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Music and Culture

by: Mr. Meda Mayert

Music and Culture MUSI 2361

Marketplace > University of Houston > Music > MUSI 2361 > Music and Culture
Mr. Meda Mayert
GPA 3.75

Barbara Lange

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About this Document

Barbara Lange
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Meda Mayert on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUSI 2361 at University of Houston taught by Barbara Lange in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see /class/208222/musi-2361-university-of-houston in Music at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
MUSI 2361 Fall 2010 Exam 1 will be held Thursday September 30 7 NOTE CHANGE Exam I Review Guidelinesilndonesia and India This review sheet is an OUTLINE designed to help you ORGANIZE your own notes in order to study from it you will need to expand on each topic using your lecture notes Reading MUSI 2361 packet Worlds ofMusz39c readings pp 280307 Excursions in WorldMusz39c readings pp 15363 Read the sections that relate to the topics on the outline with special care in order to answer shortanswer and essay questions in enough depth For Indian music see your class notes and the YouTube video link on Blackboard Listening The exam will select from the following examples CD 22871 4 CD 85173 26 9 This is the Worlds ofMusz39c 4th edition CD set You can also ask at the library reserve desk for the Worlds ofMusz39c CDs in Dr Lange s reserve box ithat is an additional copy of the CD set CD 5036 6 first 5 minutes CD 2403124 this is the Excursions in WorldMusz39c CD set CD 50351 9 an example of Rag Bhairav played on ute See p 3233 of booklet for notes Kecak audio example Ifyou don t remember how this sounds you can study CD 2284 10 You do not need to know the titles of any of the pieces For each listening example know the genre the basic style elements instrumentation special style features in various sections of the music environment type court village temple tourist spot etc geographic location Java or Bali and rough historical period where given via lecture or the text the century during which the music developed and also the decade where relevant 7the decade is relevant for kebyar music and dangdut General music concepts texture terms zither absolute music program music abstract dance texture terms I General stylistic features of Indonesian music A Basic types of instruments in a gamelan B Layered texture 4 elements which instrumentsvoices play irama concept C Punctuation in piece structure D Tuning systems pathet concept II Religious cultural and historical in uences know basic aspects of these and how they apply to music A Animism Hinduism Islam B Western colonial occupation III Javanese music A Palace gamelan pieces 1 Loud and soft styles 7 know what characterizes these styles in general Both of the Bubaran pieces we studied Kembang Pacar and Udan Mas are in loud style Ladrang Wiluj eng and Ladrang Puspawama are in soft style The idea of loud and soft styles is something from Javanese palace music and it doesn t really exist on Bali 2 Role of the music during ceremonial occasions B Features of musicmaking for theater wayang Note that wayang is so important in Indonesian culture that it found in palace and village environments For the basic plots of Mahabharata and Ramayana see your lecture notes IV Balinese music A General stylistic features B Pre20th century music gamelan gambuh CD 5036 6 first 5 minutes other court music genres and quartets of xylophones with resonators gender wayang for village puppet theatre C 20th century music 1 Independent style development gamelan gong kebyar CD 24031 24 Village music 2 Musical developments as a result of Western esp tourist in uences kecak dancing stars V Other music from the 20th century Dangdut CD 85173 9 Urban popular music originating in west Java VI Overall history of the Javanese and Balinese music covered in class including the in uence of gamelan on Western classical composers VII North Indian music basics iraga tala rag Bhairav tintal khyalkhayal how vocalists use solfege how drummers use solfege Listening example CD 50351 9 Indian music basics will occur in matching multiple choice listening and shortanswer definition question ie define tala and give a specific example of atala Terms and people in addition to those in the outline above wayang wayang kulit loud and soft playing styles balungan kebyar dancing Claude Debussy layered texture punctuating or marking instruments kecak Mario Colin McPhee slendro and pelog tuning systems pathet Rhoma Irama dangdut rebab raga tala tintal tabla tambura ha1monium Gamelan instrument types gong gong ageng rebab xylophones bamboo utes xylophones with resonators stringed instruments etc Gamelan types Javanese palace gamelan gamelan gambuh gamelan gong kebyar Essay topics will select from the following subjects the theme may vary slightly from what is stated here 1 Describe how Balinese music changed during the twentieth century for this question you would have to describe what Balinese music was like before the twentieth century 2 Compare Balinese and Javanese music the question might concern twentiethcentury or pretwentiethcentury Balinese music 3 Discuss wayang and its music


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