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Tropical Horticulture

by: Jeramie Kassulke

Tropical Horticulture HORT 40300

Jeramie Kassulke
GPA 3.8

Jules Janick

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About this Document

Jules Janick
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jeramie Kassulke on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HORT 40300 at Purdue University taught by Jules Janick in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 208 views. For similar materials see /class/207913/hort-40300-purdue-university in Agricultural & Resource Econ at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Lecture 1 Introduction to Tropical Horticulture Horticulture 403 TROPICAL HORTICULTURE ecoursespurdueedu Instructor Jules Janick 330 Horticulture Bldg 4941329 janickpurdueedu Grader Anna Whipkey 1 1 6A Horticulture Bldg 4946968 awhipkeypurdueedu Grades Grades will consist of quizzes two exams a final and a ter a d one extra credit exercise Final grade will be based on total points Points Quizzes 100 540600 A Exam 1 100 480539 B Exam 2 100 420479 C Term Paper 100 360419 D Final 200 lt359 F Total 600 Introduction to The Tropics An introduction to the agriculture of the tropics and subtropics emphasizing horticultural crops The course covers aspects of tropical geography and ecology as well as historical aspects of the tropics and subtropics Course Outline 1 Tropical Agriculture Introduction to the Tropics Theory Tropical Climate of the Tropics The Koppen Classification of Climates n Tropical Vegetatlo Tropical Soils Agricultural Potential of the Humid Tropics Agriculture in Tropical Systems Plantation Agriculture Hacienda S stem Agricultural Development in Tropical America Tropical Forestr Themes in Tropical Agriculture World Population 11 Major Tropical Crops Tropical Agr Research Weed Control amp IPM e Oil alm Coconut amp Date Cassava III Horticultural Crops Ta 0 Yams Miscellaneous Smrch Crops B a anan Pineapple Papaya Citrus Avocado Misc Fruit Crops History oi Spices Spice Crops Tropical Ornamentals Overview There arc dramatically apposing attitudcs towards the tropics both anti and pro tropic scntimcnts 3a c 13 quot f Rcsorts amp Rctircmcntlavcns vs Slums amp Shacks A Green an Bountiful vs Starvation Malnutrition Rich in Flora Vs Monolonously Green Reality Check It turns out that all of the above views are true This course will attempt to present a balanced picture of the tro ics P It is true however that the tropical world tends to be underdeveloped This course will try to develop answers to the following questions Reality Check It turns out that all of the above views are true This course will attempt to present a balanced picture of the tropics It is true however that the tropical world tends to be underdeveloped This course will try to develop answers to the following questions Why are the tropics poor Why is hunger endemic in the tro ics What is the agricultural potential for the tropics What is the horticultural potential of the tropics The Tropics Narrowly defined the tropics are those areas on the earth s surface between the Tropic of Cancer 235 N and the Tropic of Capricorn 235 S The tropics represent 36 of e earth s surface 20 of the land surface 43 of ocean surface The Tropics Narrowly de ned thc tropics arc thosc arcas on thc I I and thc Tropic of Capricorn 23505 b Night is thc winter or thc tropics Tropical Climates 1 Warnrtcrnpcraturcs wintcrlcss clinratcs lack of rost N un an rainran Distributed cithcr equally throughout thc ycar tropical rain iorcst Excrcrncly high in onc period monsoon 