the FIGrest 39How uld you 39 na lyz the changesit hat H and cuckbum describe using the ideas ncepts and principles that have been 39iscussed from politics I 39 ecoldy Rabbins Eihtipagengo bequot bmi ted electronily on Angel courSe we DUeIM 239


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