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Introduction To Advertising

by: Elda Bahringer

Introduction To Advertising COM 25600

Marketplace > Purdue University > Communication Studies > COM 25600 > Introduction To Advertising
Elda Bahringer
GPA 3.72

Jakob Jensen

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About this Document

Jakob Jensen
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elda Bahringer on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 25600 at Purdue University taught by Jakob Jensen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 81 views. For similar materials see /class/207922/com-25600-purdue-university in Communication Studies at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Com 256 Exam 3 Review Questions Chapter 16 3 8 3 What are Oglluys great advertising elements Potent Strategy The strategy is the heart of advertising It is impossible to do great advertising if the strategy is weak or doesn t exist at all Strong Selling Idea Great advertising promises a bene t to the consumer The idea must be simple and it must be clear The brand must be integrated into the selling idea Stands Out A great advertisement is memorable even when competing for attention with news and entertainment 4 Always relevant Prospects can easily relate the advertising to their experience and the role of the product in their life Can be built into campaigns No matter how clever one idea may be if you cannot make it into a campaign it is not a great idea V N V L V VI V 8 What is key to developing outdoor Create something wonderful because people hate advertisements cluttering up the environment No more than 7 words should be used in the main heading Reduce all of the elements if possible Reduce visual and verbal elements to their simplest form Chapter 17 4 5 4 What are basic means of attracting attention 1 Using visual alone 2 Using the headline alone 3 Using a combination of the visual and headline 5 What is a comp The comprehensive or mechanical layout All the type set and placed exactly as it is to appaer in the printed advertisement Chapter 18 16 1 Differentiate between 3 basic printing concepts 1 Letter press printing from a raised surface Like a rubber stamp prints onto paper 2 Offset lithography from a at surface Photo chemical process based on principle grease and water do not mix This type accounts for 8090 of all printing jobs 3 Rotogravure from an etched surface When printing exceeds 1 million this technique works better than offset lnkwells cover grooves in plates and paper is run through 6 What colors are used in 4 color printing Cyan blue Magenta red yellow and black Chapter 19 1 5 1 What is a bookend commercial Two related usually 15 second spots run with one unrelated spot in the middle usually 30 seconds long 5 What is a Harry The Quantel Henry Harry Online System is an editing device with an optical device tied to it It allows computer composites to mix with live video 90 of Harry work can now be created on a Mac The Harry is faster and much more expensive but the Mac appears to be closing the gap Chapter 20 3 4 3 What is white space in radio A term used in print advertising However in radio it is extremely compelling EX A 60 second spot with no copy for 45 seconds brings customers curiousity into play leaving them open to accept the message 4 Name 4 radio station programming formats Chapter 24 5 7 9 5 Why is substantiation considered the foundation of FTC enforcement Because advertisers must be able to prove the claims made in their advertising The FTC ensures that people aren t being deceived by advertisements 7 Brie y discuss the Central Hudson 4 pt Test this is in the notes 9 Pitfalls of comparative advertising 1 runs the risk of inadvertently promoting competitive brands 2 Some comparison ad techniques seem unfair to consumers and damage the brand and advertising in general 3 Companies fear comparative advertising will bring on lawsuits by companies who think their brands have been unfairly disparaged The majority of complains are by companies who think claims are deceptive or untrue


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