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Study Skills Seminar

by: Neha Glover

Study Skills Seminar GS 29000

Marketplace > Purdue University > General Studies > GS 29000 > Study Skills Seminar
Neha Glover
GPA 3.59

Kathleen Wagner

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About this Document

Kathleen Wagner
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Neha Glover on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GS 29000 at Purdue University taught by Kathleen Wagner in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see /class/207856/gs-29000-purdue-university in General Studies at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
u N I V E R S 1 T Y ACOLLEGE OF LIBERALARTS Academic Success Center GS 29000 STUDY SKILLS SEMINAR Mrs Kathleen Wagner Of ce Phone 76549470451 eemail wagnerkpurdueedu Academic Success Center ASC Phone 7654945569 ASC email wwwpurdueeduasc BRNG 3268 Of ce hours MW 8451 1 00 or by appointment You cannot teach a person anything You can only help them to find it within themselves Galileo TEXT AND COURSE MATERIALS Materials listed below are available at either FoIletts or University Bookstores 1 G 0 Study Skills Seminar Course Outline Blue cover College Study Skills Becoming a Strategic Learner Custom edition Dianna Van Blerkom Index Cards 7 3x5 These will be used for vocabulary cards Threering binder 3 inch Mortar Board or Planner you MUST have Stapler and staples QMPP N COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to introduce and develop strategies for studying in college Emphasis will be on your use and application of these skills To facilitate this task the Academic Success Center staff has developed Directed Learning Activities to help you apply strategies taught to your textbook and lecture notes A list of In class and Homework Assignments and their point values follows ASSIGNMENTS POINTS ASSIGNMENTS POINTS Time Schedule amp Conference 100 Syllabus Knowledge 100 Assignment Sheet 1 100 SQ3R Stress and Coping 100 Assignment Sheet 2 100 Writing an Essay Exam 100 Assignment Sheet 3 100 Corn 114 Study Guide 100 Assignment Sheet 4 500 Post LASSI amp Conference m 1400 GRADING POLICY Attendance at all class sessions is extremely important One percent will be subtracted from your nal grade for each absence beyond the rst two MAKEUPS are to be amnged in advance A late assignment may be turned in one class late but you will loose 10 of your grade on that assignment A er one week the assignment will not be accepted Your semester gmde will be determined as follows 0 Exams 10 Research Project 25 Vocabulary Quizzes Flashcards and Pretests 15 Final Project 10 Inclass amp Homework Assignments 10 OnLine Van Blerkom Chapter Quizzes Vocabulary quizzes must be made up Within 1 week in BRNG 3268 by appointment The make up quiz is more difficult You maV oan make up one vocabularV quiz or exam Der semester Be sure that you pay attention to the time available of the vocabulary pretests They are all available now to take but will go off line the day of each test BE careful I will not reopen them for any reason GRADING SCALE The breakdown for grades and their weight is as follows 98100 A 40 8889 B 33 7879 C 23 6869 D 17 590F 0 9397 A 37 8387 B 30 7377 C 20 6367 D 10 9092 A 35 8082 B 27 7072 C 17 6260 D 07 CHEATING POLICY Appropriate measures will be taken against any student caught cheating on any assignments quizzes or exams in this class Cheating and plagiarism constitutes misconduct for which students may be subject to administrative action or disciplinary penalties CONFERENCES M conferences are mandatory for all students During the first conference we will discuss the results of the LASSI Inventory and the Nelson Denny Reading Test as well as review your weekly time schedule During the last conference you will be orally quizzed on your study guide in preparation for your final exam in target class This is your opportunity to review your progress and look at what you plan to do differently next semester STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD Here is an opportunity to become an integral part of the Purdue University community Each spring the ASC will invite a few students to join the ASC Student Advisory Board As a SAB member you serve as an academic resource for your peers and as a consultant on ASC policies as they relate to students faculty and staff You will improve your leadership and communication skills These skills are valuable when building your resume See you instructor for further information of for an application at the end of the semester IN THE EVENT OF A CAMPUS EMERGENCY Course requirements deadlines and grading percentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated by a revised semester calendar or other circumstances Here are ways to get information about changes to this course Blackboard page my email address wagnerkpurdueedu or my of ce phone 765 494 0451


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