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Industrial Supply Chain Management

by: Mallory Nader DVM

Industrial Supply Chain Management IT 23000

Marketplace > Purdue University > Industrial Engineering > IT 23000 > Industrial Supply Chain Management
Mallory Nader DVM
GPA 3.88

Kathryne Newton

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About this Document

Kathryne Newton
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mallory Nader DVM on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IT 23000 at Purdue University taught by Kathryne Newton in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/207884/it-23000-purdue-university in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Supply Chain The design and management of seamless valueadded processes across organizational boundaries to meet the real needs of the end customer Value Chain A set ofinterconnected business functions that is responsible for the decision making processes to determine supply chain values Bullwhip effect Variation in demand is exaggerated as information moves up stream away from the point ofuse Variation in demand is exaggerated due to infrequent demand and or inventory level information exchange and order batching Bullwhip effect costs can be as high at 1225 Can be fought by sharing point of sale data collaborative forecasting and collaborative future product promotion planning Logistics Operations The process of transporting and storing goods assuring that inbound materialsare available for operations and that outbound finished products are available when and where the customer wants to buy them Systems Thinking The holistic process of considering both the immediate local outcomes and the longerterm systemwide ramifications of decisions Tradeoff Analysis The compromise of one production process for another compromising quality for cost Core Competency Something the company does so well that it provides the company a competitive advantage Value Proposition The value a company promises to deliver to its customers Contingency Theory Business decision making depends on and affects the competitive environment and the organization s performance Managers need to recognize the implications of a changing environment and use company resources to respond effectively Industrial Organizations Theory Market forces constrained by the power of suppliers buyers rivals etc drive decision making Resource Based Theory Emphasis on mgmt of internal sources to establish a unique skill set Functional Organization Grouping of resources into specific departments such as RampD Purchasing Production Logistics and Marketing 3 Distinct Flows Informational Flaw RampD Sourcing Physical Flaw Product Movement Financial Flaw Revenue projections Budgeting Vertical Integration One company owns the whole supply chain Virtual Integration Organizations seek to link their individual core competencies through costsharing and risksharing agreements so that these organizations can act as a larger single entity 3 Tiers of Sustainability Tier 1 Getting the Basics Right Tier 2 Learning to think Sustainable Tier 3 The science of sustainability 0utsourcing The process ofmoving an aspect ofproduction service or business function from within an organization to an outside supplier RFID A tag that uses radio waves to transfer data from the electric tag through a reader for the purpose oftracking and identifying an object MRO quotMaintenance repair and operation The support materials that must be purchased to support business operations 0EM Original Equipment Manufacturer VMI Vendor Managed Inventory Letting the factory determine inventory needs EDI Electronic data interchange The interorganizational computertocomputer communication ofbusiness transactions such as orders confirmations invoices and shipping notices Total Cost of Ownership A philosophy for understanding all relevant SCrelated costs of doing business with a particular supplier for a particular goodservice or the cost ofa process or particular SC design SWOT Analysis Analysis of the companies Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats Process Reengineering The radical redesign ofbusiness process made possible by systems thinking and improves information technology Environmental Scanning The acquirement of and use ofinformation about events trends and relationships in an organization s internal and external environments 4 Decision Areas for Strategy 1 Environmental 2Resources 3Objectives 4Feedback Direct Channels Deal directly with customer and they perform all channel management tasks Intermediaries Sources that move the product through the supply chain ie middlemen


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