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Canada Soc Sci Perspective(I)

by: Buster Heller

Canada Soc Sci Perspective(I) ISS 336

Buster Heller
GPA 3.91

Philip Handrick

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About this Document

Philip Handrick
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Buster Heller on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISS 336 at Michigan State University taught by Philip Handrick in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/207769/iss-336-michigan-state-university in Integrative Studies Social Sci at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Reading Guide Thompson The Quiet Revolution Part II 1970 to 1987 pages 6070 Why did the Liberal Party decide to introduce the Maple Leaf flag Note while the maple leaf seems like it should be a universally recognized and familiar to all Canadians the sugar maple doesn t grow in Western Canada Which group was most immediately affected by the Official Languages Act of 1969 Were Canadians of British origin receptive to the new law Assess their reaction in the lm clips Many Anglophones particularly in the West found it to be an unnecessary and unjustified imposition What was FLQ Extremist separatist organization perpetrated a series of violent deeds beginning with bombings and robberies and culminating in the twin kidnapping of Richard Cross senior British trade commissioner in Montreal and Pierre Laporte Quebec s minister of labor and immigration What did they do that caused Trudeau to invoke the War Measures Act on October 16 1970 Canadians held their breath as Prme Minister Trudeau proclaimed the War Measures Act and outlawed the FLQ and any organization that promoted the use of force Why did Robert Bourassa pass Bill 22 His government did not believe that the federal Official Languages Act of 1969 was strong enough to shore up the French language in Quebec and to satisfy nationalist sentiments How did it change the status of the French language French is Quebec s official language How did it affect immigrant children who didn t speak English It did not really affect them It did not require tht Englishlanguage schools in the province be restricted to their mother tongue Many francophones viewed the bill as a farce tht would not really change their status within Quebec Who was Rene Levesque Son of a Frenchspeaking country lawyer in New Carlisle a predominantly Englishspeaking town of about a thousand in habitants surrounded by the Frenchspeaking world of Quebec s Gaspe Peninsula he grew up bilingually Why did he serve in the American Seventh Army during WWII He was not willing to go in the uniform of His Majesty How did Point de Mire Focal Point open his political career Focal point made him a celebrity It become window to the world for other people It made his diminutive figure his gravelly voice and his extremely well in informed opinions familiar to millions of Canadians PAGE 66 What did Levesque mean by sovereigntyassociation Why were he and his vision needed to hold the Parti Quebecois PQ together The precise objectives of these three parties were never the same and the internal strains would always plaque the party and would weaken and fragment it in the 1980s 0 He was a cautious leader who insisted that the party be democratic and respectable His notion of sovereignty association was a compromise around which party members could unify When the PQ won the election with only 41 of the popular vote what was the only issue on which all its supporters could agree He won an absolute majority of francophones votes winning in every region in Quebec except in the Anglophone dominated West Montreal He drew votes from all classes of Quebecois but his showing was particularly strong among the young and the professional and semiprofessional middle class especially teachers Many Quebecers voted for the PQ because they wanted clean government after the Bourassa government had been tainted by scandals AGREE UPON THAT 11IE PROTECT IONS FOR THE FRENCH LANGUAGE SHOULD BE EVEN TIGHTER THAN 11IOSE PROVIDED IN BILL 22 How did Bill 101 affect public signs and access to Englishlanguage schools It required that all public signed including road signs and every form of commercial advertising be exclusively in French Access to English language school was restricted to children with at least one parent who had been educated in English in Quebec Not only immigrant children but the offspring of anglopones from other Canadian provinces were required to attend French language schools How did a decision by the Canadian Supreme Court soften a key requirement Softened to permit children with ah parent who was educated in English anywhere in Canada to attend English language schools Why did the Supreme Court support Quebec s right to limit francophone children s access to English schools The judge ruled that Quebec has a responsibility to protect French Apart from New Brunswick do other Canadian provinces have laws to protect the language rights of the French minority A watch dog Office de langue francaise Office of the French Language was set up to settle disputes arising from this law Was the May 1980 Referendum a vote on the complete separation of Quebec from Canada If not why not What percent of Quebecers voted NON 595 What percentage of francophone Quebecers voted NON 52 While Thompson barely mentions it Levesque felt he had been outmaneuvered on the constitutional negotiations in 1982 and refused to sign The other nine provincial premiers had met after Levesque had left for the night and reached an agreement This event is known as the Night of the Long Knives and meant that when Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Trudeau signed the new Canadian Constitution the representatives of one quarter of Canada s population were opposed to it It fell to the reelected Quebec Liberal Premier Robert Bourassa and the Conservative Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to try and resolve the issue in 1987 with the Meech Lake Accord CBC The Acadians TImeline The following materials provide an illustration of the Politics of Remembrance and how popular music can bring shared memory to life Answer the following questions then listen to the songs by Zachary Richard The rst speaks to his family39s roots in Acadia and shouts quotWake Upquot to his audience reminding them of how their culture was taken from them The second recounts his experience growing up Cajun in Louisianna where the French language was no taught in schools You39ll nd a translation of the lyrics to Reveille in the article by Piroth and a link to the English lyrics of quotNo Frenchquot below the window When did the English gain control of Acadie From 1632 until 1653 Why were Acadiens required to take an Oath of Allegiance By 1730 the majority of Acadians had signed an oath swearing allegiance to the British Crown but they insisted they would not fight either the French or the native Indians At the beginning of the French and Indian War of 1754 the British government demanded that Acadians take an oath of allegiance to the Crown that included fighting against the French Did they comply Most of them refused Why did the British decide to expell the Acadians Pressure from the English What was le Grande Derangement the Great Upheaval The Expulsion How many Acadiens were expelled About 6000 Where did the Acadiens who were captured in 1758 and sent to France go in 1765 From 1765 to 1785 about 3000 Acadians traveled from France to settle in Louisiana Louisiana was then a colony of Spain but the Acadians managed to retain their French culture Their descendents the Cajuns continued to keep their language and lifestyle and became a major cultural influence How does this explain the song quotReveillequot by Zachary Richard who is from Louisianna Zacha Richard chante quotR veillequot au Congr s Mondial Acadien en 1994 This song is a powerful act of memory that in Stevenson39s terms uses commiseration as its central theme Zacha Richard performs quotNo French No Morequot Montreal 1995 This song is about his childhood in Louisianna not Quebec However it does speak to a deep seated fear among Quebecois that French in Canada could one day be like French in Louisianna and banned in schools eliminating their culture and history The following are some concepts and details that you will want to pay attention to while you watch the video The Acadian Deportation What is the modern British name for the region formerly referred to as the French settlement of Acadia Nova Scotia Why did the British governor remove the Acadians from the area in 1755 Make sure the territory securely remain in British hands How much of their personal property were the Acadians left with Money and household goods What happened to 13 of the Acadians who were deported Will die of Typoid smallpox or yellow fever How many Acadians were literally shipped to the British colonies aka the 13 original colonies 10 thousand Where did a large number of Acadians end up settling Louisiana What did they become known as Cajuns


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