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Power Authority & Exchange (D)

by: Buster Heller

Power Authority & Exchange (D) ISS 225

Buster Heller
GPA 3.91

Charles Matzke

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About this Document

Charles Matzke
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Buster Heller on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISS 225 at Michigan State University taught by Charles Matzke in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see /class/207779/iss-225-michigan-state-university in Integrative Studies Social Sci at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Power Authority and Exchange 7 155 225 Syllabus Power Authority and Exchange Spring 2011 Online Course Number 188 225 Section 730 Class Time Arranged varies Room Online Credits 4 Instructor Charles S Matzke PhD Of ce 318 S Kedzie Hall Telephone Of ce 35334009 Department 3556590 Fax 4321091 E mail matzkecmsuedu Of ce Hours Arranged online and by appointment Required Texts 1 Brigid Harrison Power and Society An Introduction to the Social Sciences 12th Edition Belmont CA Wadsworth 2011 Internet site for this textbook httpwwwwadsworthcomcgi wadsworth course products wppl dll20bampfla 39 P quot isbn issn978 0495833222ampdisciplinenumber20 Note This is an excellent site for this textbook It provides interactive practice exams and study exercises for each chapter 2 Kurt Finsterbusch ed Taking Sides Clashing Views on Controversial Social Issues 16Lh Edition McGraw Hill Dushkin 2011 Internet site for this textbook http omnan mhhe 39 39 viewProdnctDetail doisbn0078050014 Internet Readings The readings from the textbooks are supplemented by weekly Internet reading assignments found in the lecture notes These readings are designed to enhance the textbook readings with examples and illustrations of the subject matter being discussed They may also serve as interesting discussion material Some of the Internet readings ask you to skim the site to become familiar with its content Others may require a deeper reading Power Authority and Exchange 7 155 225 Syllabus Current Events Students are strongly urged to keep up with current events concerning the various issues examined in this course A familiarity and understanding of current events will certainly enhance your understanding of the material Major newspapers such as The New York Times and Washington Post including their online editions provide excellent coverage of current events The Internet of course provides the best and easiest source for general news The online editions of major newspapers as well as CNN MSNBC and FoxNews all provide excellent news coverage Students should always be aware of potential bias in news coverage Course Description and Objectives An overarching theme of this course is the relationship between social science disciplines and public policy particularly how social sciences can contribute to quotbetterquot public policy This will be done by both an overview of various social science disciplines and through case studies of certain policy areas This is an interdisciplinary course which provides a broad introduction to the social sciences and the core paradigms and areas of study within various social science disciplines utilizing the overarching theme of power authority and exchange We will explore power authority and exchange in organizing societies costs and limitations of power institutionalization of authority systems of exchange and planned v market economies The course will consist of three parts Part one will brie y explore social science methods and areas of study Part two will utilize the themes of power authority and exchange to examine each of several social science disciplines Part three will take our knowledge of methods and the social science disciplines and explore how the social sciences study societal and public policy issues such as crime poverty inequality and international relations Again emphasis will be put on the themes of power authority and exchange This is an online course Traditional methods such as readings and lecture notes as well as certain active learning methods including discussion boards will be used Course Requirements Readings Students are expected to thoroughly read and understand the weekly assigned chapters in the textbooks as well as the Internet links Lecture Notes Lecture notes will be posted each week under the Lessons link in Angel Lectures are designed to supplement and enhance the textbook readings They are not a substitute for thoroughly reading the textbook Lectures will introduce new material and reinforce important points made in the textbooks Exams There will be four exams in this course The exams are not cumulative Exams will include material covered in the class lectures and the assigned readings Exams will consist of multiplechoice questions There will be fty questions on each exam You will have one hour to complete the exam Due dates for the exams will be as follows Power Authority and Exchange 7 I55 225 Syllabus Exam 1 February 6 Exam 2 February 27 Exam 3 March 27 Exam 4 May 2 Quizzes There will be ve short quizzes in this course Each quiz will consist of ten multiplechoice questions from the week s readings and lecture notes You will be given twenty minutes to complete each quiz Due dates for the quizzes will be as follows Quiz 1 January 22 Quiz 2 February 12 Quiz 3 March 5 Quiz 4 April 9 Quiz 5 April 23 Written Assignments There will be two short written assignments during the semester For each assignment you will be choosing an issue from the Finsterbusch Taking Sides textbook and write a short re ection on the issue There should be three parts to the paper The rst part will summarize the main arguments given by the two authors The