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Introduction To Classical Mythology

by: Terrell Haley

Introduction To Classical Mythology CLCS 33500

Marketplace > Purdue University > Classics > CLCS 33500 > Introduction To Classical Mythology
Terrell Haley
GPA 3.84

Keith Dickson

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About this Document

Keith Dickson
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Terrell Haley on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLCS 33500 at Purdue University taught by Keith Dickson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 126 views. For similar materials see /class/208023/clcs-33500-purdue-university in Classics at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
List A anangk Anthropogonic Pattern autochthony bia chthonic Combat Myth Cosmogonic Pattern daim n Enosichthon Poseidon ephebe Epichthonius Hermes etiological myth Heroic Narrative Pattern hieros muthos ep05 ain05 Kataibat s Zeus kleos Lysios Dionysus Magna Mater miasma nostos olbos kotos hybris at omophagia pel39th potnl39a th r n tekhn theriomorph tim uranian xenia List B Aeetes the father of Madea posses the golden eece and doesn t wanna give it up so makes Iason performs tasks to get it plow a field with fire breathing oxen sow teeth of dragon into field when soldiers popped up he has to kill them fight dragon Madea gets these tasks done which is unusual since we think that Jason would be doing it Aegisthu comes when Agamemnon is off at war sleeps with Clytemnestra Aeneas main hero of Aenean embodies core roman values shows that Augustus is connected to Aeneas Trojan refugee with famous depiction of him holding father and leading son demonstrates pietas devoted to father and family Aeneas leaves Troy to found Rome he stops off at Carthage where he meets Dido and stays for a while falls in love but Gods remind him he has to go on On his armor there is a depiction of battle of Action Octavian and Marc Atony 300 years prior all romans in Augustus time believed that they decended from Augustus Aeneid epic poem that Virgil writes commanded by Augustus talks about above When Aeneas stops at Carthage Dido kills herself and curses Aeneas this was important because Romans had costly wars with Carthage so the curse justified it pietas and duty over desire are key concepts Agamemnon husband of Clytemnestra horestes is his son positioned in house of tanalus sacrifices daughter and behaves badly at end of Trojan war killed by his wife justice personal revenge is a theme in the house of Tantalus Amazon represent the inversion of Greek values females who are not under any paternal control let loose associated with nature and wildness example of myth inversion Antigone daughter of Oedipus buried Polyneices brother against order of Uncle Creon you cannot bury him because he was attacking walls She buries him and then she is walled up hangs herself Creon sees this and goes to save her but his son her fianc kills himself then mother kills herself etc shows what happens when you try to take things into your own hands Creon tries to do this AraPacis emblematic of Augusts ring art pieces that he has commissioned for him ranobatio picture ofpeace Argo ship that Iason and his crew sailed on constructed by Athena went to get eece Argonauts shipmates with Iason each have specific thing at which they excel go with him which is weird cause you would think Iason as a hero would be able to do it him self Atreus brother Thyestes in house of Tantalus both have kingdom but one who has golden eece owns real kingdom Atreus thought he had it under his bed but Thyestes has it has been sleeping with his wife so Atreus kills Thyestes kids and makes him eat it Augustus Caesar Octavian Augustus is new name after Octavian come into power Iulius Caesar s adopted son beats Marc Antony power up in east projects antiroman values onto them uses myth to help defeat in a political way M Brutus assassinates Iulius Caesar uses Lucretia s knife uses myth to underwrite his political status he wants to link this because when Lucretia kills herself son takes knife and kills king which liberates Rome so Brutus was doing same thing by killing Caesar Carthage North Africa where Dido is and Aeneas stops off Centaur teachers ofheroes inversion of Greek values offspring of IXion who tries to rape Hera but rapes cloud all about chaos nature party crashers etc Clytemnestra Agamemnon s wife kills him when he comes home been sleeping with Aegistus Creon uncle of Antigone son is Haemon demonization function of mythic inversion when you invert your values and push them onto another culture you are demonizing them Purpose is that it sets up outlet for your own groups tension diffuse them onto other group more clearly identifies yourself devotion loosely translated as devotion but more the idea of swearing yourself into underworld taking one person head on in battle Horatius Cocles willing to sacrifice and die for rest of community Dido curses Aeneas supposed to be cause ofwars for Carthage dike Greek word for justice important for House of Tantalus at end instead of killing and getting justice turns into court and law Electra goes to kill Clytemnestra Eteocles dies defending Thebes Polynices are children of Oedipus Eteocles is inside walls and dies defending Creon says he gets full