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by: Jessica Bisner
Leadership and Management
Dr. Herstine

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About this Document

just a test
Leadership and Management
Dr. Herstine
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Bisner on Tuesday March 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to REC 375 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Dr. Herstine in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Leadership and Management in Recreation and Leisure Studies at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.


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Date Created: 03/15/16
r 39 3 w39 5quoti 39 K 39 egg Lnnsurhthe l i H aultis39ll l LI aura Illurta r LM W I L I REC 375 LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT OF RECREA TION SERVICES SPRING SEMESTER 2016 PROFESSOR DR JIM HERSTINE PhD OFFICE HANOVER GYM Suite 201 Room E PHONE O 9109623283 H 9102539330 C 9102005005 OFFICE HOURS MW 11 AM 1230 PM TR 11 AM 1230 PM MW 8 11 AM by Email Only and OTHER TIMES BY APPOINTMENT EMAIL herstinei uncwedu CLASS SCHEDULE TR 930 1045 in Trask Room 142 Management is doing things right Leadership is doing the right thing Peter F Drucker Skill comes by the constant repetition of familiar feats rather than by a few overbold attempts at feats for which the performer is yet poorly prepared Difficulties are made to be overcome very ac on every re a ons ip every ms t u ion as a as1c ocus w 1639 ls l s reason or exis ence l l opes o E ti lti h39 39t39tt39 h b 39 h39hquott 39t quotth t succeed If it loses that focus it will fail The mission of the Recreation Sport Leadership and Tourism Management program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington is to provide students a comprehensive educational and practical experience thereby producing exemplary competent and ethical professionals qualified to work and lead in the leisure industry and make positive contributions to their community CATALOGUE COURSE DESCRIPTION Prerequisite REC majors and minors only or consent of instructor Principles and practices of contemporary leisure service management particularly the effective and ef cient management of human fiscal informational and physical resources through planning organizing directing leading and controlling decisions Tutorials case studies and computer applications Partially satisfies University Studies IV Building CompetenciesWriting Intensive REQUIRED TEXT NONE REQUIRED SUPPLEMENTALSUGGESTED TEXTS Bennis Warren Daniel Goleman James O Toole with Patricia Ward Biederman 2008 Transparency How Leaders Create a Culture of Candor J osseyBass Burns James MacGregor 1978 Leadership HarperCollins Dessler Gary 2001 Leading People and Organizations in the 21st Centupy Second Edition Upper Saddle River NJ Prentice Hall Drucker Peter 2008 Management HarperCollins Harnel Gary and Bill Breen 2007 The Future of Management Harvard Business Press Katzenbach Jon R and Douglas K Smith 2006 The Wisdom of Teams Collins Business Murray Alan 2010 The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide to Management New York NY Harper Powers T and Barrows CW 2003 Introduction to management in the hospitality industgy New York NY John Wiley amp Sons Inc van der Smissen B Moiseichik M and Hartenburg V Editors 2005 Management of park and recreation agencies Second Edition Ashbum VA National Recreation and Park Association YOU CATCH MORE FLIES WITH HONEY THAN WITH VINEGAR THE AIM OF EDUCATION IS TO TEACH US HOW TO THINK REC 375 1 NOT WHAT TO THINK NETWORKING RESOURCES Tara Duckworth Parks Director New Hanover County Parks Division 9107987635 Amy Beatty Superintendent of Rec and Downtown Services City of Wilmington 9103414604 Katie Ryan Program Supervisor Wrightsville Beach Parks amp Recreation Department 9105095019 Niel Brooks Director Leland Parks and Recreation Department 9103710148 Eric J elinski Director Town of Carolina Beach Parks and Recreation Department 91045 87416 Mary Green Director City of Boiling Spring Lakes Parks and Recreation Department 9108453693 Aaron Perkins Director Brunswick County Parks amp Recreation Department 8002224790 Paul Donnealley Park Superintendent Hammocks Beach State Park 9103264881 Tim McNeilly Director of Campus RecreationUNCW 9109623261 Sarah Gilbert Adventure RecreationUNCW 9109622070 Rob Brickels UNCW Sports Marketing 9109627297 Chris Helms Park Superintendent Carolina Beach State Park 91045882067770 Kemp Burnett Cape Fear River Watch 9107625606 Connie Nelson Communications Manager Cape Fear Coast CVB 9103414030 ext 20 Susan Eaton General Manager Wilmington Convention Center 910470410091025 15101 Cody Taylor General Manager Shell Island Resort 9102568696 ext 7036 Dan Kovacic General Manager Residence Inn by Marriott Landfall 9102560098 Anne Marie Hartman General Manager Holiday Inn Resort 91034468009102562231 Amanda Stauffer Asst Food amp Beverage Director Holiday Inn Resort 9102562231 ext 161 Daniel Perkins Director of Front Office Operations Hilton Wilmington Riverside 9103436153 Stuart Capps Senior Association Sales Manager Hilton Wilmington Riverside 9103436170 Debbie Shaw Program Director Capt n Bill s 9107620173 Pete Peleuses Great Outdoor Provision Company 9107934807 KEY WEB SITES and URLg North Carolina Recreation and Park