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Digital Control Systems Analysis And Design

by: Cassidy Casper

Digital Control Systems Analysis And Design ECE 48300

Marketplace > Purdue University > Electrical Engineering & Computer Science > ECE 48300 > Digital Control Systems Analysis And Design
Cassidy Casper
GPA 3.59

Jianghai Hu

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About this Document

Jianghai Hu
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassidy Casper on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 48300 at Purdue University taught by Jianghai Hu in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 162 views. For similar materials see /class/207898/ece-48300-purdue-university in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
ECE 483 Digital Control Systems Analysis and Design Instructor Jianghai Hu f39fice MSEE 220 Tel 62395 Email 39ianghaipurdueedu Office Hours Wed 12pm Course Administration Textbooks Digital Control System Analysis and Design C L Phillipsand H T Nagle 3rd edition ISBN 013309832X Prerequisite Homework Exams Two midterms and one nal exam Grading policy work 15 Two midterms 45 Final 395 Completing course evaluation 05 Course website dynam oecn purdueedujianghaiECE483 Lec 1 Control Systems Reading Chapter 1 What is control Use of algorithms and feedback to affect the operation of physical objects ofinterest systems to achieve some desired performance mp Physical Objects MW Plant Process System gt Example Room Temperature Control Turning onoff heatercoolerto maintain the room temperature at a prespecified level Example Robotic Arm Control the voltage applied on the motors so that the robot hand moves along a specified trajectory and grasp some object Example Air Traffic Control 7 muss ms 14 National airspace Airtraffic controllers give directions for pilots so that aircraft can arrive at their destinationsin time and safely Similarexample Internet congestion control Some Observations Control is everywhere Otherexamples electrical mechanical ecological and financial systems Physical process under control can be very complicated Airtraffic control example Bioengineering example Often need to work in adverse situations Environmentalnoises Partfailure Human errors etc Two Perspectives of Systems Black box Learn by training Example adaptive neural network fuzzy logic expert systems Advantage no need of physical understanding Disadvantage hard to analyze not suitable for high performance sys Modelbased this course Build a math model to relate the system input and output Advantage easy to analyze high performance Disadvantage physical models not always available Example Satellite courtesy of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Suppose that the antennas of the satellite need to point to the earth Thus the satellite can only rotate around a particular axis Satellite is a system Input Aforce F can be generated by reactionjet which is controllable Output orientation of the satellite is given by the angle 9 Satellite System Model Newton s Second Law T Jw Angular acceleration Total torque Moment of interia Take Laplace transform assuming Torque generated by the thrust F zero initial condition T F 1 Fsl1329s System model time domain System model WSW domain ie transfer function FUN J00 95 L 1quot5 J52 Example Servomotor System t resistance Ra torq ue T Basic motor properties Generated torque proportional to current 391 KTi Motor voltage proportional to shaft angularvelocity em Kb Servo System is an electromechanical system Input voltage source et which can be controlled Output shaft angular position 6t Basic circuit properties KVL Newton law eL iLRu l emt 39139 J BQ DC motor model System model time domain J9t Wm ct System model frequency domain 63 2 KTma 1595 SSBHU5TKIJ Task of Control For a given system adjust the input signal in a proper manner to achieve eg Reduced steadystate error Fastertransient response Disturbance rejection Low sensitivity to model error Open Loop vs Closed Loop Control Open Loop Control Input Phy5ical Objects controner Plant Process System Controller determines the controlled input directly in a pre programmed way output Closed Loop Feedback Control Input Phy5ical Objects controner Plant Process System Using output to help determine the controlled input emphasis of this course output Control Sensing Computation Actuation Actuate gas pedal Computation human controller speedometer Sensing We will focus on computation part Sensing and Actuation parts will be covered by other courses Modern Digital Control Systems noises noises Actuators X System 1 Sensors process 7 Mt D39 39t t H w Data hold lgl a con ro er ykT WT DA Computer AD k 01 k 01 The signal that the digital controller bases its decision on is sampled at discrete time The command the digital controller sends to actuators is also discrete time Antenna Pointing System Voltage proportional to desired angle Difference Power Amplifier Amplifier Motor 6 vi a V 39 K i3 Voltage proportional to angle 6 Binary code Course Content Digital System Modeling How to construct math model ofa digital system Digital Control System Analysis How does system output change under certain inputs Digital Controller Design How to design digital controller so that the system output behaves desirably


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