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Problems In Advertising

by: Elda Bahringer

Problems In Advertising COM 35600

Elda Bahringer
GPA 3.72

Emily Blue

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About this Document

Emily Blue
Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elda Bahringer on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 35600 at Purdue University taught by Emily Blue in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see /class/207918/com-35600-purdue-university in Communication Studies at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Kelly Foust Exercise 2 Comm 356 September 21 2010 All of the advertisements are for women s clothing but they target a different age range or type of woman 1711 Gufo Il Gufo is an Italian brand that is sold all over Italy and worldwide I found the ad in the Marie Claire magazine The intended audience is adults The magazine is de nitely an adult or lateteen magazine I couldn t imagine anyone under l3yearsold picking it up 11 Gufo items are extremely expensive about 200 for a child s shirt Given the placement of the ad and the cost there is a very slim chance anyone besides a parent would be interested in this ad Ithink the ad does work The items look expensive and classy yet innocent and age appropriate just how a rich parent would most likely want their child to be viewed Also it is obviously not an American brand which immediately peeks interest 2 ititled Hello Kitty This ad features a young sexy trendy woman wearing multiple designers Gucci Tiffany amp Co LaCrasia and David Yurman The audience here would be women in their 20s who want to be slightly rebellious yet stylish and appropriate by societal standards The picture is black and white making the scandalous net dress with black bra seem normal This ad works and I believe it would draw in its target audience 37Banana Republic This ad is successful at targeting women in their early 20s as well but a very different type of woman then the Hello Kitty ad They could be recent college graduates who need a new polished wardrobe or women who are in the work force in a big city The advertisement works because it s simple and classy It screams professionalism but it is fun because she s just hanging out outside in a tree 47 Apple Bottoms Even though this ad is still for women s clothing it is very different from the first few ads I picked The target audience is young women l630yearsold and I could see this ad reaching the desired target audience and it being successful Iwould consider the audience to be predominantly African American Nelly a famous rap star is riding a motorcycle in a classy suit The idea lget from this ad is ifyou wear Apple Bottoms then you are a bad girl and you may ride on the back of a motorcycle The apples in the background give a forbidden fruit feeling almost mysterious The creators knew their market and played it up quite nicely 5 rAbercrombxe clothes In ths ad sexy 7L n H cud cloLhmg The gm cloLhmg Kelly Foust Exercise 4 Due October 21 2010 It s hard to imagine NASCAR or any sport for that matter without sponsorship Unlike other popular sports such as basketball or soccer where the audience is concentrating on the actual person running around the eld NASCAR is all about the cars The drivers cannot be seen unless they are outside of their cars putting all of the focus on the vehicle Sponsors of NASCAR know this and use it to their advantage It wasn t until the 1970s that companies began to utilize this type of advertising Now it has blow up into a multimillion dollar venture To understand how advertising has evolved in this sport it s important to understand the history When NASCAR first began there were very few sponsors Sometimes companies would give drivers equipment or tools and the driver would mention their name or maybe throw a sticker on somewhere to represent the sponsoring company There are three NASCAR series all of which have exible names depending on who sponsors them each year The Sprint Cup formerly the Winston Cup is NASCAR s biggest series Races in this series happen Sunday aftemoons 36 times a year Advertising began with the Sprint Cup In 1972 the series became the Winston Cup after R J Reynolds purchased the rights to name the series Since then the names colors designs and every little detail of NASCAR has been consistently changing each year Everyone knows advertising is expensive Billboards magazines posters and other forms of advertisements are pricy enough but imagine spending nearly half amillion dollars to advertise on a racecar that could be smashed to smithereens at any moment Being a primary sponsor for a driver costs anywhere from 350000 to 500000 per race The company then gets to choose the logo for the hood the paint scheme and the team colors They are also given the right to use the driver s name and face in their promotional materials There are also smaller sponsors who can buy spots on the sides of the car or the rear The associate sponsors pay different amounts depending on the size and placement If a company wants the joy of having the spot right in front of or behind the rear it will cost them approximately 15 million for the season The spot next to the rear window on both sides is called the Cpillar and costs about 500000 for the season Drivers are paid to drink from certain bottles during the races too Everything comes down to a return on investment It s the only reason companies spend money on advertising They want their name out there for tons of people to see With NASCAR s 50 million viewers sponsors de nitely see a return on investment Because of this I believe sponsorships are extremely powerful Besides seeing monetary gain companies could see a boost in company moral Another point NASCAR mentions concerning sponsorship is word of mouth Say a person s favorite driver wins the race and they are driving a car sponsored by Tide the winner could possibly be known as the Tide car driver From personal experience Iknow I ve purchased products before because I saw them used somewhere or saw someone I like using them Including sponsorships in a marketing plan could be valuable The hard part would be to figure out what type of sponsors would be interested in the product or event I have realized companies sometimes sponsor or promote random things It would make a big difference if even one company or person was interested I also think this topic would be a good one to raise during a focus group I don t think including sponsors is essential for success but it could never hurt Sources httpautohowstuffworks aut 39 M m 39 39 39 391 ihtm httpwwwnascarcomguidessponsors Kelly Foust Com 356 Exercise 3 Due October 7 2010 My favorite medium would have to be television The invention of the television revolutionized our lives and the way we receive