Association httpwwwncrpanet National Recreation and Park Association httpwwwnrpaorg North Carolina Therapeutic Recreation Association httpwwwncrtaorg US Travel Association httpwwwustravelorg Travel Industry Association of America httpwwwtiaorg Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education httpaoreorg LEARN TO WRITE YOUR HURTS IN THE SAND AND TO CARVE YOUR BENEFITS IN STONE EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING DR HERSTINE S DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSE REC 375 NI This course provides an overview of basic and essential management principles and practices in leisure service organizations Upon the completion of this course the successful student will have the necessary knowledge understanding and ability to assume an entrylevel management position in a leisure service organization However motivated and serious students must still be willing to gain the required and appropriate experience in order to properly prepare and position themselves for the world of leisure service management COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this course the successful student will have developed the 1 P PP N O 10 11 12 13 14 Knowledge and understanding of the tasksfunctions performed by leisure service managers Knowledge and understanding of the resources to be managed by leisure service managers Knowledge and understanding of the types of decisions made by leisure service managers Knowledge and understanding of the managerial skills mix Knowledge and understanding of motivational factors and theories regarding leisure service management Ability to utilize motivational factors and theories to address specific management opportunities Knowledge and understanding of leadership principles and practices regarding leisure service organizations Understanding of contemporary professional issues and the trends impacting leisure and human service agencies Understanding of and ability to implement principles and procedures related to the operation and care of leisure service resources areas and facilities Knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of human resources management in leisure service organizations to include selection training development evaluation and discipline Ability to utilize effective principles and practices of human resources management to address specific personnel issues and opportunities Knowledge and understanding of the legal foundations and responsibilities of leisure service organizations to include the legislative process and the impact of policy formulation on leisure behaviors and services contracts human rights property and torts Knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of effective con ict management in leisure service organizations Knowledge and understanding of effective Risk Management principles and practices relative to leisure service management Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity The philosophy of one century is the common sense of the next There are 3 groups of people vital to your business and none of them includes you Your customers your employees and your vendorssuppliers Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part REC 375 COURSE REQUIREMENTSASSIGNMENTS A Readings and written and oral assignments as designated by the professor Students should complete all readings and assignments prior to class discussion of the topic B Examinations 1 2 3 The Academic Honor Code will be strictly enforced The Examinations will bemay be comprised of both objective and essay type test items A short review may be conducted prior to each examination The Final Examination may be comprehensive C Class Assignments Projects and Quizzes 1 Major Project Working individually or with one 1 of your classmates you will complete a detailed organizational brief of a leisure service organization to include mission statement vision statement formal organizational chart description of the preferred organizational cultural job descriptions for key positions motivational strategies key elements of human resource management risk management plan etc Interview Working individually or with one 1 of your classmates you will complete a comprehensive interview of an appropriate manager of a leisure service organization Discretionary Tasks During the course of the semester several additional class assignments projects and quizzes may be given to the class for completion Some may require individual work and others will require small group cooperative effort a Whether or not all of these discretionary class assignments and projects receive a grade will be at the discretion of the instructor b To successfully manage a leisure service organization the leisure studies student must develop systematic problemsolving skills critical thinking skills and effective communication skills He or she must also learn to work with and through others The class assignments and projects planned for this course are designed to hone such skills c Examples of potential discretionary assignments and projects include but are not limited to Networking Assignment WebPage Addition Assignment and Case Study Analysis As the class assignments and projects are given to the class the instructor will distribute specific worksheetsguidelines relevant to the task Expect that these class assignmentsprojects