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Problem Solving And Object

by: Nick Rowe

Problem Solving And Object CS 18000

Marketplace > Purdue University > ComputerScienence > CS 18000 > Problem Solving And Object
Nick Rowe
GPA 3.68

Clifton Bingham

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About this Document

Clifton Bingham
Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nick Rowe on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 18000 at Purdue University taught by Clifton Bingham in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/208073/cs-18000-purdue-university in ComputerScienence at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Fall 2009 PHYS 1 72 Modern Mechanics mm H Ww At 1339 Lecture 1 Matter amp Interactions Read Ch 1114 Pick up the handouts Syllabus Schedule Quick CHIP amp WebAssign These will be discussed in more detail on Thursday after you have had a chance to read them To do AS SOON AS POSSIBLE 1 Obtain the textbook at campus bookstores used books are OK 2 Obtain the new PHYS 172 Laboratory Manual from bookstore 3 Obtain an iClicker audience response remote not a CPS pad 4 Register for WebAssign the on line homework serVice 5 Register your iClicker on CHIP your on line PHYS 172 gradebook 6 Click on the course URL for any late announcements etc WWW physicspurdueedu academic programscoursesphys172 or poke around Physics home page WWWDhVSicsDurdueedu During the rst week you will Attend the two scheduled lectures on Tuesday and Thursday Attend the Recitation session assigned to you by the Registrar Log in to WebAssign and complete HW 1 by midnight Thursday Aug 27 Lab meetings will not be held during the rst week Instead log in to WebAssign and complete Lab 1 Orientation by Tuesday Sep 1st The three evening exams this semester All in Elliot Hall Exam 1 Tuesday Sep 15 800 1000 pm Exam 2 Wednesday Oct 14 800 1000 pm Exam 3 Tuesday Nov 17 800 1000 pm Note that the rst exam will be coming up soon Note Lectures Recitations Labs Evening Exams nw n Note REA DING Assigments aw 13 MW w Milestones from the last centurv of Iohvsics Discovery of xrays 1895 Radioactivity 18961902 Atoms electrons 1896 nuclei 1911 neutrons 1932 Relativity Einstein 1905 1916 Quantum Mechanics 1920s Nuclear fission atom bomb nuclear power fusion hydrogen bomb Sun 1940s Transistors semiconductors superconductors 1940s Big Bang theory cosmic microwave background 19603 Quarks Standard Model of Particle Physics1960s Dark Matter Dark Energy 1990 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 Milestones from the last century of physics education 1910 18th edition of Ganot 1960 Halliday amp Resnick from 1977 2004 HampRCummings x Millikan et al D Ac amp FIG 113 Veri cation of the I second law 1 928 1 938 1949 Sears amp Zemansky r iiiquot 1 l I l quotI 2004 SampZYoung l Q a I I I I quot I I I I I I I 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 What is MODERN MECHANICS We will explain an enormous range of physics with just a very few fundamental principles Matter can be described in terms of atoms that interact with each other notjust billiard ball physics We will learn to create simple models for complex s ua ons We will use powerful computer graphics to simulate real physical behavior We will show how mechanics plus real atomic behavior leads to thermodynamics Mechanics gt Temperature We will explain an enormous range of physics with just a very few fundamental principles Matter can be described in terms of atoms that interact with each other lxltlmln 9 Cluster lrml r 9 7 tr39 n lrm 1 HI halavm Iquot J h a g l fqii iWM39 18 4 391 139rminm 39 g IE rlnmms a Galaxy Solar Surfm For those of you who brought your iCIicker with you today let s do a test run Turn the Power on After the question is declared Open choose one A My last physics class was in high school B My last physics class was in college C l have never taken a physics class D None of the above NOTE From now on always bring your iCIicker to lecture with you The quizzes count towards your grade We will use powerful computer graphics to simulate real physical behavior Run VPython program for Moon Voyage which students will write themselves during Lab 3 No prior programming experience needed The initial parameters from Visual import from ifuturei import division G 67 11 U 1 t f 1 t t This stuff is overhead e nlversa graV1alona cons an day 246060 seconds in aday sets the Stage for the pscale l momentum scale factor real calculations fscale 40000 force scale factor EarthsphereposVector000 radius64e6 colorcolorcyan MoonsphereposVector4e800 radiusl75e6 colorcolorwhite craftsphereposwctor645e600 radiusle6 colorcoloryellow scenecenter vector2e800 Earthm 6e24 mass of Earth Earthm8706le24 Moonm 7e22 mass ofMoon Some Inltlal Condltlons amp craftm15e3 mass of craft parameters Earthp lector000 MoonpVector000 Very important cra VWctor0133360 craftpcraftm crafty crafttrail curvecolorcraftcolor for displaying the trajectory craftptheo2cra ml645e64e82GEarthmcraftml645e6 l4e8 Details print sqrtcraftptheocraftm deltat 2 you should decrease this by half later to test if it is small enough t 0 The loop that is running while t lt 32day r craftposEarthpos the relative position vector between the craft and the earth rmag magr the magnitude of r rhat rrmag the unit vector of r rmoon craftposMoonpos the relative position vector between the craft and the earth rmagmoon magrmoon the magnitude of r rhatmoon rmoonrmagmoon the unit vector of r Fmoon GMoonmcra mrmagmoon1magmoonrhatmoon Fearth GEarthmcraftmrmagrmagrhat the force of the earth39s gravity on the craft poldcraftp craftp craftpFearthFmoondeltat update the momentum craftpos craftpos craftpcraftmdeltat update the position t deltat crafttrailappendposcra pos appends new position to trail if rmag lt Earthradius breaks out of the loop if the craft hits earth print quotcrashedquot break if rmagmoon lt Moonradius breaks out of the loop if the craft hits moon print quothit moonquot print mag2craftp2craftm break print rmag We will show how mechanics plus real atomic behavior leads to thermodynamics Mechanical forces quantized atomic energy levels counting statistics ThermodynamicsEntropyTemperatu re Important Details Reading Assignment read Ch 1 sections 14 for today sections 511 for Thursday Go to your assigned Recitation this week Turn in the first WebAssign HW by Thursday night Do the first Lab on WebAssign by Tuesday of next week Register your clicker in CHIP


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