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Ntl Diversity & Change US (N)

by: Buster Heller

Ntl Diversity & Change US (N) ISS 335

Buster Heller
GPA 3.91

Ronald Hall

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About this Document

Ronald Hall
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Buster Heller on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISS 335 at Michigan State University taught by Ronald Hall in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/207765/iss-335-michigan-state-university in Integrative Studies Social Sci at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
EXAM 1 January 12 0 Japan and Korea most homogeneous countries Ecology o quotEcologyquot the study of man in relationship to the environment ethical moral educational o Organism and its environment manwoman and his environment 0 Assess via biopshychosocial biological inheritance psychological mental sociological social interactions Aspects of Ecology o Adaptation stresscoping 0 Power no such thing as truth 0 Human relatedness ability to cross demographic lines Dominate Groups 0 Race white 0 Gender male 0 Class middle 0 Sexual Orientation straight 0 Others 0 Closed system a social system that doesn t interact with its environment 0 Le a family in Detroit where the kids don t talk to the neighbors there is no interaction with others familial structures 0 Open system communication with others family interacts with environments 0 Eurogamy marriage to a person of European descent o Hypergamy marrying up 0 Hypogamy marrying down Impact of Domination o Dictates to assimilation 0 Dual PerspectiveDouble Consciousness WEB Dubois as a minority one must know norms values expectations of two communities at once the minority and the dominant group 0 Le ifyou are of Asian decent in mainstream society you may have two different sets of norms 0 Cool Pose cultural style drugs dressing and acting a certain way 0 Political Democrats v Republicans 0 Liberal v Conservative 0 Left conservative v Right liberal derives from French parliament Ecology via Culture 0 Values liberal v conservative Norms Knowledge Technology Belief System extension of religion family valuesnorms Language Americans only unilinguistic country 0 Symbols Spartan helmet associations January 19 Systems Theory 0 Borrowed from physics EMC2 o A way to view humanity and behavior 0 Emphasis upon patterns processes native Americans think circularly moonsweeks relativity o Boundaries Terms 0 Entropy Feedback cycle Focal system Holon Negentropy Subsystem Suprasystem Equilibrium homeo Boundary Ecological approach Environment Idegoupperego stem Superecology Native American Closed System Open system Reference frame 0 Biosphere Pattern of dysfunction no friends don t exchange with others typically m lt Race 0 Refers to frequency of genes 0 Race has no biological significance as a category 0 quotRace does not exist it is a means of control 1 black and 1 white can have more similar genetics than 2 white or 2 black we give it consequences and reality 0 Eugenesis based on race more smart more criminal o All of humanity is a variation or races there are then no pure races 0 Race is a politicaleconomic construct Racism o The belief that some are superior o Irrelevant to ancients o Probably evolved via slave trade 0 A dominant group phenomenon 0 People of color non European decent cannot be racist Assigned lower status based on skin color 0 India most racist Caste System 0 Racism requires power Genesis of Brown Racism o Extends from ethnocentrism mindset that one s own race is superior o Probably common and healthy 0 Is a product of domination stems from most powerful group 0 Involves people of color who have been conquered enslaved or otherwise subjugated Brown Racism 0 Extension of colonialism 0 People of color subjected to racism exhibiting racist behaviors 0 European origin quotI felt much more accepted in Europe than the US 0 Prejudice via skin color practiced by people of color 0 Dark skin people of color discriminated against by light skin people of colors Brown Racism in Third World 0 See L Gossett portrayal of Sadat 100s of Chinese attacked African students African students ostracized in India Mississippi Masala movie about topic with Denzel Night club segregation in Puerto Rico 2001 let in light skin and too full for dark skin 0 Mexico s V Fox comments quotthey will take jobs even AA won t take People of Color are a minority in the West 0 Consequently status dictates interaction men dominate US but there are more women 0 Most interaction is black and white rather than black and yellow a matter of increasing status 0 Blacks a sub group by skin color 0 Honorary whites Asian Native America White Latino occupy intermediate status Brown Racism is manifested in two historical forms 0 Locally as to people 0 Globally as to people of color worldwide 0 One exception Henson 0 Dark skin people African gained pariah status January 24 2011 Manifestations of Brown Racism 0 African Americans School Daze ie Spike Lee movie about Morehouse College lighter skin blacks have issues about darker skin blacks 0 Asian Americans Mississippi Masala Latino Americans Stoddard Native Americans RedBlack Cherokee o Biracial Americans New Orleans Creoles Implications of Brown Racism o Affirms White supremacy o Weakens solidarity between people of color Gandhi 0 Puerto Rican family disjuncture lighter skin members separate from darker skin 0 Brown Racism is a stratification system based on proximity to Eurocentric 0 Status based upon skin color Skin