will include both shortterm and longterm due dates REC 375 4 NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE INSTRUCTOR AND A PENALTY THE MAXIMUM GRADE POSSIBLE FOR ANY LATE ASSIGNMENT IS A C 75 5 NO HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED EXCEPT THOSE ASSIGNMENTS COMPLETED DURING THE ACTUAL CLASS TIME F ALL PAPERS MUST BE PROPERLY COLLATED AND STAPLED WHEN SUBMITTED OR THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED G NO CELL PHONES iPODS OR OTHER ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT OR GADGETS MAY NOT BE POWERED UP IN CLASS WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE INSTRUCTOR STUDENTS WHO SO DO WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE CLASSROOM IMMEDIATELY EVALUATION OF CLASS ACTIVITY 450 550 POSSIBLE POINTS EXAMINATION 50 POINTS EXAMINATION 50 POINTS FINAL EXAMINATION 100 POINTS MAJOR PROJECT 100 POINTS INTERVIEW 100 POINTS CLASS PARTICIPATION 50 POINTS DISCRETIONARY ASSIGNMENTS 100 POINTS GRADING SCALE A 100 94 B 839 80 D 699 67 A 939 90 C 799 77 D 669 64 B 899 87 C 769 74 D 639 60 B 869 84 C 739 70 F 599 AND BELOW BONUS POINTS To encourage learning beyond the textbook class lectures guest speakers and assigned readings students can earn five 5 BONUS POINTS by submitting a joumalmagazinenewspaperwww article reviewcritique maximum of four 4 submissions for the semester with no more than one 1 submission per week Twenty 20 Total Bonus Points Possible Each reviewcritique must address a subject relevant to a topic discussed during the week prior to submittal and selected from a source approved by the professor The reviewcritique will be due on Tuesday at class and mist pertain to a topic discussed the previous week Each reviewcritique will be evaluated as follows 05 points for attaching a complete photocopy of the article REQUIRED 20 points for an accurate summary of the article and 25 points for a personal and thoughtful reaction to and evaluation of the content of the article ONLY ONE BONUS ASSIGNMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED PER WEEK Onlv students who have completed at least one 1 bontis point assignment prior to the first examination will be allowed to complete any bonys point assignments after the first examination ATTENDANCE POLICY AND EXPECTATIONS A Students are expected to ATTEND AND ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in each class Attendance and classroom participation are strongly encouraged Students are expected to attend class on a regular basis and come to class prepared to discuss the readings and assignments scheduled for REC 375 5 that day Class attendance and discussion add to the interest level and learning environment of this course and will impact your participation grade for the course The instructor reserves the right to modify course requirements eg popquizzes special assignments papers projects etc Whenever there is evidence that students are not attending and coming to class prepared Material for examinations will come from three 3 areas 1 Material discussed in class that can be found in the required readings and assignments 2 Material found in the required readings and assignments but not discussed in class and 3 Material presented from outside sources that cannot be found in the required readings and assignments AS YOU CAN SEE FULL ATTENDANCE AND ACTIVE PARTICIPATION ARE ESSENTIAL FOR A MAXIMUM GRADE B Attendance commitment and a strong sense of responsibility for selfimprovement are important ingredients found in any successful student Class will begin promptly on time each class day 930 am 0quot ATTENDANCE WILL BE TAKEN EACH DAY OF CLASS TARDINESS IS THE SAME AS BEING ABSENT FOR THE ENTIRE CLASS LEAVING CLASS EARLY IS THE SAME AS BEING ABSENT FOR THE ENTIRE CLASS C Each recorded absence in excess of three 3 will result in the automatic loss of five 5 points per absence from your participation grade For example six 6 absences will result in the loss of fifteen 15 points from your participation grade for the class Your attendance record will be re ected in your participation grade for the course D Absences in excess of seven 7 will result in the automatic assignment of the grade of E for the semester Students must attend at least 75 of the classes in order to pass the course In other words eight 8 or more absences will result in the automatic assignment of the grade of E for the semester 9 O O 99 9 POLICY ON ACADEMIC INTEGRITY HONOR CODE Academic integrity is expected of all students All members of UNCW s community are expected to follow the academic Honor Code Please read the UNCW Honor Code carefully as covered in the UNCW Student Handbook Academic dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated in this class Please be especially familiar with UNCW s position on plagiarism as outlined in the UNCW Student Handbook Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty in which you take someone else s ideas and represent them as your own Any student determined to have violated academic integrity in completing herhis assignments such as cheating on an examination or quiz plagiarism copying or acquisition of materials from unauthorized sources will be dismissed from the class and receive a grade of m for the course Specific policies are described in the UNCW Student Handbook and Code of