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Management Lectures I

by: Landen Harvey

Management Lectures I MGMT 10000

Landen Harvey
GPA 3.68

Elizabeth Stephan

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About this Document

Elizabeth Stephan
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Landen Harvey on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 10000 at Purdue University taught by Elizabeth Stephan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/207959/mgmt-10000-purdue-university in Business, management at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
The moment I answered the questions in the Jung Career Indicator I realized that it was actually trying to categorize me into groups but at that time I still could not indicate what the groups were So after the lecture and the class I think I got some insight about what was the Jung Career Indicator really all about So for my career choice I think it would probably be management in business I nd business to be a very smart and appealing eld to be involved with I would say that it would be the reason why the Jung Career Indicator gave me this result I would say this is a career where I see myself enjoy doing it I see business as an opportunity for me to be somebody in this world From what I see many of the people who did actually make it to the top start from scratch The thing that drives them to achieve what they are today is their sheer determination and they actually enjoy doing business When I was younger my uncle owned a groceries store which is not that big Every day after school I usually end up there either helping him out or just hanging around I was grateful that my uncle is such a generous man He taught me the basic of doing business like what he was doing at that time I was really excited about doing business and learning because of this Even though my uncle run a groceries business he actually hold an engineering degree I once asked him does it worth doing this instead of engineering and his simple answer make me deciding this career And he answered it was worth it because he enjoyed doing this rather than engineering Right now he actually owns numbers of groceries store that are doing very well indeed I think it is because he enjoys doing this that his business grew over the years Because of the enthusiasm I did try to make my own business at that time by selling stuff that I could nd in my room So I set up a table in front of the house and put the comics magazines and caps from my room Soon a bunch of kids from the neighborhood came and bargained for my stuff I nished all of the stuff in about 2 hours Even though I did not make it that much of money I said to myself that it was going to be myjob in the future because I had lot of fun and enjoyed myself doing it So my point is that if I do this job in the future I would probably find success in it because I enjoy doing it very much Coming from Malaysia a country that is very well diverse in ethnicity I feel like home when I step in Purdue Malaysia which is make up mostly of the Malays which I am one share the country with the Chinese the Indians and 30 other races to create a stable and prosperous country in the middle of the SouthEast Asia region Because we are so well diverse we indirectly learn from each other culture From what I can say it is true that the Chinese control the Malaysian economy but the Malays are learning to keep up with the Chinese as the Malays control the nation politically So in a way it is a good thing as that the competition between the races creates a bond that strengthens the nation This actually gives me the advantage of doing business with people that came from all sorts of background as same as me Moreover I am a Muslim and our prophet Mohammad was actually a businessman himself and he once said the 9 out of 10 the source of provision actually come from doing business This actually motivates me more of doing business as my career in the future I think I really do well in organizing I really likes to keep myself organize at all times This is maybe because I really hate wasting my time for small problem such as searching for missing files It irritates me a lot when that does happen I try to keep myself well organize in any occasion so that it is always smooth sailing for me For example I used to be a pa1ttime shop assistant at a shoe store I make sure that I know where they keep the shoes and what size does the shop have for every type of shoes they sell so the customers would not have to wait long just to try their shoes on In a way being organized is actually good for me as I know where I keep my stuff and it prevents me from wasting time I think I would like to have a modest lifestyle and relationship with friends marriage and family will always be a priority in my life I prefer being modest at all times as I was always thought to do so In my culture it is really honorable for someone to act modest even though he or she is actually someone important Furthermore marriage and family is also really important for me I have a really big family We always have a family gathering in my hometown just to mingle around keep up with each other It is really comfortable with me to have this kind of lifestyle in the future I really hope I can be both success in my career and being a family man later If money were not an issue I would like to run a TV channel I used to enjoy watching TV for hours but now it seems that a lot of TV programs are not worth to watch at all So I really think we should revolutionize the business to be more attractive to viewers and woo them back For example if I actually own it I would try to organize touring events that go city by city to promote the channel to the viewers and actually be closer to them I think what cause me to spend my time doing this would probably because I like watching TV so much and it had given me so much knowledge that Ifind it very useful now such as world business In a way Ithink the career choice I m pursuing now will turn out to be fine as I feel this is the best choice I ever made in my life I would be ready to face any challenges to become a businessman as I know it going to be a really ruthless world out there like Andre Maurois said Business is a combination of war and sport So I hope Krannert School of Management could help me in making this happen


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