burial rights brother was fighting outside walls so he doesn t external motivation we rule because the Gods of faith have ordained it see that in Aeneas what Augustus wants Furies punish anyone who kills a kindred when Orestes kills mother they drive him insane until he goes to Apollo and then there is a court case where Apollo defends Orestes to Furies and argues that a mother isn t blood related argues with Athena and turn Furies into guardian of fertility become Glauce second wife of Iason go to Corin and Iason thinks it would be a good idea for him to marry Madea is upset and gives Glauce a poisoned robe Golden Age Augustus wants to show that his reign is characterized by bringing bacl Golden age age ofpeace harmony between human and nature gods animals etc vegetarian society Golden Fleece in Atreus myth Thyestes steals it because he was sleeping with wife Haemon son of Creon engaged to Antigone kills himself after Antigone does Horatius Cocles standing on bridge while opposing country was coming to defeat Romans held them off and jumps into river to kill himself harpy birdlike creatues in Iason myth poop on food or steal it Helle golden ram story her and her brother were ready to be sacrificed until rescued by golden ram she fell off above pond how pond got the name iconization characterizes roman myths death masks someone dies and you create mask of them which turns them from status of ordinary individual to an emblem which rest of society wants to emulate tarpea vs Lucretia imago death masks in houses of Romans when there are celebrations or sacrifices showing you want to die sacrificing yourself for community when you die you will be celebrated and respected internal motivation claim that we rule because we are genetically better romanitas we are naturally better also in Aeneas Iphigenia sacrificed by Agamemnon IXion rapes cloud who he thinks is Hera offspring is Centaurs Iason basic outline ofnarrative sent on impossible mission we think he is going to follow general heroic narrative he derails No divine parentage Madea gets everything done for him he dies unheroic death thing on ship falls on head Iocasta wife and mother of Oedipus kills herself after she realizes she married son Iulius Caesar adopts Octavian Augustus assassinated by Brutus when Augustus comes to power he creates myth that Caesar is star and God Laius Oedipus father who he kills fulfills prophesy Lucretia roman married to Etruscan tarcan comes with cousin and look on 2 wives she is spinning wool and then gets raped by cousin she kills herself and so is providing glory her cousin kills Etruscan king which liberates Romans icon ideal female behavior Mark Antony in control of East fighting with Augustus for power loses Mars roman form of Areas Rhea silvia was virgin who was put in vestal virgins mars rapes her and she has remus and Romulus she ships them off on water Medea helps Iason get everything done Circes niece magic kills basically everyone she comes in contact with father brother marries son functions for Greece shows this is what happens if females aren t kept tightly closed themes of roles ofwomen in greek myth intentionally causes harm Menelaus brother of Agamemnon married to Helen in house of tantalus millennialism ultimately we are going to come back to golden age things get worse and worse but then go back and eventually get better restart in golden age mythic inversion idea that you take your own societies values invert them and project them on others nympth greek word for nymph prepubescent females who Artemis presides over Octavian original name ofAugustus 70100 years where general gains power defeats opposition and takes over Augustus changes this and claims that he is changing everything back to core roman values we lost them because Greeks came in and corrupted us strategically shows that Mark Antony is of the East female area associated with mythic inversion underwrites Augustus power Oedipus general outline Sophocles wrote first literary version ofwhat had been oral myth kills father sleeps with mother theme it wasn t about incest it was about humility Tiresias represented Gods is warning Oedipus not to look further into it Oedipus harms Tiresias which isn t good Oedipus pursues it Oedipus was trying to avoid fate theme recognize limits as human can t outrun faith difference between divine and human knowledge sphinX has riddle no one could answer so people are dying Oedipus is one person to answer which is funny because he is most smartest but at same time dumb because he doesn t know who is mom and dad are theme of humility Orestes son ongamemnon and Clytemnestra avenges fathers death hounded by Furies but ultimately acquitted Pelias uncle in Iason myth evil uncle send Iason off to get eece Madea suggests to cook him in stew to rejuvenate but he dies Pelops 2 101 gen in house of Tantalus tries to serve him to Gods but ends up being reconstituted Pelops kills some people etc Phrixus Helles twin in golden ram story about to be sacrificed ram appears and they magically y up on it how golden eece ultimately gets it Phrixus kills it pietas core roman value translated as utter devotion to first father then family then community then emperor then gods Aeneas is prime example Polybius Greek trying to account why Romans are so successful wrote that paragraph online of why Romans