3 Dayicngth is closcto 12 hours Lhroughoutthe ycar continual short days Thcsc conditions havc a crcmcndons e 39ect on thc typc or natural vegetation and innncncc thc typc or horticulture Characteristics of Tropical Plants Short day plants Colorful owers attracting insects Perennial some grown as annuals in temperate climates Frost sensitive some cold sensitive Enormous plant diversity Agricultural Problems ofthe Tropics No break in the growing cycle pests and diseases more intense Leached soils com Excessive rain in Tropical Rainy and Monsoon climate Dry season in Savanna climates requires irrigation Short days and cloud cover restrict i High night temperatures increase respiration Tropical and Subtropical Crops Tropical agriculture involves important wellknown crops Major crops covered in this course will include Beverage Crops Fruits and Nuts Starchy Root Crops Industrial Crops Grasses rice amp sugar S ices Ornamentals Tarn 9 Sweet mm Industrial Crops Grasses Ornamentals Philndmdmn Buugenvillia The tropic between the Tropic oi and the Tropic oi Capric The f s are The re 39on of the ear ollawing countries are ioun The Tropical World Lh39s suriace lying Cancer 235w oi the equator orn 23505 oithe equator a in the tropics Africa cram capiui cram Capital r us Angora Luann rein mum cairn an a rananon canonquot v e ceaauarncaarnp hangar ciao manna cm at Mon moron pron Egypt can Equatoramnion Mzhhu Erimz Mama 2 i2 Add39sAhzhz cairn Lhmi z canon ran ciaaa m cum chairy unionism rim rmy coast Abidjan Keir Nzixuhi Hera math in rip Marga Amman Africa Cuuntry Capital Cuuntry Capital Malawr Lilungwe ali Bamsz Maurtania Nuuakchutt Mnmccn Rab at Muzambique Mapum Namibia Windhuek Niger iamey Nigeria L agus Rhudesia Zimbabwe Salisbury Rwa Kigali San Tum e Principe San Tum Senegal Dakar Sierra Leune Freetuwn alia Mugadishu Snuth Africa Cape Tuwn Premria Sudan Khartuum Tanzania Dar es Salaam Tngu Lame Uganda Kampala Upper Vulta Ouagaduuguu Zaire Kinshasa 39 Lusaka Cuntinent C uuntry Cap iml Cuuntry Capital Helms Enigma wasmngmn Dc Central Belize Cnsm Rica San Jase Ame39i El Salvadur San Salvadur Guatemala Guatemala Hunduras Tegucigalpa Mexicu Mexicu City Nicaragua anagua Panama Panama Suuth Argentina Buenus Aires Bulivia La Paz Ame39i Brazil Brasilia Chile Santiagu Culumbia Equadur Quite rench Guiana Cayenne yana Geurgetuwn Paraquay Asunciun eru Lima Surinam Paramaribu Venezuela Caracas Cuntinent Cuuntry Cap ital C uuntry Capital West Indies Antigua St Jnhn39s Barb adus Bridgemwn Bermuda Hamilmn Cub a Havana D uminica Ruseau 2233quot Santa Dumingu Guadelnupe Bassererre Grenada St Geurge39s Haiti Purtrau Prince Jamaica ingsmn Puertu Rica San Juan Virgin Islands St Thumas Cuntinent Cnuntry c ap ital CuunLry Capital A5 Bangladesh Dacca Brunei Band 53quot gaw Burma Ranglnn Cambudia PhnnmrPenh Hung Kung Vicmria dia ew Delhi Indunesia Djakam Laus Vientiane Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Oman Muscat ew Guinea Pun Muresby Yem China Peking Philipp ines Manila Saudia singapure singapure Arabia Mecca RuJadh T39aipei Thailand Bangknk quot9quot Am Abu Dhabi Viemam Hanui Emirzms Yemem Arab Sam Rep blic Cun nent c uuntry Capital CuunLry Czpiml Australia Aueralia Canberra Pacific Ocean American Samua Gin en Islands Hawaiian Islands U s New Heb rides Pitcairn Islands T ukelau Tuvalu Wesmrn Samua Pzgl Pzgu s Bairiki Hunnlulu Vila Adamsmwn Fenuarala Tungarale Apia Caruline Islands Pnnzpe French Pulynesia Papeete Gu A gana Nauru Y aren Niue Alu Snlumnn Islands Human Tunga Nuku alura Wallis and M L L Fung 2 a u


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