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FDNS 2100 Chapter 8 Notes

by: alk88738

FDNS 2100 Chapter 8 Notes FDNS 2100

GPA 3.5
Human Nutrition and Food
Tracey Brigman

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About this Document

Chapter 8 slides filled out
Human Nutrition and Food
Tracey Brigman
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 25 page Class Notes was uploaded by alk88738 on Monday March 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FDNS 2100 at University of Georgia taught by Tracey Brigman in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Human Nutrition and Food in Child and Family Studies at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 03/14/16
quota 9Mu Chapter 8 Water and Minerals 314201 6 Bottled Water 1 in 15 households use bottled water 2504 0000 times the cost of tap water Not safer than tap water 39 Test of 1000 bottles of103 brands 333 contaminated with bacteria arsenic or synthetic organic chemicals 25 of bottled Water is drawn from the tap Bottled Water FDA regulates bottled water sold in mama t 00m A D tests bottled water 39 HStandarcfs substan39 l hi Egg 5 t U39S WL till 9290 i Water is the most Whitest Makes up about a 0 at a n clampg 33 Wateris the most indispensable nutrient 342016 WATER nutrient H 35ng Camp Wi 3 joints eyes fetus 3 iii W Regulation h Lu on be WC Maintains U m39 E 331 jgm E mechanism Wane inpui Total men 2300 ml liquids EBB1500 ml water creeied by melabollsm 200404 inl foods men 000 mu Water Balance Water ouipul Tole 1450300 mi skin deemeeo ml lungs 35c ml kidneys sec14m mi quot feces 150ml one Regulation of Water Balance Kidneys Brain The Honeys respond to The hgpathaiamus as ride reduced blood ow hip to hi salt canoenlra pin In temasing this enzyme resin the in acid by emulating the r piiuilawgianm 39 39 3 a lnln 39 39 Minni elmduecee 39qicloaigrpneirxq B Aidesarena Kldnnyu eLain sodium and waier lhua Increasing blood volume 1553 NIHNI Millikan CW iili39F Regulation of Water Balance ADH Antidiuretic Hormone J HAicohoi inhibits ADH dihi d MKU G Mi i liiil When blood pressure BP ism WW or blood ism commuted 1Hypothalamus gt pituitary gt ADIl reiease ADH he mane g reobgom gem mi WW 0339 3 nUE 6058 i am 3 I wz x 3141201 6 Regulation of Water Balance Sign of Dehydration 2 Kidneys release renin I renin activates Wm I39r39lil ll1393iSHFIJ angiotensin mm 511315bi tlll iltim l n39 Tmquot 12 angereigm cause adrenal glands to Suitienegiginlie quot3 3977 secrete aidesterone aidosterone ugt R lfllhi39ll39llli39l39iquot57395Iquotquot5 f Klan wt realises were mi viih i am it 13 quot i quot 39 05 Ltnv screamsiwees Immirsl kidney 111mm 39 39 1quot c Body Fluids and Minerals Water Follows Salt Ma39or minerals form Stilt that dissolve in Water 3 EMS and OUtS39de 0f the 36 3 body fluids the cells Irect where the saits HOW do 0333 keep themselves from go and this determiiies where the fluids flow 39 m 3 xhg ESQ collapsing when water leaves them and because 01 Q m m from swelling up when too much water enters them The slices of eggplant on the right wen Sp nkled with salt Notice I I their heads of quotsweatquot formed as cellular water moves across each cell39s mamhrane waterpermeable divider toward the higher concentration of