have death masks etc Polyneices brother of Etiocles both vying for kingship cannot be buried but Antigone does Remus brother with Romulus both trying to establish Rome Remus jumps over Romulus wall and Romulus kills him and that s why its called Rome renovatio what Augustus claims he is doing taking back to roman values Rhea Silvia raped by Mars mother of Remus and Romulus Romanitas everything it means to be Roman internal motivation Romulus brother of Remus founder of Rome Sabine Women stolen by women by another community almost leads to war but they throw themselves in between which is printed onto coin quotideal female prevents war link to harmonize family and countries Sophocles wrote literary version of Oedipus and Antigone Sphinx has riddle in Thebes Oedipus solves it Tantalus house of Tantalus first generation for no good reason he stews son but gets punished in underworld only few that do when ever he tried to reach up and get apple he can t get it when he leans down to get water it goes down and he can t drink Tarpeia inversion ofideal roman female sleeping with enemy and gave him insider information as her reward the enemy kills her idea that Romans want everyone to know that everyone will kill people who betray country Thyestes brother ofAtreus in house of Tantalus father ofAegisthus sleep with Atreus wife Tiresias in Oedipus myth blind prophet who warns Oedipus starts hinting that Oedipus that he is the one causing plague Turnus Italian at end ofAenead Aeneus kills him Vergil wrote poem for Augusts virtus virtue roman value all romans embody this You should also be familiar with the following themes and issues Themes in the legend of the House of Tantalus Themes in the legend ofOedipus Themes in the legend ofason and Medea Roles of women in Greek myths Differences between Roman and Greek mythology Themes in early Roman myths serving moral values than Greek myths teach roman values pietas virtus etc Themes in the Aeneid goes with above Joseph Martella CLCS 335 Test 1 Study Guide August 30 2010 Test 1 Review Guide ainos folktale Some scholars describe folktales as any traditional story that is not a divine myth or legend Destiny is not involved how cunning you are Jacob and Esau o Folktale types are categories of folktales ie The Cinderella Type made up of several characteristics called folktale motifs ie abused sister glass slipper or marriage to a prince Main characters are generally common human beings or in fables are animals that act like common human beings anthropogony 7 The origin of mankind or the investigation and account of this beginning rupture is different Aphrodit 7 birthed after Cronus throws dick of Uranus into ocean Aw 7 primal father in the Enuma Elish fresh water castrated by Ea plots to destroy offspring because they re too noisy archetyp 7 associated with Jung possibilities that can be represented by symbols ie archetype of completeness may be represented as a pizza to an American but a discus to an ancient Greek round and unbroken completeness symbol is determined by culture but same archetypes exist for all humans primal unconscious Athena 7 perfect daughter of Zeus birthed from Zeus head female but wears men s clothing usually ready for war solution in the Theogony with offspring overthrowing father autochthony 7 stories where people are from the Earth when Kumarbi has sex with boulder to create Ullikummi advantage is claim to the land binarism use of polarity binarism as structuring principle pairs for ordering controlling and understanding the universe associated with STRUCTURALISM o A or B this or that Greeks or barbarians Chaos yawn empty space void member of the primordial triad its offspring is usually evil which includes Love his offspring never marries with Gaea s cosmogony narrative of coming to being of the universe created world cosmogony gods isare active nature is inert gods brings life the deity is transcendent Cronus youngest Titan son of Gaea and Uranus castrates Uranus marries sister Rhea and eats kids Rhea gives him rock instead of baby and Cronus throws everything up makes a womb nedys 7 offspring of Apsu and Tiamat uses magic to put Apsu asleep steal his powers kill him and castrate him when he learns Apsu is out to destroy the world father of Marduk elpis hope17 last thing in Pandora s box doesn t mean hope means hunger that we can t fulfill Enkidu 7 from Epic of Gilgamesh Sumerian story created naturally ran with the animals had sex with Shamhat and became cultured like Adam and Eve his fall is positive from wilderness to culture 0 Enuma Elish 7 39 r J Apsu and Tiamat and Ea and Marduk 1100 Epimetheus 7 afterthought dumb twin brother of Prometheus accepts gift of Pandora even though he was told not to epos legend Legends or sagas are stories of the great deeds of human heroes or heroines fatedestiny still present brute strength always ends in death Achilles 0 They take place in human settings though in the distant past 0 Can have elements of historical truth but often tells us more about the circumstances and the concerns of its transmitters than it does about life in the distant past 0 etiological m 7 member of the primordial triad sexual desire did not have offspring etiological m h Explanatory myths can be described as etiological tales because it explains causes or customs Zeus and Prometheus Euhemerism