Student Life ACCOMMODATIONS FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES The instructor is willing to make appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities If you have a disability and need accommodations please contact and register with the Office of Disability Services 9627555 Assistance will gladly be provided based upon their recommendation and the mutual agreement of the student and the instructor THE UNIVERSITY LEARNING CENTER DePaolo Hall 1056 and 1003 first oor 9109627857 WWWuncweduulc OWI REC 375 The University Learning Center s ULC mission is to help students become successful independent learners Tutoring at the ULC is NOT remediation the ULC offers a different type of learning opportunity for those students who want to increase the quality of their education ULC services are free to all UNCW students and include the following 9 O 00 O 00 Learning Services University Studies httpwwwuncweduulcleamingindeXhtml Math Services httpwwwuncweduulcmathindeXhtml Study Sessions httpwwwuncweduulcincludesStudySessionshtml Supplemental Instruction httpwwwuncweduulcsiindeXhtml Writing Services httpwwwuncweduulcwritingindeXhtml ULC OFFICE HOURS Office hours are shorter at the beginning of the semester during exams and during the summer but typically the ULC office is open Sunday 2pm 9pm Monday Thursday 8am 9pm Friday 8am 5pm NOTE Hours for ULC services vary Please click on speci c service links for those hours MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE For ULC Services that require an appointment students can schedule online through our website httpwwwuncweduulcappointmentinstructionshtml NOTE The Math Lab Supplemental Instruction Sessions Writing Lab and Study Sessions are dropin only No appointment is required LEARNING SERVICES Learning Services provides content tutoring for most University Studies classes At Learning Services qualified tutors are trained to work effectively with other UNCW students and support them in achieving their academic goals This mission translates into a tutoring practice that integrates m to study with how to study thereby fostering independent learning and developing skills that will transfer to other courses httpwwwuncweduulcleamingindeXhtml MATH SERVICES The Math Lab supports students by providing tutoring for all Math and Statistics courses such as MAT 151 amp STT 215 as well as any course with a math or statistics component In addition students who visit the Math Lab can get help with math study skills and math anXiety Math tutors help students make the transition to college mathematics as well as supporting students in upper division math and statistics courses Math Services is now offering oneonone appointments for selected courses Please check the website for further details httpwwwuncweduulcmathindeXhtml STUDY SESSIONS Study Sessions are large group tutoring sessions for select courses Study Session leaders facilitate understanding of course content and learning strategies through review exercises and discussion No appointment is necessary Please check the website for supported courses and further details httpwwwuncweduulcincludesStudySessionshtml SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTION Supplemental Instruction SI is a series of peerled group review sessions designed to help students succeed in historically difficult courses In the SI session the SI Leader facilitates REC 375 students as they collaborate on reviewing lecture notes discussing textbook reading assignments and reviewing for tests SI Leaders attend class regularly are available as a resource to students and can update the class about schedule changes etc As a group they strengthen learning skills build community network with other students develop good study habits and master content httpwwwuncweduulcsiindeXhtml WRITING SERVICES All writers need readers and the more readers you have while drafting a paper the better your paper can become Writing Services provides eXperienced peer readers for all UNCW students as they develop and improve their writing skills Writing Services are not remedial but designed for all student writers who want to improve their papers Students can get help with their writing in three ways 0 The Writing Center DE1003 provides oneonone writing consultations led by faculty recommended peer writing tutors who are trained to help students identify areas to improve and develop specific revision plans Visit our website to schedule an appointment httpwwwuncweduulcwritingcenterhtml 0 Students can also receive electronic response to their developing papers through our Online Writing amp Learning OWL program Visit our website for a variety of writing resources handouts guides useful links and the Online Consultation link httpwwwuncweduulcwritingowlhtml 0 Students can dropin at our Writing Lab DE 1003 for help with quick questions about their developing papers The Writing Lab is staffed with a writing tutor and has a few computers and other writing resources for students Check out the Writing Lab schedule here htt wwwuncweduulcwritin labhtml UNWERSITY ofquot NE TH CALINA WILMINGTDM CLASS SCHEDULECALENDAR JANUARY 12 Introduction of Course Content and Distribution of Syllabus Assignment Managers Must Be Parents too Millennial Workers amp Real Reasons for January 21 14 Management and the Management