second part will critique the author s arguments The third part will consist of your opinion on which author you agree with and why The papers will be submitted through a drop box in Angel The paper must be approximately three to four pages long double spaced Length of paper however is less important than content A rubric for the papers is posted on Angel under Lessons 7 Essays The due dates and issues are as follows Paper 1 due March 6 choose one issue from Issues 2 3 4 7 9 10 OR 11 Paper 2 due April 30 choose one issue from Issues 8 13 16 18 19 20 OR 21 Discussion Boards There will be ve discussion boards during the class The discussion boards will be based on a speci c issue in the Taking Sides Clashing Views on Social Issues Kurt Finsterbusch text book Each student will post 1 a brief summary of the two sides of the issue presented by the authors ie the author s main arguments and 2 your own informed opinion concerning the issue Students will be given extra credit points for responding commenting on to at least one other student s posting 5 points for responding to at least one posting and 10 points for responding to more than one These responses must be more than just an I agree or I disagree statement You must give reasons new information probing questions and or evidence to support your responses comments A discussion board etiquette guide is posted on Angel under Lessons 7 Discussion Forums Points will be deducted for improper Internet etiquette A rubric for the discussion boards is also posted on Angel under Lessons 7 Discussion Forums The due dates and issues for the discussion boards are as follows Power Authority and Exchange 7 155 225 Syllabus DB 1 January 29 Issue 1 DB 2 February 12 Issue 6 DB 3 February 26 Issue 12 DB 4 March 19 Issue 5 DB 5 April 9 Issue 17 Grading Distribution Test One 150 Test Two 150 Test Three 150 Test Four 150 Paper One 100 Paper Two 100 Quizzes 100 20 points each Discussion Boards 100 20 points each TOTAL 1000 Scale 900 40 749700 20 899850 35 699650 15 849800 30 649600 10 799750 25 lt 600 00 The grading scale may be curved if necessary Academic Integrity The principles of truth and honesty are fundamental to the educational process and the academic integrity of the University therefore no student shall 101 claim or submit the academic work of another as one s own 102 procure provide accept or use any materials containing questions or answers to any examination or assignment without proper authorization 103 complete or attempt to complete any assignment or examination for another individual without proper authorization 104 allow any examination or assignment to be completed for oneself in part or in total by another without proper authorization 105 alter tamper with appropriate destroy or otherwise interfere with the research resources or other academic work of another person 106 fabricate or falsify data or results General Student Regulations httpwwwvpsmsueduSpLifereg3htm100 Power Authority and Exchange 7155 225 Syllabus Note This syllabus is not set in stone Changes may be made as the semester progresses to re ect the needs of the class We will make adjustments When and if necessary Weekly Class Schedule and Assignments Week 1 January 10 January 14 Introduction Social Science Read Harrison Chapter 1 Lecture Notes 1 Week 2 January 18 January 21 Social Science Methods HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DAY iMonday January 1 7 Read Harrison Chapter 2 Lecture Notes 2 Quiz 1 Due January 22 Saturday 1159 PM Chapters and Lectures 1 amp 2 Week 3 January 24 January 28 Ideology Read Harrison Chapter 3 Finsterbusch Issue 1 Lecture Notes 3 DB 1 Discussion Board 1 Issue 1 due January 29 Saturday 1159 PM Week 4 January 31 February 4 Culture Read Harrison Chapter 4 Finsterbusch Issue 2 Lecture Notes 4 Test 1 Due February 6 Sunday 1159 PM Chapters and Lectures 1 2 3 amp 4 Week 5 February 7 February 11 Sociology Read Harrison Chapter 5 Finsterbusch Issues 6 7 amp 9 Lecture Notes 5 DB 2 Discussion Board 2 Issue 6 due February 12 Saturday 1159 PM Quiz 2 Due February 12 Saturday 1159 PM Chapters and Lectures 4 amp 5 Week 6 February 14 February 19 History Read Harrison Chapter 6 Lecture Notes 6 Week 7 February 21 February 25 Politics Read Harrison Chapter 7 Finsterbusch Issue 12 Lecture Notes 7 DB 3 Discussion Board 3 Issue 12 due February 26 Saturday 1159 PM Test 2 Due February 27 Sunday 1159 PM Chapters and Lectures 5 6 amp 7 Power Authority and Exchange 7 155 225 Syllabus Week 8 February 28 March 4 Economy Read Harrison Chapter 8 Finsterbusch Issues 10 amp 11 Lecture Notes 8 Quiz 3 Due March 5 1159 PM Saturday Chapters and Lectures 7 amp 8 Paper 1 Due March 6 Sunday 1159 PM Issue 2 3 4 7 9 10 OR 11 March 7 March 11 Spring Break Relax Enjoy Have Fun Week 9 March 14 March 18 Psychology Read Harrison Chapter 9 Finsterbusch Issues 3 4 amp 5 Lecture Notes 9 DB 4 Discussion Board 4 Issue 5 due March 19 Saturday 1159 PM Week 10 March 21 March 25 RaceGender Read Harrison Chapter 10 Finsterbusch Issue 8 Lecture Notes 10 Test 3 Due March 27 Sunday 1159 PM Chapters and Lectures 8 9 amp 10 Week 11 March 28 April 1 Poverty Read Harrison Chapter 11 Finsterbusch Issue 13 Lecture Notes 11 Week 12 April 4 April 8 CrimeViolence Read Harrison Chapter 12 Finsterbusch Issues 16 17 amp 18 Lecture Notes 12 DB 5 Discussion Board 5 Issue 17 due April 9 Saturday 1159 PM Quiz 4 Due April 9 Saturday 1159 PM Chapters and Lectures 11 amp 12 Week 13 April 11 April 15 Global Community Read Harrison Chapter 13 Finsterbusch Issues 19 amp 20 Lecture Notes 13 Week 14 April 18 April 22 International Relations Read Harrison Chapter 14 Finsterbusch Issue 21 Lecture Notes 14 Quiz 5 Due April 23 Saturday 1159 PM Chapters and Lectures 13 amp 14


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