Color visavis Brown Racism 0 Ideal skin color is measured by proximity to White 0 Browns fear being identified with Blacks o Browns also internalize attraction to Whites o What other ways does Brown Racism apply to skin color First AA to become Miss America had fair complexity green eyes 0 Brown racism is not isolated prejudice but a systematic postcolonial means of dominating people of color White Privilege o Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack Peggy McIntosh 1989 0 Certain privileges subtle things going to store and getting cosmetics that fit skin color Whites are reluctant to acknowledge May approve of equality Not willing to lessen white privilege Many commit racist acts unaware Involves an invisible collection of advantages Whites see themselves as moral ideal etc 0 When helping people of color they want to make people of color white Conditions ofWhite Privilege 0 Be with whites most of the time Get housing where I can afford it My neighbors will be neutral Shop without being followed Diverse media images ofwhites Taught that Whites made America Acknowledgement of Whites in historical education ind a publisher hopping ease Credit respect Protect children Assumed moral and literate Can speak in public without White race being judged Can excel without being called credit to White race Never asked to speak for all Whites View people of color s culture as abnormal 11 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O U o Criticize government with less consequence 0 See most bosses as my race January 26 2011 Facing White Privilege 0 American merit is a myth This is not a free country freedom justice and equality Ones life is not what you make ofit Door s open for Whites unearned Whiteness confers dominance by race 0 Facing the myth of democratic choice for all Entitlement Dysfunction Affirmative Action 0 Chester Pierce retired Harvard AA Psychologist Entitlement Dysfunction 0 Ron Hall Entitlement Disorder 0 quotCross reference material Colonization o The peopling of land previously settled taking over countries for resources 0 Via violence force domination etc 0 West considered the colonized inferior Massacre of Sand Creek Colorado 0 Differentiations in power eXtend to policy 0 The aftermath of colonization is entitlement Asians at UC Berkeley Law School Quality of Life in America 0 quotDe facto segregation as opposed to quotde jure A recapitulation of colonization Pockets of poverty quotghettosquot Knowledge is dictated by colonization The Western perspective becomes fact Quality of life is impacted via 0 Jobsemployment income Social Inequality Radical Groups 0 Radical Latinos young lords gang members turned political 0 Black panthers Oakland CA 0 Asians Brown Berets Black Panthers Radical Asians o Weathering White middleclass students poor Whites Rednecks called quotYoung Patriots Malcolm X 0 Anti colonial resident Lansing became less radical after Hajj 0 Birth name Malcolm Little 0 Nation ofIslam name 0 Post N ofI name Human Worth Via Colonization o Determined by proximity to power group 0 Power group member valued for 0 Opinions perceptions perspectives the outcome determines priority The Facts 0 Whites lead Blacks in all preferred categories 0 Accusations of black advantage is false 0 Despite statistics White males complain that Blackspeople of color and women have unfair advantages Other Income Facts 0 50 of income gap is racist o H and M gap is due to genes Role of Power 0 Power dictates quality of life 0 People of color require empowerment as per quality oflife o Empowermentis to gain to develop to take to enable affirmative action power Other Nations of Empowerment 0 People become powerful enough to 0 Take part in 0 Share control of 0 In uence quality of life institutions employmentjobs Affirmative Action 0 Critics contend it violates equal protection 0 Reverse discrimination o Proponents contend it produces job fairness o Employers discriminate out of convenience 0 According to US Congress White managers recruit by wordofmouth History of Affirmative Action 0 Started off to benefit White males of nonIewish stock Called the Wagner Act See the 1935 Congressional record Blacks not included originally No one called it quotreverse discrimination Critics insist they simply want quotfairnessquot Arguments are from White male conservatives Frequently misinformed by intention Being intentionally misinformed is o The genesis of entitlement disorderdysfunction 0 White males must differentiate between what they are entitled to as members of humanity versus colonial traditions January 31 2011 Sigmund Freud Video AampE Affirmative Action via Colonial Tradition 0 White males experience entitlement fantasies 0 Certain jobs are Whitejobs certain Black jobs 0 White Iob CEO 0 Black ob Footlocker 0 Women s job Nurse Teacher 0 Lack of power balance encourages entitlement disorder What Chester Pierce Said 0 Entitlement impacts human interaction 0 How in a patriarch o How in politics 0 How at MSU o Entitlement Dysfunction is a behavioralpsychological syndrome 0 Linked with fear prolonged stress anxiety 0 In the aftermath decision function is impaired February 7 2 011 What is Entitlement Disorder 0 Manifests as the need to dominate o Domination becomes the primary objective 0 Domination is seen as a birthright to control people agencies institutions Entitlement Disorder 0 Does not describe Whites in total 0 Whites dismiss objections to Affirmative Actions as a racist o Defend objections on the basis ofmorals o Moral defense keeps rhetoric pure in sustaining the entitlement