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Week 3 Notes

by: Notetaker

Week 3 Notes Phil 1051

Default_profile Notetaker
GPA 3.5
Introduction to Philosophy
Cameron Bassiri

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About this Document

Includes discussions in class + review of the key points for the Quiz.
Introduction to Philosophy
Cameron Bassiri
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Phil 1051 at George Washington University taught by Cameron Bassiri in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Philosophy in PHIL-Philosophy at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Week 3 Meno virtue or excellence How do you live virtuously How do you live excellently Knowledge is recollection Once you know what something is it is universal Slave boy was uneducated and is used as the example to claim that everyone has this knowledge its just a process of bringing it out Process of recollecting he never taught anything he s a guide to the discovery of knowledgequot Are you born with it Or is it natural to your environment 0 Leads out to only knowledge could be taught o How do you look for virtue if you don t know what it is Meno s opinions are biased and based on his background Meno is giving parts of the definitions but Socrates argues that it can t be it because it does not make it universal The whole has to perceive the parts in order for the parts to perceive them together Virtues is o 1Virtue is subjective page 61 I Social role is different I Virtue can be different I Health and strength if they have the same health and strength there is no essential difference between men and women IN 0 2The ability to rule virtue of men p 62 3Desiring fine things and being able to acquire them 0 4 Divine dispensation p 84 I Can t explain what virtue is o Differentiating between true opinion and knowledge I Differentiate between the knowledge and the belief of what something really is Math example interruption of the dialogue 0 Getting something wrong is part of recollection o Questioning is guiding the approach to get to the right answer Virtue is not knowledge because it cannot be taught There are no teachers of it there are no students of it Maybe is true belief that comes with the same problems 0 Plato s Republic Book I and 11 What justice is What justice is and who exactly is qualified to rule T is frustrated with Socrates 0 Because if you ruled out everything that something is you are left with nothing Thrasymachus definition 0 1The advantage of the stronger p 61 Socrates argues o 2 The advantage of the weaker I people in power should act for the advantage of their subject Example Doctor should rule for the patient not for himself Socrates argues 0 That if you want the position power so bad you should not be elected because that s how tyrants are formed They want everything that has to do with power 0 On the other hand the moralists that are fit to rule should not want to be elected Book 2 0 Any way that could get away with anything why wouldn t you cheat The only thing that keeps people in line is the fear of getting caught 0 Here justice is determined by the fear of other people to get caught and people condemning you to be immoral selfish 0 His city is founded on basic needs nobody can do it alone and we have lots of needs that have to be taken care of 0 Everyone needs everyone else nobody can survive on their ownquot In this fictitious city the fundamental needs have to be taken care of and after you can get luxuries like olives alcoholquot if you don t have enough resources you go to another community On the other hand you can trade between them dependency and efficiency ourishes 0 Basic needs basic dependency distribution of function and how do these play an important role in society 0 Four elements that are essential Review for the Quiz defining terms Piety 9 1 prosecuting an unjust individual 2 what is pleasing to the gods 3 what is pleasing to all the Gods Whatever Socrates said to them what is rightwrong with it What is the point of this criticism Phaedo 9 immortality of the soul theory of recollection we already acquired the knowledge somewhere else absolute equality absolute knowledge What is the nature of the soul Contrast the soul with the body The soul is invisible moral uncompounded The body presents a number of problems the senses visible immoral compounded Death is what sets you free from the body and you are free to think and philosophy all day Recollection from the previous life not to recollect yesterday Meno What is virtue Different definitions and different responses what could potentially be correct about it Example of the slave boy IF you question people the right way you ll get the right answer Memory and reminiscent What is virtue can be thought as a natural talent Main passages define terms explain quotations


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