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Basic Mechanics I

by: Kristopher Beahan

Basic Mechanics I ME 27000

Kristopher Beahan
GPA 3.54

Tyler Dare

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About this Document

Tyler Dare
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristopher Beahan on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 27000 at Purdue University taught by Tyler Dare in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see /class/207985/me-27000-purdue-university in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Joint kinematical descriptions homework set 2 Problem 1 A baseball is launched from a pitching machine at 30 ms as shown If 9A 3687 find the rate of change of speed and radius of curvature of the baII s path at point A L A 30 m s i 4K x quoti 3 l 30 m Problem 2 A particle is traveling along the parabolic path shown If r is measured from the origin and 9 is measured from the positive xaxis and if x 2t2 meters find f39i 9 and 5 at t 2 s quot Problem 3 If rod 0A is rotating counterclockwise with 9 2127390Lds2 and collar B is moving towards point A at 1quot 4t2ms find the rate of change of speed and radius of curvature of the path of collar B at 9 60 Assume r 0 and 9 0 at t 0 M15270 Fall 2009 Joint Kinematics Homework Set 1 Due Wednesday November 11 Problem No 1 The position of a particle is given by r 3t2 2t i 4t12 tjj in meters where t is in seconds Determine the speed rate of change of speed and radius of curvature of the path of the particle at t 2 seconds Problem No 2 A particle moves along the curve y x x2400 where x and y are in ft Ifthe velocity component in the xdirection is vx 2 ftsec constant determine the speed rate of change of speed and radius of curvature of the path of the particle when X 20 ft Problem No 3 i A peg moves in the curved slot defined by the lemniscate r2 4sin26 and th ough the slot in the arm At 6 30 it is known that dBdt 2 radsec and dzedt2 2 rad secz Determine the x and ycomponents of the velocity and acceleration of the peg P at this instant 4 sin 2 IlnrZ IZMJY K meMM it IN ampMo R0 LW iti 1 GIVEN Fr 26551113 EIND a 1 f 25a 2 9 Q 2 2m QQLUWOV a V Bf 2amp3 w e m Iz 471 zt 53 ms Zlii wa EM WW 2 sacs 2 391696733 1L 2amp5 Msz39 out 39 Hf tdecl g 87 magm a 21 m E w 241 3 012o3m 5P3 33nd KIWchTLS ti NeoQ Nov I K08LDM l a EFZ39UUt c s II F gr Oy 7 at 7573 39 a 7 0g WWMWMN n ZH39 7quot 757 gr 7170154 U qt 53quot 59 9 Ca l quot w co 03543gtv037h wags43 Pb 5 74 MSL m z5dll an apV 392 00911 L7 b a f w U E mm CM 7m 12 mobi 51 177 mg 6 figs ML mm WWW wW aM 33 336 Kimmdm l LMMQ Nov I 7320 L M 2 GIVEN 1 W KL 439 M CvCF L r 71 g 7 z vests gt Cowsth 5sz N4 235392 3 25233 223311 A 423339 200 snags 5 SQUARE awk mm 5 A 00 1f 3 26207ka bgt z e 76 w 79L c G 9 Q z39ZO R SOLUTIDN 39 QUE D e I ZJJ Jg 27g U39ZJl Ut 2194 7 13 339 0433 04m 2197 7 LSQM I 32W Kimd rcs i Ml Nov H l ltP OEgtLEM 55 a ah a3 39 02 12 ooza 005 576277 OT33 quotmazwaas quot39 5 2f 3 CV CV 740 all CHquot 1 91 4032 MS 6 2 2339 392 5 0 at O OZE O 743F Mi g a 0048 7 1 6 24th 3 or a F 2 3 Egg L39 ao w 23 OQCCPED I Ext MMMQ 1ITLS J39LL L39 Wzdl NOV 206L m lt2quot 5 3517 91 f 113 0 Wic 600 2 4 0c m zm39E Ega maj He if if m 4 a 39 M Q 5 2 CM 5W 43 154m H Q 76 20474 33 Kmmy z GIVEN Lammm 4gmlt263 M 8950 ZchQS 2 MJ 51 FWD 1 It 17 n CdN39kSFOWI 39 P COOY ampS 53 73 Cm D f Y3 a A MltZ ngwj a wa mpbcnlvp er Ewe z r v3 z 4 wscz 254 4 C05n7196 439 Co 0001 2 2544 W 8G 3 MedIou I 39 6LEM 3 13 33Mquot K mmwffz i Ned Nov H 1 I C0392 SMQZ P W m 3 f 1 Tut 2J5 Jtz 371 M5 g o 085627 05 3 q 1 W W V i U9 quotSEHQ 19 K a quot5 25ow 053 2 5 w jg O 2 f WE 5 1 1 quotW3 16le Coofdl Tran13 rm m 3739 3 03 70 u Wyolf 430 Msj Z3 3314 Kimaz x a 1E4 W204 Nov Pmo uim 333 3 33gt z vr ma V Zz gtm 736w 2 8 cos29 3 Digf wim hva D b obl i a 254 5w 4 Zlt V F QECOSZCS 65m29gt2 F 4 C03 40quot 31 mmo 125 1 JP 152 5gt40C1Yj5 HL Lm m 212W 22 Ew 1132 15 fmsj Eggm if Tia g LMW 1m Cw i w Coor ijm 943 bgcawag a 219 wa wlw i ll z oSFwXG M 3 2 25 o 31 msL 701 thm MAJz MEZ70 a So z facev07 6M l NoteTiIle 7 7 39 39 39 39 7 39 VT 7 UH2009 vium Basial Wwowa 1714 gnawX M4 BOmM 97 9436 57quot Warxz nsWA FAA 241 alevar 9 W 4 mm at quot47539 0 v9wia on Max 3977 Shh15m 1 1 F yA i VAgS aA 39 m UVN WW4 115 705 by f 0L yA h L 5 SM 517 VA x Q2M M vmm VA 624 1a 11 39 2643 was 76am zeasmgggn 3c87 586mjao139 V4 A 39 a 51 430 px 9 9 M WV032 2 V41 3707 n4 m g 7 W mag 5W 3L J s f 1 own7Q MAJZ Plano Face 54 2 7336 40 CMK Guim PalH664 Maez 670 5 Wakeab fax7 ov 70 sxqbZMn xj2 7t quot Ftha a w ZS oonaLL y r 39wo o39a Caz7 4sM X 2 z 7quot5 W 4 872m 39gt lt mpa 0zsgtltquot39 u 025 7 up aSgtltgt39lt g053 3 3332mm 5 oS foS G L 05365 05I5EIJ 45mm yquot amp 3 m ot 50 7 39 FVx1yzW 77m 6 w zmmemWas 434 31 m5 9 anneal 3L9 var 913 m566l I ooan hynea 3mg szsmg 322 mplt4 6 9 TLQ a9 823 39ltwe 3 60 7 55n9326039 0400 I Mm W6 92 42485 w 62w49a 1 9 A r92 450394 48d7 29 4769 xiv4 1 I n9 2r9 4999 4 483 Jn 9 4weg L 1 ea r quotZr 9 4lt5 79 43cw93 458 To4f 6an MAJg 11 M5270 an Soy z 7305 40 5 CMK Mt f zMM z g r l 39 415g rzejo E4151 2416 075W and madbu efwa WW 9Q0 7773 m 91ch 02 23 e f yct ob I Ts zz 3 26 L 3quot 3226 26 3 4746 4 2 3gt 465 we 1quot 4 4amp23 0 4 4 r jaw 76 5 E sziED igr 2 f 826739 83 s abosz omquot Y 3 1quot 99 479999 54ogLr xZO 27obls crogwl 549249 mm 9 i I ad LL r ZLe39 e 45510 20 Dg7o 99 0 ZC466 540Y27jge Es 4 33625059 mpwz 77774 la b o 560619 3 iii 090um a 7253ce W V 9quot 5qqf 4 38 qsgg0aeogn0 72539J 240 7Adou739 a lt K ZZ 7 Z 5401 s eel f V 1 2 2 39 lgquot V 1 5ng58 sz 2407 1 mom ME 270 Basic Mechanics I Tyler Dare Please pick up 1 Course policies 2 Section policies 3 Assignment schedule 4 Homework format guide 5 Chapters 1 amp 2 Homework Today A little about me A little about you A little about the course Course policies Newton s Laws Vector algebra A little about me BS Engineering Mechanics University of Illinois 2006 MS Engineering Purdue 2010 PhD Engineering Purdue 20 A little about you Online survey Link on Blackboard Some standard questions name pronunciation of name major etc Some questions about what helps you learn Name something unforgettable about yourself What would you like to accomplish as an engineer Online survey Go to Blackboard and click on quotLink to Survey Copy and paste the link to get to the survey C 11 32 http52fquotbackboardpurdueedum63cmmy8036011tn31 coIa Na remetiovueoct EUBDUE West Lafayette Academic Campus 7 Studentview FallZOIOME quotv our Iocsizlon39 Home Page Course golicies Course golicies Section golici es Link to Survey 6 My Tools My Grades m Section olicies lt e tt H 4 Link to Survey A little about the course Forces and couples Free body diagrams Equilibrium of rigid bodies Friction Distributed forces Centers of gravity and centroids Kinematics and kinetics for rectilinear and curvilinear motion Weeks 1 4 Equilibrium of rigid bodies l quota s 39 H 1 A A Weeks 5 amp 6 Trusses Week 7 Frames amp Mach Ines Weeks 7 amp 8 Friction ICS id stat Flu Weeks 9 amp 10


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