fantasy Race in America 0 A matter of social definition 0 quotOne drop theory one drop of Black blood is defining o Demarcation between Black and White is extremely rigid o Oreo Black acts White 0 Banana Asian acts White 0 Apple Native American acts White 0 Coconut Latino acts White purple o Latinos view race via identity differently in uenced by Spanish or Catholicism Race Defined o A matter of culture 0 Irrelevant without racism see ancients 0 According to raceracism 0 Identity is sociopolitical 0 Race is identity is a worldwide assumption 0 Identity across lifespan negates race identity 0 Lifespan identity is more appropriate 0 Lifespan identity more empowering for biracial Americans 0 quotNegritoquotgtNegrogtColorgtAfroAmericangtBlackgtAfrican American Race and Identity All traditional models of identity refer to race World News amp Report predicts one race in the future One case that ended interracial marriage Loving vs State of Virginia 1967 Individual attempts to discard race are ignored by the mainstream What s a master status of identity Race attached Asian Olympic runner People of color have sued to be defined as White 0 See South Africa and Black celebrities as White Biracial Identity 0 Identity is uid it can change it s malleable 0 May desire to separate from stigma group 0 May create new identity three tiers Whites Creoles Black Louis 0 Permanent passing passing for white creating offspring Role of Skin Color 0 The lighter the skin the more uid more leeway to change 0 Dark skin assumed Black regardless 0 Skin color enables quotpassingquot 0 Used by all people of color 0 Improves quality of life chances 0 See bleaching creams 0 See BlackLatino family disjointure lighter leave for better future Identity across the lifespan 0 As uid as any other social entity 0 Identity is shaped by social experience 0 Family 0 Community 0 Cultural norms Theories in support of the lifespan identity 0 Cooley s quotLooking Glass Self who you are and what you are is a result of public interaction 0 Mead contents identity is a product of social interaction 0 Nobles and Cross define identity via group memberships Biracial Identity 0 Viewed as a nonidentity I disagree 0 Must be defined in context of experience 0 Physical characteristics are important 0 Identity across the lifespan acknowledges the biracial identity 0 The lifespan model contends that identity is not only a matter of race History of Biracial o Mulatto half one race half another race 0 Quadroon one fourth one race 0 Octoroon mixed racemultiracial 0 Sometimes French Indian and Black bloodline 0 See over 100 Latino terms Mulatto 0 Bob Marley Black mother white father 0 Alicia Keys Italian mother black father February 14 2011 Biracial Issues 0 Identity formation is unique cultural origin language 0 Assumed arrogant and self centered o Biracial activism see census 0 Activism has implications for mental health 0 Identity must be constructed by who we are vs what race we are Social Class Marxist Theory o 18181883 0 German Iew o 3ml Eldest of 7 0 Father converted to Lutheranism to get work in Germany Friedrich Engels 18201895 German descent Family owned wealthy textile business Willed his property to Marx s children 0 Social Security Act 1935 FDR Objectives of ME 0 Abolish bourgeois property and private property by any means necessary 0 Wanted to start a worldwide movement ME thought property equaled power 0 No property no power 0 Proletariat example Pennsylvania steel mills 2 12 hour shifts 7 days per week Terms 0 Bourgeois capitalists property owners etc o Proletariat working class According to ME Exploitation of masses is how society operates o The means ofproduction are important owners Methods Humanity began as a tribal unit production collectively owned products shared with all Next stage of humanity was slavery 0 Means ofproduction was slavery and land 0 Slavemaster was the owner ofboth 0 See US history and propertied White males Next stage of humanity was feudal society 0 Kings nobles owned everything 0 No chance to improve is born poor 0 How might this system hurt system Next stage of humanity is capitalism Means ofproduction owned by capitalist class Who are they How do they in uence American society Ruling class is prone to violence revolutions Example in Chile 0 Via voting Chile adopted Marxism o Ruling class murdered new leader 0 Reportedly backed by CIA 0 Military dictatorship was installed 0 ME believed capitalism to be barbaric o What is your view 0 Number ofpoor people will be high 0 Number ofpolitically powerful will be high 0 These facts are caused by private ownership 0 Proletariat 0 Lives from sale of its labor 0 Largely working class 0 Lives mainly in the city 0 Relationship to employer is purely for money 0 Exploitation ofproletariat 0 First the factory owner 0 Then landlord 0 Then shopkeeper 0 Then pawnbroker Recap of societal development stages 0 Tribal o Slave 0 Feudal o Capitalist TERMS Entropy systems tend to lose energy or rundown Feedback cycle systems receives environmental response to which it reacts Focal system system being attended to Holon simultaneous suprasystem and part of negentropy reduction of entropy via environmental input Subsystem system within a system suprasystem a larger system that includes focal system Equilibrium homeo Boundary line between a system and its environment Ecological approach man visavis environment Environment anything external to the system Idegosego born within touch with realitymorals System an organized whole


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