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EPICS Learning Community

by: Mr. Theodora Marks

EPICS Learning Community ENGR 19500

Mr. Theodora Marks
GPA 3.78

Chell Nyquist

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About this Document

Chell Nyquist
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Theodora Marks on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGR 19500 at Purdue University taught by Chell Nyquist in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/207844/engr-19500-purdue-university in Engineering and Tech at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
ENGR 19500 Fall 2009 Final Exam Learning Objectives 0 not being reevaluated Course Basics 0 List at least two expectations of you in ENGR 19500 0 Be able to locate course information 0 Explain the elements of the Purdue University Academic Integrity definition 0 Describe ways in which study groups can and cannot be used on individual assignments to ensure academic honesty 0 not being reevaluated Teaming People 0 Name your professor 0 Name other members of your ENGR 19500 instructional team 0 List your team members names 0 Define quotteamquot 0 Explain why engineers work in teams and how diverse perspectives are critical for designproblem solving 0 List and describe three basic tools at your disposal to improve your team s effectiveness I Establish norms for your team develop a Code of Cooperation I Recognize the five stages of teaming development I List the team roles I Explain how to use team roles coordinator recorder timekeeper gatekeeper when working in teams 0 For common team challenges identify resources useful in promoting team success 0 Ohland Engineering and the Disciplines 0 Define quotengineeringquot 0 List compare and contrast at least 10 professional engineering schools at Purdue 0 Describe the relationship between problem definitions and problem solutions 0 Van Epps Information Gathering 0 Discuss three considerations for gathering information 0 List and apply three criteria for evaluating the trustworthiness of information resources 0 List and gather necessary elements of a citation 0 Cox Excel 0 Given an equation write an Excel formula to calculate the lefthand side from values stored in cells in Excel 0 Use absolute and relative references to simply formula creation 0 Compute data characteristics Descriptive Statistics 0 Create and interpret histograms 0 not being reevaluated Diversity 0 Explain the critical role of diverse people and perspectives in innovative design ENGR 19500 Fall 2009 Final Exam Learning Objectives 0 Ohland Design 0 List and describe the purpose of key aspects of the engineering design 0 Draw representations of design processes discussed in class 0 Identify and use intentional systematic methods to develop alternative solutions and engage in rich brainstorming 0 Use llprior art as an idea generation technique 0 Use tools and methods such as QFD to systematically compare multiple alternative solutions in meeting the needs of the clientuser 0 Examine a QFD quality function deployment comparing design alternatives critique the decisions made using this QFD o Madhavan Flowcharts 0 Develop a flowchart for a given process using correct visual representations symbols 0 Create models flow charts using conditional logic iteration and branching structures 0 Correct an inaccurate flow chart 0 Purzer Gantt charts Project Management 0 Create or interpret a Gantt chart to document a process with parallel sequential mixed structures 0 Develop a project management plan using visual eg flowchart and computer tools eg Excel 0 DiefesDux Feedback 0 Describe how feedback relates to engineering practice 0 Employ techniques for providing constructive feedback to peers and faculty 0 Respond to receiving feedback in a specific positive way 0 Brown Poster Design 0 Identify different audiences for a poster 0 Craft a compelling message 0 Develop an appropriate medium for your message 0 Assess sample good and bad designs and understand the grading rubric for your design project 0 DiefesDux and Ohland Statistics 0 Select and compute data characteristics for a data set I Mean median mode range variance and standard deviation I Justify your choice of a measure of central tendency and or variability 0 Take measurements using calipers 0 Discuss how to manage outliers o Interpret the shape of a distribution I Describe a normal bellshaped distribution 0 Apply the concept of Six Sigma to a simple example ENGR 19500 Fall 2009 Final Exam Learning Objectives 0 Pawley and Yin Sustainability 0 Understand why sustainable designs are part of good engineering 0 Define sustainability in two ways 0 Define the ideas of footprint life cycle analysis and systems design 0 Complete a Graedel analysis and justify calculation 0 Read a McKinsey curve 0 Dalrymple Morphological Analysis 0 Explain what Morphological Analysis is and how it fits into the Product Development and Concept Development Processes 0 Describe a Morphological Chart and identify the benefits and drawbacks of using it to generate design ideas 0 Apply various techniques to help you identify the overall function and subfunctions of a product s design 0 Given a set of functions to be performed by a product s design apply various techniques to help you identify a variety of means for accomplishing each function 0 Dalrymple and Yin Design for the Environment DfE 0 Describe the Design for the Environment DfE concept and how it reduces environmental impact 0 Explain how a CradletoCradle product lifecycle system and the 6R concept relates to DfE 6R Recover Recycle Reduce Redesign Remanufacture Reuse 0 Describe Remanufacturing and how it reduces environmental impact 0 Identify the DfE principles employed by Fujifilm in the production of their QuickSnap line of camera 0 Streveler UserCentered Design 0 Name and describe the stages of an interview 0 Interview a user to gather information that is important to the design process 0 Explain why user centered design is important 0 Identify methods for learning about the user 0 Articulate design constraints based on user needs 0 Brown Report Writing 0 Describe the structure of a traditional technical report 0 Describe the criteria of good reports 0 Given a complete report draft an executive summary 0 Given an executive summary improve the content and structure


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