salt dissolved particles on the surface Electrolytes Electrolytes are salts md r d tSttiillt in water and 55 051 mi t Simi i t i Examples Nitquot Kquot 0 lquot Electrolytes mm M WET Some reside inside the cell 2 K1 whee others outside of the cell Ndi Llquot 34I2016 Electrolytes Electrolytes create 395 USWLU39HL Pl ESSUl H Electrolytes are pumped across cell membranes by Wili39iitii39i l Will 13 Electrolytes Attract Water El rm Vitamin ushing Cemfzn li How Electrolytes Govern Water Flow all it With equal numbers of dissolved particles are added to inereaee on both sides ot a water the ooncentmtioo on panneabledit ider water side B Particles cannot levels remain equal flow across the divider in theoase o1 fluid inside and outside a cell the divider is a cell membrane l A E B 41 Now additional particles 395 Water can ow both ways across the dhiider but tends to move tron side A to side B where there is a greater concentration oi dissolved particles The volume of water increases on side 8 and the cooceoimlions on sides A and 3 become equal 31x v 39K3 Jvnmm 3141201 6 How Electrolytes Govern Water Flow Tooontrol the flow of water ceiis must oi 39 39on c J 68 Tomlin21 time to uno cf The result is E wit 5 Elg l Hinge 39 GlC th Cell membrane 39 outside E I eCt r0 I yte e to gsium m be I a nce eSociium Transport Proteins amp Electrolytes areaow utL math tcm we d39r39 m parn mere394 retain Fem Wiser MicaH era4 5 99553 n 1 f Minerals in Human Body Calcium 3 3 hciso39moms Potassium Sulfur I Sodium Chloride Magnesium 539 quot 2394 39 Zinc 21 I Trace rhinespls 5 I f CODPE39T I I I Iodine 04024 39 quot quot l I I l i s39 l t I i I ll 00 200 300 400 500 600 me BUC QD Lam11001200 1 ounce lpound Amwm g F 73 hitHIquot TMquot quotle mart mail l trim UL literals 342016 THE MAJOR MINERALS calcmm 39 i 39 39 quot 39 WM quot i 5 51gt Calcium Qgt Phosphorus 99 in bo fi lah Km 1 is dissoived in 49 Magnesium bWB a 39 Sodium E asiium 39 Many factors affect Ca absorption 14gt Sula e usualEy absorb 33U l quot 039 imam Column ohildren and pregnant women 130 oUg u Calcium Functions Calcium ll Structure 65 bo n and mm 3k Muscle m n uc m Low Intakes of anCIum are assooiated With 0 an increased risk of 1119 and 39K WWW transmissaon gum cancer moms 39 E systems Also role in blood pressure adequate calcium helps keep BP WW v Iquot 5 Bizad tmwlsm capilimles thmugihmt mebcmv I mhgs nuhfents blhe ctfis that urinaln she bonu39s swam and Male aw waste nalerlals 1cm those mm H picks upand Iiiposh minerals as mslmcled bar Intmines Ihfs burnoutlime its 51 uclura39i shenglh mm Illa my n mkolcrysuls u is alerug he lane39s Snead sues ll nineah am Withdiih39 locum de c s visawhim in the bed Iha bane v11 grew WEB and uhlrmleu y wil hard or crumble Blood Him the bone in an m1er here Six1 Innm 1319 line by way 0 a vein 34I2016 Pulp bland nals nerves gum Calcium Balance Depends on lg l39l nlllliandxhllllflll 1 when blood Ca gets too high 39 39 39 39 When blood Ca is 3900 law then lntestines gt1 030 i 0 m0 Lul wm Bones gt WW S MUN Gul 39lUm Kidneys ugt XCWLTB WWW C lL lUW theee depend on gitD too enalmel 25 U 3 I 339 I A i Teeth Calcium Balance Blood calcium is maintained at the expense 039 bD NS d wtulc39wlmS u cunnwl be nun ou alt w 39hnmvcgh as humus calcmmd