Process Definitions Functions Resources Assign DM for January 21 19 Management and the Management Process Roles Types of Decisions Skills Mix 21 Management and the Management Process REC 375 OOI 26 28 FEBRUARY 11 16 18 23 25 MARCH 15 17 22 24 Discuss Three 3 Articles and Management Exercise Ethics Definitions Ethical Behavior Code of Ethics CSR Ethics Ethics Exercise The Leisure Service Delivery System as a Legal Entity Legal Concepts Formal and Informal Organizational Structure Formal Structure Organizational Chart Formal and Informal Organizational Structure Informal Structure Organizational Culture Strategic Planning and Management Environmental Scan and SWOT Analysis Strategic Planning and Management Action Plan Organizational Brief Parts a e Due Management Delegation and Motivation Definitions EXAM Notes Management Delegation and Motivation Theories and Strategies Management Delegation and Motivation Theories and Strategies Management Delegation and Motivation Theories and Strategies SPRING BREAKNO CLASS Management and Leadership Basic Concepts and Theories Management and Leadership Situational Leader Theory Operation amp Care of Resources Areas amp Facilities Adverse Possession Feasibility Studies Carrying Capacity EASTER HOLIDA YNO CLASS REC 375 LOI 29 Operation amp Care of Resources Areas amp Facilities Vandalism and Playground Safety Organizational Brief Parts f m Due 31 Human Resource Management Recruitment Selection Hiring Al 5 EXAM Notes and Videos 7 Human Resource Management Training and Development 12 Human Resource Management Discipline and Evaluation 14 Risk Management Definitions Identification Evaluation Treatment and Implementation Interview Assignment Due 19 Risk Management Treatment Implementation and InClass Exercise 21 Risk Management Treatment Implementation and InClass Exercise 26 Conflict Management Theories Organizational Brief Parts n q Due LAY 3 FINAL EXAMINA T ION 8 11 AM ScheduleCalendar is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing Abraham Lincoln The world s greatest motivator is personal pride in what you do RULES AND LESSONS YOU WON T LEARN IN SCHOOL 1 Life is not fair Get used to it The average young adult uses the phrase It s not fair 86 times a day 2 The real world won t care as much about your selfesteem as your school does This may come as a shock The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself REC 375 1 O 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 6 Sorry you WILL NOT make 40000 a year as soon as you get out of school And you won t be a vice president and have a car phone either You may even have to wear a uniform that doesn t have a designer label IF YOU THINK YOUR TEACHER IS TOUGH WAIT UNTIL YOU GET A BOSS Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity Your grandparents had a different word for burger ipping They called it opportunity It s NOT your parent s fault if you mess up You re responsible DO NOT whine about your mistakes leam from them Before you were born your parents weren t as boring as they are now They got that way by paying your bills cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool and great you are Life is not divided into semesters And you don t get summers off Not even spring breaks You are eXpected to show up every day for eight hours and you don t get a new life every 15 weeks Very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself Do that on your own time Smoking does not make you look cool Watch an 11year old with a butt in his mouth That s what you look like to anyone over 30 Your school may be outcomebased but life isn t Your school may have done away with winners and losers but life has not In some schools you re given as many chances as you want to get the answer right Standards are set low enough so nearly everyone can meet them This of course bears not the slightest resemblance to anything in real life as you will soon find out Don t sweat the small stuff and remember most stuff is small Nobody is indispensable especially you People are more important than things Persistence will get you almost anything eventually Nobody can make you happy Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be Live by what you trust not by what you fear Character counts Family matters Life is so much simpler when you tell the truth Forgive yourself your friends and your enemies If you don t do anything else in life love someone and let someone love you Be nice to nerds Chances are you ll end up working for one IS IT TRUE IS IT NECESSARY IS IT KIND If you listen you will hear If you say you will remember If you do you will learn Do not let what you can t do interfere with what you can do John Wooden I hold a third class ticket The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people but real management is developing people through work Agha Hasan Abedi The mission of the Recreation Sport Leadership and Tourism Management program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington is to provide students a comprehensive educational and practical experience thereby producing exemplary competent and ethical professionals qualified to work and lead in the leisure industry and make positive contributions to their community Syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor REC 375 11


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