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Topics In CS

by: Nick Rowe

Topics In CS CS 49000

Nick Rowe
GPA 3.68

Luo Si

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About this Document

Luo Si
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nick Rowe on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 49000 at Purdue University taught by Luo Si in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see /class/208065/cs-49000-purdue-university in ComputerScienence at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
CS490W Web Informa Ion Systems Web Information Systems Department of Computer Science Purdue Universin Over ew We b Wenssymg para61mm ARPAnet ARPA Advanced Peseavch MumsAgency was cvea ed 1957 m uumm We Pusswans m We vane m masmmg vucket aunchmg m 1959 ARPAdemded m hnk sensmve cumputev cemevs by a nelwuvk m uvdeHu W h and a puss b e nuc eav anack The dea wasm aHuW cemevsm cummumca e even a ev a mm s deshu 2d munnsnsa guvemmem abs mam veseavch cemevs and unwevsmes tewsmd unm WEE and msmannsa m1 EackbuneNe Wuvkspeed BAKb Apphcatmns TOPR D Nssecund umam Name Semce Erma FTP TEMM Web Webrsaymmg para9mm NSFnet DARPA in keeps 115 m newark has me mgm ARPAna was quotnegated mm m amen Inumet Th2 Nauam Sums Faunaauanmm USA funded m NSFnetwhnh was created m 1 925 Eackbme Newark speed 11 1 Snubsec la n ASmbsec n mgm y camectedS m wnh shy1mm ex centers but rapidlymcluded v1th amusues research centers and private campmes Replaced ARPAna as me backbanz arxnummnwyn We b We As a ymmg m me my NextGendauanafInum TheNahaml ScxmceFamda h ban ammnced ms xmuauve GEN mm vmmnme mwmans ewm Insexpenedtatake vetasevenyurstabuld Hagth swan maze capamlyapbcal mtwmk Eenexsuppmfmapphcabms m Enter secmty Web Gmwm Mme We quot The ward prnduces nemen 1 and eXaDIes 117quot 1195 Mumwe mmrmamnperyear wm As MW 2517 meg mes wevery man wnman andchAdnnearm quot Lyman s Ha173 Web Web opened tne door for many nnportant apphcattons I Mmmattun R emevai 7 WebSearch information Reeammeneaam by content a by ca abannve mfamnnan Web Sewtces Semanttheb WebZ n Why Information Retrieval tntunnattun Retnevat UR rnatnty studtes unstructured data Tenthe geseneynans tmage audtu vtdeu pmtenseeuenees Mentttyncn estnnates tnat more Men as percent oat bustness tnonnanon exists as unstrudured data roommnl appeanng m er mans memos notes ham cal centers and support operattons news user groups cnats reports and Web pages Unstructured data Nu s1mcluve nu pvtmavy key as n RDBMS Semantte meanmg unknuwn natmat tanguage pvucessmg systems ivy te tne tne meanmg m tne unstmmuved text IR vs RDBMS Retattonat Database Management Systems RDBMS Fulltannn Empnastsenemeteney 9quot 9 Information Retrieval IR hm smmm Semanttcsuiubjedavesubjedwe nutweH eennee Usuauysnnpte eueyytanguageseg matuvaHanguagequevy Vuu sneute getwnat yuuwam evenih euevytsbae swamps Etteetneness ts pvtmavy tssue attneugn emeteney ts tmpuvtam Syslunsurmnn IR and other dlsciplines ther Maehme me Pattern Keenan Stallsllcal Learn Some core concepts of IR g lmnrrmllnn new Some core concepts of IR me Mt a m We Coogle Wan Mt wwwntet quot W quot t mnemmt ennmmawne wan M mm e WMMWWW or Mnetea resuts minimmu in II n Mt n t Mamet tanmntnwtnumtn n Some core concepts of IR Query Representation aiiege ieneai gap system and sys12ms eieaie and eieaiing51emmei aiiege semantic gap eai and autumubile teedback Document Representation imemai lEplESEnlallun eieeeumem cunlents a list eieeeumemsinai cuntaln speeiiieweie inverted eeeumem lis1 Representatlun eieeeumem siiueiuie eiweienmeies e g Allie may Retrieval Model Algumhmsthat bes1 maien meaning ut usei eueiy and available eeeumems e g veeieispaee meeei and s1atistical language mudelmg IR App Ica Ions information Retrieval a gold mine ofapplications r eaien inieimaiien Oiganizatiun ieneaiegeiizaiiem ducumentclustevmg inieimaiien Recummendatiun by eemem ei by ee labuvawe inieimaiien inieimaiien Emaeiien deep analysis utthe surtacetexl ea QuesiiemAnweiing name anwEldllEdly a Multimedia inieimaiien Retrieval imagemeee inieimaiien Visuallzallun Lei usei uneeisiane ine results in me bes1way IR Appllca tlons Text Categorllatlon m Geszgle mm manual mmuitmi IR Appllcatlons Text Categorllatlon inn 39 we Mmical 54mm Headings 1 i353 m Mum ieeege esi Hem IR App ca ons Documentclusllering nJStlIviFJil lquotmn1nvv m ii IR App ca onsConlent Based Fillien39ng mm M m in 3 v i quotLs39 ir heme IR Applications Collaborative F Itering IR App Ications Information Extraction VII iini iii mmilituiRcrricwlmaimmnck Bring structure and semantic meaning to text 0 Entity detection llutirlu Information llclrlcv WI h diabetes mellitus was treated