mltmms a mum allaecls e lr39u mama quot1 mm W 342016 Rich Sources of Calcium MHK w BENCH best source gmm39 k Exam Fortified smuge gm Calcium tt MMIIf il Il 39i39 Asia 93 qu 1fquot3f jtl 39IJH39J quot121 51 3139 JlifIriquota guru15 W mm mm WEI quotMAICE mu du n LEW Ply3quot HLEF NHCI39INH lrorize39rHl a rd lam quotIsl1quot can 1 um 40 Mam5 haw Funnyh Lxcrfuuwj Max EIIllflc39 Tarn1 57251 re l ratJr I 391 53933 r9 tau4F h Iliain Ecru km Emuwanna mark1i I39D39Itltii l39 m l lrrm U J Ti39k39 i mm Mlplirl d any In39hiau t Indira u u39r new one fo mud1 IIIdEWJ Ji IiiHIE I m ring IM L39F that am cm2m an 3914 Ll cn39c n ail 394 h r ng 391 ch blandl 1o3939UIrmZH I I cum muhh n II l i hr IJm ni a nun Imamw mm m Ifli 1 111111 twainyr n wy m PH un twa liw39rwl e o uv h phi1 141 nxuwwrauprus era4 nhr 111 mi 534 cm an quotA39 Ll utL FIIL39LT min1 1 I 39 I I m m H BLAAL39I LUI EA Icing44 anlqd f 39m m 39 slerSlaE BIhyrotulru rlIBJ Al N Wing if n l rquotwrg1 rrd WNFLIL abca gut1 HTa T543 m IIme anrim 139 c w 5 mg I 111 T n Nvd mun FOOD SOURCES OF CALCIUM IN THE US DIET M111 and illilkquoti1 rclt39tcts cmz39rrr39hmc rhiIIJSIIhweb quarters nfthu calcium in a typical U S dict w 4 1 0 13 1 3 1392 FaHtee amp 9 milk 1 3 milk Whole miik Du miik Cheese Yogml Frozen daily desserts Carmed sh with bones green vegetal es legumm calciumlsel tom breads and camais Jana x cam V A 342016 cau1illuwer nJatemress Chinese cabbage head cabbage bmssels sprouts rulahaga koihrab kale muslard greens bok choy broccoli lurnlp greens a 50 39 absorbed an 30 absorbed Bioavailability of Calcium milk yogurt cheese calciumforlilied soy milk calciunrset tolu calcium fonilied juices and drinks 20 absorbed almondsl sesam sands beans pinto 91 and white 5 5 spinach rhubarb SW35 absorbed chard t m ra rnmJboLn Calcium Deficiency Bone mass peaks 3955 UQ l S after this i iwgg but not add to bone Osteoporosis PQYWS WW Wall xle bDNS39 M oh39ilclmod wimpi dwelling l minim ensten if 3amp5 D dealt nUj Loss of Height in Women l Caused by Osteoporosis arest 1 t u mama Imreosmg bore mass p Two Women s Bone Mass History I I Compared Higherpank A 39 gl39 39 392 IiiIii 39 3 quot g i E 2 39 39 bone mass 39 39 quot 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 I Lowersask 39 39 bone mass Bone mass dangerzancr Daleomits sis Age 35 Menopause Age 50 Age m 1133 um 342016 RAHO OF VEGETABLE TO ANIMAL PROTEIN N THE DIET AND HIP FRACTURE INCIDENCE WORLDWIDE More 1 Hell nee HID Manure women over 50 years om Fewer immune5 It lllilll hIIIIl LU 20 30 46 50 FLO lIl gher animal protein Higher vegetable protein To decrease bone loss 1 13 walking and weight beanng exercise 2 Adequate CQWIUW supplementation if necessary 3 fadequate 5 mm m E ts 6 in 39 quotafter menopause Phosphorous P in met BDY IQ and 39m structure Major bW jEY phosphoric acid and its salts Part of UN Gm RNA Role inme kghm many enzymes and ATP Phosgholioids in cell membranes 39 Hiqh phosphorous in the diet Q g SCa absorgtion sell IO Sources of Phosphorous So b 39m gt mmw law ch magmas m rug mam Film t 3913 roteu 3I4I2016 Phosphorous DR HECOM39IEHEDE lHlnIE ms rm 39 f mama mm mm RUE quotHfJ 51 931 nrg rf Hm iuicnosrmsn39mL tacoa Ed ref1 pas cl mute 91h Mam mgrck amt wegr metehcayn and latte3h milm BEFIUEHO39 llsm arumr u