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Spanish Level II

by: Derek Bogisich

Spanish Level II SPAN 10200

Marketplace > Purdue University > Spanish > SPAN 10200 > Spanish Level II
Derek Bogisich
GPA 3.98


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Derek Bogisich on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPAN 10200 at Purdue University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see /class/208005/span-10200-purdue-university in Spanish at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Lecci n 10 Mzis vocabulario para el consultorio El cuerpo humano 1a barba e1 bigote 1a cadera 1a ceja e1 cerebro 1a cintura e1 codo 1a costilla e1 cra39neo 1a espalda 1a frente el hombre e1 labio 1a lengua 1a mandibula 1a mejilla e1 ment n 1a barbilla 1a muela 1a mu eca e1 m sculo e1 muslo las nalgas e1 nerio e1 ombligo 1a panton la e1 p Ipado e1 pecho 1a pesta a 1a piel e1 pulgar e1 pulm n 1a sangre e1 tal n e1 tronco 1a u a 1a u a del dedo del pie 1a vena beard moustache hip eyebrow brain waist elbow rib skull back forehead shoulder lip tongue jaw cheek chin molar wrist muscle thigh buttocks nerve navel bellyb utton calf eyelid chest eyelash skin thumb lung blood heel torso trunk fingernail toenail vein La salud e1 ataque cardiaco e1 cancer 1a capsula 1a p dora 1a cuIita 1a enfermedad 1a erupci n 1a fractura 1a heIida e1 insomnio e1 jarabe las muletas ella param dicoa los pn39meros auxilios 1a pulmom39a 1a quemadura e1 quir fano e1 seguro m dico 1a s la de ruedas e1 teIm metro 1a transfusion 1a vacuna 1a venda e1 virus cortarse curar desmayarse enyesar guardar cama hinchaIse intemarse en el hospital mej orarse operar quemarse respirar hondo sangrar suf r tomarle 1a presi n a alguien tomarle e1 pulse a alguien vendar heart attack cancer pill bandage adhesive illness disease rash fracture wound insomnia cough syrup crutches paramedic first aid pneumonia burn operating room medical insurance wheelchair thermometer transfusion vaccination bandage virus to cut oneself to cure to treat to faint to put in a cast to stay in bed to swell to check into the hospital to get better to operate to burn oneself to breathe deeply to bleed to su er to take someone s bloodpressure to take someone s pulse to bandage


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