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Spanish Level V

by: Derek Bogisich

Spanish Level V SPAN 30100

Derek Bogisich
GPA 3.98


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Derek Bogisich on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPAN 30100 at Purdue University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/208004/span-30100-purdue-university in Spanish at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Subjunctive doubt and certainty emotion in your book there is a box with common expressions of doubt and certainty on p 160 emotion p 161 I would recommend writing a sentence for each one since on the exam you will be writing your own sentences practice intercambios lengua book p 162 Relative Pronouns QUE and LO QUE are the only ones that DON39T require prepositions or commas they can go after them however QUE is usually for easy simple concrete ideas and requires an explicit antecedent what it refers to must be in the sentence LO QUE usually involves an abstract concept or a large idea particularly one that doesn39t appear in the sentence anywhere among those that REQUIRE preposition or comma 1 QUIENQUIENES is for people only 2 ELLALOSLAS QUE can refer to people OR things preferred after SIN POR or PARA and also two syllable prepositions hacia ante desde etc 3 ELLA CUAL LOSLAS CUALES refer to people OR things preferred after COMPOUND PREPOSITIONS those of more than one word antes de enfrente de al lado de etc Practice lengua book p148 intercambios the answers are at the bottom of the box cover them up before doing the act then check your answers httpwwwtrinityedumstroudgrammarpronre12htm ignore any wrong answers you get for quotcuyoquot this isn39t one of the ones on the test INDEFINITE AND NEGATIVE EXPRESSIONS this is generally an issue of vocab not grammar Make sure you know the meaning of all the words in the box on p 151 Remember once the sentence is negative all terms must be negativized Nunca quiero salir con nadie No quiero salir nunca con nadie Siempre quiero salir con alguien etc httpwpsprenhallcomwlzayasconexionesCW3328377 2144671cwindexhtml httpwpsprenhallcommlrossoatando220524413427 00cwindexhtml httpcflinnbentoneduartcomforeignlanguagecasasm uploadexpresiones 20negat20y20afirmppt if all works well this is a ppt explaining and giving many examples the last three slides on pero sino and ni siquiera are not on the exam but they are REALLY good to know in Lengua book p 154 intercambios present perfect indicative vs present perfect subjunctive forms httpconjuguemoscomhomedocsnologinspanishverbs verbs16html PP ind httpconjuguemoscomhomedocsnologinspanishverbs verbs25html pp subj OK remember the different between present perfect subjunctive and indicative is the SAME AS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ANY SUBJ VS INDIC v1quev2 v1doubt desire or emotion v2subjunctive httpwwwcolbyedubknelsonSLCperfectsindsubjph p lengua book p 183 intercambios httpwwwtrentucaacademicmodernlanguagesspanishm asarribapresentperfsubj html good exercise in writing your own sentences SUBJ IN ADJ CLAUSES An adjective clause describes someone or something using a verb That39s the teacher WHO HAS my lunch box who ahs my lunch box describes the particular teacher If the adjective clause refers to a specific person or thing you use the INDICATIVE in the adj clause On the other hand I need to find a teacher WHO HAS a lunch box who has a lunch box describes a type of teacher If teh adjective clause describes someonething that DEFINITELY DOESN39T EXIST or NOT A PARTICULAR SPECIFIC person or thing maybe a category then you use subjunctive in the adj clause In the example above I39m not looking for any particular teacher any old one with a lunch box will do So I use the subjunctive Maybe none of the teachers HAS a lunch box so I don39t actually know if there is such a person right It39s in doubt Practice lengua p 188 intercambios httpwwwfacultysbceducelesteFall200521621620 20subj20cl 20adjdoc this has great activities but no answer key but all the answers should be pretty obvious if you have any s feel free to ask httpusersipfwedujehlecoursess210SUBJADJ2HTM to get the answers click the link at the bottom httpcourseswashingtonedudibas202SUBJUNCTIVE ADJ20CLhtml again no answer key but should be pretty obvious ALSO in the attachment you will find a translation exercise which contains many present perfect verbs in subj and indic as well as indefinite and negative expressions Try to translate the paragraph You will find my translation on page two of the document but don39t cheat and look until after you39ve done it yourself If you feel the need feel free to run one or both versions through an internet translator so you can fully appreciate how awful they truly are just for kicks


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