tune N pg 1 c a 45 In 011111 Sufism1 cl all 15555 paymtrli e Him comes LitSEE 39 1 c v 311 mg 511351 cruel 393 02 a n n1 ERLCL39l S FM for 3e Ia 2mm Wanton tram ntswwrmcrzw mum39ch DJr Ma r war3 Fau m 390 55 5quot 1 5quot renews write 439 rwmrsi5txn cumu 31351 c I 3 quotg tn 7tfqda39sPJrglnaEzh quot KQIBMrT F39H I Magnesium Mg Component of be DES i Important to 39 quotL I39i partlcipatesin 1003 of enzyme systems 39 M P metabolism 39iln tbtts muscle contraction Omd blood clotting 39 39 Prevents dental caries holds in enamel Protests against WU 39 11 Sources of Magnesium w mm men We L9 we quot N we 71m ms 39 W s 5 momma 336616th is mm ilFJ 011 mm Ilt KES Maxim10 5 4M mrirj WcmnnitJJ u ilnm iu WHEEL WEE mm lHI39IL Mh39 3E0 thyc1234 mm FUIICIMEH Eta1 m rw ai39acm Feem rad211 mum men rrmc e gamma391 Hm M s1191 sownmu nrto art hat12 hurt1 Di tli t l Him1 turfEm El ei SE D Uh im WU ib39f Prth 3D le JUdtr M39i39mn39rm rd Mill ilj i Taurus3921 l1 Ilaii39m 30411 new 55330 l i 4 c 13 my IiFWJ CERESIF re 393 S 5 mi 1 u mm EmuC L39ERS EDT3 2 I an m antHERE new 3 u m my set Luna FOILKIT39L39 mm mr 11 jam3 031 I a 543 m3 earn 11 hem4 dgE 1395 d39ft 39E l umupm nnlv39TtI run quotJTGEH39I39JJ I a39la r h Hm cc J h Wm mgr Emailed nan M I lUhI IIIH FlyNJ ran11 in 39 hm tun BfiLI BAT3 Ih m l IJquot 39 quotman by rJirmiu 39 041 h r 3 rm 39439 YOGMII lp n39n I c 43 tn mamEwa HAS casual 3139 c mg 335 run3h lbw 342016 Magnesium I Sodium Na Principal airmen mom xue of ceEE Maintains 51 E W Muscle C nn um n if iggn sewn Na intake 1 increases the risk of 119599 th bamm ush eath 12 m 39xz39 r 342016 Sources 9Sodium 4W Maian greased 75 of intake g 33950 Salt gc dium Chloride added to feeds 3000 m 1 g NaCE 04 g Na g 21500a Diets rareEv Pack dium g 2333 SOdlll l in UStypical intake 33 g sodiumlday g Intakes 0f In Asian countries 12 16 g sodiumfday 51 L500 USAdLI1fS max recommended 24 g sodiumIday 3 1000 3w pm mt recommended 4w 500 endummi atmme gm H a MC o 39 39 a seam dnm i Mm Caiuws w Men Women new some manganeseaim Lt kh ii Quitest the tat52 day s eetk2 Lima Emst leg 0 immeam mamam 11de gamma the 501m dm i nie market in 9 second h ih tut it 5131 3155 one 10 1mm cl re 93935191 max39n urn inute h max 3 last m mi Lie23H G tt39 g We saw Err Tl wt e 931 um by M ap n I lunih ii H39ghesl Sodam mg lund39 2 lmfrer 39 SchLrn mg39l lunch 3 magi Sadatmural CW park sawfit i red p36 sawSch 39 55031 13939 era211 39 wiihsauze 953 uith I lb saxe m m HIKE 2m USNEmmi H 54 39 an Itch mi mage ni 5539 190 Com 5 all m negate 55 Ma39s th39ps 2 591 345 Cdes aw li W Green 5339s 1 ad 1593 m i DE Edie 39ri madam m miensate 5515 H I39Iamrcc m 31 m I HIE taxI21 I c In a ti39r red fat 1 c 110 139 M91me at H 120 S OUl39CES Of S 0 1111111 i Pecan p e m 3 lie earn 3913 m 15 59 a he mam law fat H up a T0131 30 lial HM T013193 in the US Diet M 5w u uw i mi39am 1413 13 314201 6 K Deficiency and Toxicity Potassium K 9 it w my 39 inc 39 Dietary deficiency israre L M if DCL Ante w De ciency seen in hbjdi l i dtub i Principal CL within the body 13man ied 10 myrim 5 V dim heat ills Deficiency seen with use of certain drugs i CWQY bamn diuretic steroids laxatives u Awm Symptom my scie Ewea i x n ess HU gut con b c ti q Toxicity overuse of W i um eg so i seeps insert H c 93 quott0 coricct hx ce sngon heart patients L y hhiUGC 39 9eg gm boalum and PotaSSIum in ESE Foods Pnocesssn 93 a Potassium Rel Sources of Potassium VFWSh we 3 and yecpmmeg FAg ctnmsgmq increases pcmgsium ciemeoseg cmcl Sodium mcwoses v Henrs PMK a KN m i Grains quot quot quotquot i I Wholewheat bread 39WGHHT IS is Sodlum 39 MORE PROCESSED a mI Wad nmh MEIg wwr 39ll39 PoseI1 Iple crackers 2 We a 39 c1quotquotch rawWm uxMy POTASSIUM FLI RECON lm umxt Mfrs Ff1 Irq vit Hlif FLIHCI IDHS LL r as raw 3 i utla39d a Hvo39 tE39a w 4 mm cram 512E d q 139339 fie21615 4110 I l n J Ham hug t ram Jr raw trawl9 r41 mace await 15 DEFICIENCY III ale valve9 paw whim swam 349 Make1 mam UHF L fat 11 Her J i MegTam 1 mm 1 quota J3 tarm r 39I 1 ridEd in o a w r h an 554 pyJr m 5 59 t39r ham g 39 airED MIND nraz e view1 4 m l39quot39E39rDE39p39I39 MELDL I tut11 434mg 1 1 ch1rI quot 39 39 quot i3939r39 I39r 3 34 39 I L em 9535 tam1 If e 39 T i rrg 5 39CCAL 39J snag1 3 inn1 Chloride Cl f Major anion 113 a39IS Ethe 06 I 39 Needed fgr39 a hd mm haim39 39 H 31 W s WMa 3039 Problem E033 when vomiting egg Bulimia upsets aeidfbase balance in b0dy DeHCxeh is rare 1114 abu dam in mag 101 34201 6 Potassium Sulfur is not used as a nutrient by itself but is garr 0 0mmquot Cowpemdq Bridges in Part VitaminsBin n and 11339 MA n ihsm m Sulfur S e39 S i x39 S Shilng 15 3412016 No recommended intake Sources Sulfur Deficiency is unknown 39Pdi eremm tom i dming Lowg hem en xmm and pie ht 16 THE TRACE MINER A 3 Trace Minerals Overview I Trace mineral content of food 0 16 3 S tiling eh go n wu ter Noeming 39 t1 Zinc I De ciencies are typically CM39lUi i0 39ihlw 1 iii Selenium and film 39l UEEI i l D39Dfiii tic Fluoride 39 TM WK Q l i TQKQS Flor femquot dime eammwed re cinnamonn 19 Chromium t 3 Copper I Be careful With supplements rb Qumran m and WWFS m an to piemam S I Interactions among them HQ m v39 1W inquot n l0k Q we rmvch remand quotm de cienc lec of ower9 10 de a Th d In Iodine CIva gig n till 01 Le ilie c 39 t e t yroi mid 3mm Mmemime W Ui gland 39 I 1 I I 80 l Cretisriiiigqci g egg mild w 91 3 enlargesun de c ienl pj durum p Cih i COHdlth Umcrgmle m lake and known as Ph5 l0tu VETCil ClCI HDT i 1h bribth Simple goiter Iodine 1 Sources Bcecm ono coo oxoreog r rwundtg 39Mquot m comma E13011th otEOn m gfgon mmS39de geocood me UU WT lod x z d mm Uh US and tuned u Iron F e I Functions WY 0 quot hemoggo cm and mgocimb m L gorn and exeo eoxchenw 139 Forms of Iron Heme vs Nonheme Fe Heme WUhd 39m on n mm Emu mew MSer ehzx beware om mun mh heme w Mammei mm in 0mm and onimcu Hock cod 9 abgomed goo r U Home and Non Heme Iron in Foods From meats From at only food Only foods derived All the Iron in foods Dietary intake Irom anima esh derived from plants datiy average freeman heme but is nunhema iron heyr aIso contain nonheme iron 1953 W sw u MilErr Carrpang P WNunh me is aogorbed begTie w x n new mom Iron cont d Factors that affect absorption 39 increased by quotV r s39thmm L quotquot HW H mm 1W 3V WWW It ck quot39 incremecl new du n Decregsmgd h 0 o d a n 3 rag 39 e T o n39n39xcot39ld Wm M gege 39 okeogeams MSorp39bon 39 Cotcmm aphogphgmug m m lt I e Wyereg m berord U h H1 gromS a U r awit I w Absorbing Iron This ohili dinner providos iron and ME factor from meat