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Fundamentals Of Biology I

by: Gordon Beier Jr.

Fundamentals Of Biology I BIOL 11000

Marketplace > Purdue University > Biological Sciences > BIOL 11000 > Fundamentals Of Biology I
Gordon Beier Jr.
GPA 3.96

David Bos

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About this Document

David Bos
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gordon Beier Jr. on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 11000 at Purdue University taught by David Bos in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/207828/biol-11000-purdue-university in Biological Sciences at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
arias In mcubfn quot Carbs CC 1430 quot EMLQW V quot5 3 Des 56mm 05 0 H30 Amman 5 6 S H comf g s WMWP L 339 b m nd 0039 I CIH39 Morlog h V I a 5 lm Amy H10 H Miss 0A0 er mmosmkm 9 h bn quot V g T lawn Mg 9h le camquot gm 5 GI Lu r Ens KEVEV S H6 RXNvoK 39 V 3 6 may Wm MM em 1 en H Hols mm was may H a jw39f39 5M e LycMJS boSc hm Wm IN 39T m e Mama 399 v 5 MM or H W m Fm cell My Diasocchcm aef HWns as 3 IIMKeA momsauhml 7 1 39 39 p f I N f rm whims ens In PM 6 MaCToMMQCV es dc hd by m Jy 3m 5 42m M10 em 3 r Ufa lqc h e M H I 19 V 7 h FU My 3 s 5 ea c hm Combo 3 quot s C quotA yquot BIO Meow 39 17 9 j kw Chem ingrale lms bea we OH makes M A M quot cellleSe H d I Q Unbranc lc39Alrhew duh y r Ky IN 4 al A QUMII g u u39 O Carboxxl C Bah W39Morlogwj OH I i 955 mmwm batMa 390m x a der bvc K Shut Phos o es fc r bzlsmwm Ammo N H a 6 55m bfandn r 6 arbmibonk K39vnu f cglmrrc k ovu MC 5M6 e m P Fun arbw 056M den xyn b r 1556 0 Hwy 1 h Phus kg H gt M a ImKeJ 0104944 O P a 0 yf gnAK39n w b6 5 5 39 l k39 0 Lan 6 n Puf e 7 a N395 4W Shed 39 a M n Ahmsne mgw w 1 AW 39 quotMCquot madman Focus Questions Respiration 4 If the catabolism of glucose is highly exergonic how come glucose does not blow up in our cabinets N What is the relationship between the catabolism of glucose and photosynthesis 9 What is glycolysis What do we mean when we refer to the prilning reactions Where in the cell does glycolysis occur What is the final product of glycolysis H What is substrate level phosphorylation Does this occur during the oxidation of glucose Is this the only way organisms produce ATP Does this occur during photosynthesis and or respiration U I What is the fate of pyruvate and what controls the next step in this process 9 What steps are necessary for the complete catabolism of glucose Where do they occur Is the energy from this oxidation harvested directly in the form of ATP 1 What is the Krebs cycle and what is its role in the oxidation of glucose 9 What is the role of oxygen in the catabolism of glucose 3 What evidence do we have for the role of proton gradients in the creation of ATP 10 What is fermentation Why do organisms ferment What is the energy yield of fermentation What are some fermentation products David H Bos 2010 This material can be used for nonprofit educational purposes if properly attributed All other uses are prohibited unless written permission is granted


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