and learn about things A television holds an unlimited amount of opportunity Whether an audience member is looking for humor drama or horror they can nd something on television at all times that ts into one of those categories With that being said television is one medium that is for everyone It is not limited to any certain age seX location socioeconomic status or race A television set cannot refuse to turn on for you it can t choose its audience There is a huge variety of people watching TV all the time and for hours on end and that is why TV is the best medium to utilize from an advertising perspective TV as a medium has many strengths The first and most obvious strength is how many people TV reaches It is estimated that 99 of Americans own a television and a huge majority of those people own multiple TVs This allows numerous TVs to be on at once There have been times when I m at home in my room and can hear a different commercial blaring from the living room This medium is more powerful than magazines and newspapers because it s welcoming to everyone There is not one type of advertisement If I was to open a Seventeen magazine most of the ads would be sexual They would probably be for clothing or perfume and would be only appropriate for adults Advertisers recognized this difference and they make commercials attractive for all ages Also ads on TV usually have catchy music that gets stuck in our head all day resulting in us thinking about the product all day long If a director can formulate a memorable jingle then the ad is effective Lastly people can watch TV while doing other things like homework crafts cooking or even while hanging out with friends A group of people doesn t get together to read a magazine or for the purpose of listening to the radio On the other hand television as a medium has some aws Advertisements on TV can become annoying If it is not a good ad and gets played repeatedly more people are bound to dislike it There is nothing worse than watching TV and having the same commercial replay over and over Ithink TV ads are hit or miss The ones that are memorable are extremely memorable and vice versa Even with that being said one can t forget the wellknown saying any PR is good PR Another downfall is the timing of ads If an advertisement is played at midnight verses noon there is a very different audience available to observe it Perhaps a manufacturer cannot afford to run their ad at a peek time that ad will be significantly less effective In that case maybe a magazine or newspaper ad would be more logical I believe it s pretty apparent why I enjoy TV It s relaxing to wrap up in a blanket and watch a good show I usually favor dumb humor and television has a lot of that Though I do enjoy reading it takes effort I don t have to put any work into watching TV I m practically giving advertisers my attention and I don t have to pay to be entertained besides the monthly bill Unfortunately here at Purdue I don t have a television in my room I watch many more YouTube videos and I go on Hulucom to view episodes I missed but even those mediums relay the same information I would have seen on television Kelly Foust Exercise 1 Integrated Marketing Communications September 8 2010 The 43911 generation iPod touch has a very straight forward message it is all about fun From the beginning there is upbeat music that catches the audience s attention The first shot of someone skateboarding down the blue tarp gives the audience a feeling of excitement and thrill The fun feeling is continued through many different sports For example there are people biking and surfing and then it shows a band playing in what looks to be a garage Within the first 5 seconds the ad has covered a wide variety of activities connecting the iPod to a wide range of people The next thing Apple previews are the games and there are a variety of them If a viewer was not into any of the sports shown then they would most likely be intrigued by the ghting arcade or ying games Apple demonstrates how the iPod touch can connect to a friend s iPod allowing games to be played By doing so the iPod touch has not only become a necessity to the individual viewer but implies that the audience member would be left out if they didn t have one Not only can you have fun by yourself but playing with an iPod touch can be a social activity The last element that stuck out to me was the Facetime application Apple chose to display men and women of all races and appearances This advertising technique ties everyone together and shows this is an item that all people can enjoy Lastly if the message was not clear enough the phrase All kinds of fun get typed across the screen I believe there are many reasons why the iPod has been more successful than other MP3 players To begin with the iPod was created with the success of iTunes in mind Apple tied the two together and gave listeners a means to download music for a decent price and created a snazzy device to house the music It is still possible to download music illegally but many people have felt the repercussions of trying to do so Many artists have blocked their music and it has become hard to find good quality songs unless downloaded through iTunes Because of this people are constantly on iTunes and Apple has conveniently ooded the media player with iPod ads Also the Apple logo is very well known and it s simple The bright colors are intriguing and the sleek design of the iPod makes it appealing for all ages Technology has evolved welcoming the touch screen Apple caught this trend when creating the iPod touch The iPod and iPhone are two inventions that have kept people amused by constantly changing Other manufactures like Samsung Sandisk and Sony have not been able to keep up no matter what colors or songs they try to put in their commercials With many different styles available the iPod is even more appealing For the runner there is the iPod nano and for the ashy college student who wants to stick out Apple has created the iPod touch with a huge screen Apple has successfully followed the IMC strategy When rumors of the iPhone first started everyone jumped at the opportunity to own one because it was cool new and expensive There was even a waiting list to get the first iPhone After seeing the success of the iPhone Apple made a genius decision to create a media player that did everything the iPhone did without being a phone They cut out the monthly payments saving people a lot of money Apple then stuck with the same design and continued to market their items via television intemet billboards and every medium possible The message remains the same own something manufactured by Apple and you re ahead of the game Commercial httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvmuIZGnhzngZ


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