iron from legumes and vitamin C from tomatoes Th 9 C mh iihtt oh39o heme iron non axiom a s t maximum 9 39 whoo fv w Iron Absorption in Food 2 s1o 1520 Averagajrpn absorpllon 36 Q m Won u Memo Canon quot Iron Absorption o Lquot Jar m ndvlwn Stores High 1533 3mth MilW man rim Iron Oxygen Exchange 10xygon enters 40arbon dioxide Ihelongs Toyothed fromionga Iron nger iron Hemoglobin carbon dloxlde pif x 205rgon rotoaaod 3 Carbon dioxlde olokod up El rm W sm Mum Dummy Iron Iron De ciency 39 De ciency Prevalence T d fucenmj MOS WWW V IU39 Km quot139 1 t 0 hole in USl Taggngng ombgengg i nUd women of childbearingage Iron De ciency and A emift Iron def fie KYO 2 WHES WM 0 1r m 113 e 0 me e hem1a Anemia g uew dapKEVtgh 39 chr S39i tb r g w 1th cw hemoqwh m J m wmwm MSW campymm Iron Iron De ciency Anemia I Iron De ciency and Behavior of WLE l WHK L61 PUG 1M see this iong before anemia is present d 3quotquot in school childrenmistaken for 1 CWi 8 9Q m to an 19ch cc M ue WotHon in child WWW 0L5 eeEexreememxca a g p re S EW C Norma Red Blood Cells Iron De ciency Anemia Small pale ceEls Iron I from Toxicity I I Iron Overloacf 439 h WIUUD WWj t B gig m moiT common oohng 6150st in mt fb39sorb39 oomvw xmw QQQ Mar domoqmund m one E ooc mmobe removed w mount woh J frown Iron sources W HQOVT wed meat amghemtsourm Fish ew t ned clgwmsluxoms 39 green Le 0M VBQCd t S Iron I Iron Overload oon t Iron Poisoning ohiidren aocidentaliy taking iron egmother s pugs meooangcquse 0 2 cc nclen w W39tgo m E5 9mg gi K1 d Log Km 3931 symptoms nausea vomiting diarrhea increased heart rate Contamination Iron 21 Zinc De ciency rst reported in Egypt Iran Turkey in l960 s quotquot WWW retardation Hakeemwow quot Qi39ie 33 bra13915 9 1 53 r n t o 1e11 young ehiidren elderiy poor Waitth 39quot tmotheckt Wth W Wi habh jm t 11 l 391 5 9 QD F ICJ seenwggi li gpkg 39 3 WE R J wtb 23 Zinc Zn I Functions important in Mun enm met T SU m 39 0 N m mm elmmu nt Sagan v I A va Y q aw oercap on W Nbuho he UM q quot Warm dam on oment w Zinc Foogl Sources of m I Sources nginc mu1r 5 39 M IV i OU39 J 1UUE w N nmt C ra m s 39lt Selenium Se I F t39 cheiro s m cm mn ox chant mums thug mid hormowe ELLhxe I De cient q e mmgmoreme U SE W madman 39 Sources v m um uwd O th CWWCU PerDQa wmm qwlm 23 N u Fluoride Fl I Function mm or emigwuwre 0 dental caries cavities are most wiricspread health problem 39 39 De ciency increased risk of jE 39139 i g Toxicity in communities where if HU CE W quoti S W 39 i S 3 T U 39l 39 I so 0i V 9H 8 Hm best source is ciY W i i551 WW ni Uh 0 mm rims ro uoridfwti w 39 t iiwor39icu loES not come Grow W Percent of population in each state with access to uoridated water NH CT NJ DE M ED VT oc soars 774 gt5 a Chromium Cr I Function associated with i SU39i39W W WUWWQW w e a r is chromium supplements do not h 11 ch W and ou iici Mvsue I Sources Maura coca xioii Whole timing gmies one hU39iquot 32 In ram Copper Cu I Function harps mm emquem CNIG E S YT 13quot wer a kh rmqu mg I De ciency 39 3 1L3 rare I Sources exec urnaewmre m msmm 0T Q meu i39g se dc I aimed W m quot Wider m 33 r gar 391 Other Trace Minerals I Nickel I Silicon I Tin I Vanadium I Cobalt part of Vitamin B 12 I Boron I Arsenic II Gold


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