With gliclazide Prior to the n itrogen an s rum Crea inine were no mal A er the medication oliguna ede a and azotemia developed On the twentyafourth day wh he e ema was severe and generalized gliClaZlde administration was terminated Diabetes entity of disease gliclazide entity of diug o Recognize Relationship between entities other Customers with similar tastes Vvhat type of effect of gliclazide on this patient With diabetes o Inference based on the relationship between entities in i Inheri ed ease gt Gene gt Chemical Drug discovery IR Arrquot quot Q quot39 ing IR App ications Web Search W Aw Wmseeml Google gt Richard M NlXON Dhaka aiugiapiyumiciaim leun iheihlnysevemhPresilleliiulihe io oi new nanomo n i L Ira Dupe ir wlii mi N Ullllell Slates 19594974 C I d t tagwwwliiieliiusaiiiliisimillegiblelilyliiiiilwiilinl3m ll raw 3 In 0 5 39 Squot quot centralized database Blogragh oil lam STl39umali r nw rumraw mnu aiugiapiy niHaiiy s Tillman mg iiinyimm Plesitlelil nllhg UlliletlStElEs19454953 39 wwwliilpimiw gnvliisiiiiiiipiesiilenisimaR mml i i linl u ii Mum Results immwwwwhliehnusa guv nits i i i m mumnun President Elect 1972 Till Elia makes uaauinaic Hume Ime p l Science Ww wllimld nicllztlalgi ciwillillll39i rim n Mariel um Haiguawam ii w IR Appl39cat39ons Federated Search IR App cations Citat39onL39nk Analys39s W M w a 7 it h V 57 239 o mm mm gm 4a t 39 quotquot w m mamas an hlDwiunulnmuloar quotunmwmaapnmav no i 7 quot quotquot ii v N 2 i SLsin39h tiu quotind e mi my aWuiV c mh Tm ii iii i 3 m a swim i mmi i 139 ii um i Non IR Appl cations Citation Link Analysis 2457 cllallnns mind 0in ieiilwliig moo lll CIIIIIOIIM Delllllsler An I IiiI MM an II n 39 I iiii I m ni 391iP 39 tquot E I39 I l f II I XR39 I l39 lquot ll ll7l 39 39 RESEZIlEll 9117 w1 l CIIQS HumaSaircli liuiimmiliuiiiilmiihwu slimmiij RslalalAAmclas Chack CitationLink This papal is cited in me ulluwmg cunlexls Importance Firs 50 documents Next in A Pmbabilisiic Mudel ulGaze lmiiaiiuii and Shalad Allellllun 7 Matthew Hullman David lLDllEEll Nu cunlexl mm mm m l i w my l mm l mm H Takammaiakamuizauum l mini IR 11quot quot isMIquotquot quot Retrieval Query Color Histogram Wavelet Feature Extraction Retrieval del Feature Extraction IR Applications Information Visualization Partial Structure of pages from a Web subset Visualized by Mapucclno Grading Policy o Assignments 30 0 Project 30 0 Final exam 30 0 Class attendance 10 Grading Po cy Assignments 30 0 Algorithm design and implementation about 3 assignments gt Implement and improve common retrieval algorithms gt Create and compare algorithms for information retrieval applications W 39 spam 39 39 39 and 39 system 0 Late submission gt 90 credit for next two days 50 afterwards gt You may help each other by discussion please indicate so in the submission but copyingcheating may result in 0 credit gt It is safe to start early Grading Pol39cy Project 30 0 Goal gt Show your knowledge and creative ideas on real applications gt Leading to research reportpublication optional 0 Topics gt Suggested by the lecturer or any related topic proposed by you 0 Project progress gt Project proposal gt Project final report and presentation Grading Policy Tests 30 0 One or two tests In class or not Based on lecture contents more and required reading materials less 0 Review session Attendance 10 0 Be interactive the best way to learn is to ask questions 0 Insight Jl questionssuggestion gives extra credit Support System Course web page o Seneddle sndes readmg rnatenals assgnrnents ete Textbook lntruductluntu lnfurmatmn Retneval Manntng c Ragnavan P sanuue H Cambndge Umverslty Press 8 0nnne nee verslun Q o o Otherreadlngs untne same Web page Of ce hour o Wednesday 2 ma Du PM o urreach me by lslts purdue Edu Course Description The Goal Learn the techniques behind Web search engines Ecommerce r commendation systems etc Get hands on project experience by developing real world applications such as building a smallscale Web search engine We page management system or a movte recommendation syste Learn tools and techniques to do research in the area of information retrieval or text mining Lead to the amazingjob opportunities in Search Technology and Ecommerce companies such as Google Microso Yahoo and Amazon Lecture Review oCore concepts ofinformation retrieval Query representatton document representatton retneval rnodel evaluatlon 0 Applications ofinformation retrieval Web Search Text Categonzatlon Document Clustenng lnformatlon Recommendatlon lnformatlon Extractlon Ouestlon Answenng oGrade Policy Asslgnments 30 Project 30FtnalExarn 30ctass attendance 10


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