had an idea that myths are just history can trace myths back to real events and people 0 said that over time stories of these great men got wilder and eventually turned them into gods evolved world cosmogony the world arises spontaneously matter was already alive gods are imminent they are part of the natural world Enuma Elish and Theogony Freud 7 focused on personal unconscious says because you can t do something doesn t mean desires diminish thoughts are repressed into unconscious 0 ideas come out in dreams an expression of what we really want 0 just as an individual has dreams a culture has myths 0 deals with con icts emotional con icts of desire familial violence is a big aspect of many myths Gaea earth matter had a bunch of offspring parthenogenetically member of the primordial triad in Theogony offspring never marry with Chaos offspring most of them are positive Genesis example of created world cosmogony Adam and Eve s fall was negative nature to culture like Enkidu but their s was negative Hesiod 7 Greek poet 800 BCE 7 wrote down the Theogony hieros m hos sacred m h Divine myths sometimes called true myths or myths proper are stories in which supernatural beings are the main actors fatedestiny is very strong told on high sacred occasions least exible to human will 0 The events of divine myth usually take place in a world before or outside the present order where time and space often have different meanings from those familiar to human beings homeostatic 7 myths are told to satisfy an audience they match an audience s expectation immanent deity 7 gods are apart of the natural world Jung was a pupil of Freud Jung proposed collective unconscious genetically able to tap into this collective unconscious archetypes Kumarbi 7 son of Anush revolts and bites dick off father of Teshub has sex with boulder and created Ullikummi in Kingship of Heaven Hittite cosmogony LeviStrauss 7 made Structuralism classification tends to be binary and humans classify to understand logos quotrational accoun quot 1 7 after 450 BCE logos meant true statement Marduk 7 son of Ea ghts Tiamat storm god uses weapons of culture arrows to defeat Tiamat the dragon endgod in Enuma Ellish Mesopotamia blows wind into her mouth and shoots an arrow into her to split her body to make sky and earth Metis 7 a Titan had prophetic powers Zeus aunt whom he got pregnant and then swallowed Mnemosyne 7 Zeus slept with her and she gave birth to the muses monolingual 7 despite always changing myths are monolingual meaning at the time they story is being told that versions is the true version Muses 7 children of Mnemosyne and Zeus represented aspects of art Mycon 7 place where PrometheusZeus trick began m hos quottraditional accountquot 1 7 prior to 450 BCE meant signi cant true statement but underwent a change in meaning with the introduction of intellectuals to Greece and meant a false story after 450 BCE nedys bellywomb17 Cronus swallowed Rhea s babies so they are living in his belly making it essentially a womb Night N317 child of Chaos Olympian 7 older generation of gods from Rhea and Cronus or younger Olympian gods from Zeus various women Pandora 7 Zeus punishment for men beautiful on outside bitch on inside Kalon Kakon wonderful evil had plithos po filled with evils of the world parthenogenesi 7 asexual reproduction Gaea Zeus Hera Chaos Prometheus 7 Titan trickster culture bringer played trick on Zeus that led to the creation of evil becomes food of Zeus eagle Rhea 7 daughter of Gaea and Uranus wifesister of Cronus Titan consults Gaea for solution when Cronus is uterizing himself Strife Eris17 parthenogenetically created from Night NyX Chaos Structuralism 7 form of anthropological interpretation there is a human need to classify in order to understand binary pairs Levi Strauss Tartarus 7 Greek Hell place of disorder with no recognizable boundaries Teshub 7 son of Kumarbi fights Ullikummi uses knife of Ea endgod in Kingship of Heaven Hitties Zeus and Marduk Theogony 7 written by Hesiod a narrative about the creation of the gods and Greek world addressing where evil comes from always there no ones fault Chaos offspring Tiamat 7 primordial mother salt water in Enuma Elish Mesopotamia dragon after death of Apsu gets killed by Marduk Titan 7 12 were born of Gaea and Uranus superhuman transcendent diety 7 a god or gods apart from the world God in Catholocism created world cosmogony Typhoeu 7 dragon monster created by Gaea to fight Zeus he uses sickle to cut Zeus tendons out then gets defeated by Zeus and is sent under a volcano in Italy Mt Aetna Ullikummi 7 dragon born of Kumarbi and a boulder stands on the shoulders of Ubelluri gets killed by Teshub in Kingship of Heaven Song of Ullikummi Hittites Uranus was born parthenogentically from Gaea then mates with Gaea he tries to suppress the birth of Gaea s children by keeping his penis inside her ultimately gets castrated by Cronus and then defeated verisimilar 7 looks like truth different groups have different perspectives what is true verisimilar means appears true to them Q 7 youngest and oldest son of Cronus and Rhea means he inherits yet he is also the most cunning Zeus ghts the Titans for power then defeats Typhoeus swallows Metis and gives birth to Athena to end cycle of offspring killing father


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