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Japanese notes continued

by: Brooke Kaufman

Japanese notes continued Rel 1000

Marketplace > Religion > Rel 1000 > Japanese notes continued
Brooke Kaufman
GPA 3.83

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About this Document

This is Tuesday's notes for this week! Thursday is a test so there won't be notes but I will upload a study guide tonight.
Religion 1000
Professor Riggs
Class Notes
Japanese, shinto, Teachings, AMU, Asahara, violence, three fold path, new religion, new new religion
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brooke Kaufman on Tuesday March 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Rel 1000 at a university taught by Professor Riggs in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 186 views.


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Date Created: 03/15/16
Religion 1000 Tuesdays and Thursdays 2­3:40 Japanese Religions Continued  Three fold pattern for festivals (matsuri) o Separation (from daily experience) o Liminal state (between two worlds) o Disassociation (leave the festival tradition to return to the real world) New Religions  2 main strands o Shinto o Buddhist based  Characteristics o Ancestor veneration o Shamanism (spirit possessed) o This­worldly beliefs o Lay­focused  Primacy of Action o Focus on practical solutions o Not studying or believing it  Patterns of Action o Other people as mirrors (negativity from others reflect a problem within  us) o Gratitude/repayment of favor (debt of gratitude, feelings of thankfulness  (kasha), duty (grili))  o Striving for sincerity (implies honesty and commitment, result of  purification through self­cultivation) o The Way(s) (mimicking, form, hardship and suffering) New New Religions  Mid 1970s following oil shock  General characteristics: o Youth membership o Urban o Teaching methods  New Religion: small interpersonal groups  New New Religion: individual practice, heavy reliance on media o Personal experience  New Religion: personal troubles shared  New New Religion: focus on private transformation o Pessimism o Power Violence  AUM Shinrikyo  Typically and yet…  AUM o Founded 1987 o Began as yoga group o Leader published books o Membership: 15 to 10,000 o Charismatic leader Asahara Shoko  Schools for blind  Learned traditional massage and acupuncture  Indian dress o Ideas taken from…  Hinduism (yoga)  Buddhism (liberation from suffering)  Christianity (suffering, persecution, and sacrifice) o World Rejection  Withdrawal, austerities  Reject wealth and materialism o Practices (wide variety)  Meditation, recite Asahara’s works and watch his videos  Wear PSI hat  Austerities­burial, “Christ Initiation” o Goal: develop superhuman powers  Powers “demonstrate” weakness of scientific realm  Powers were “scientifically proven”  1995 attacked Tokyo subways with sarin gas  12 people dead, 1000s injured  Teachings o Need for suffering (violence is a useful tool) o Negative view of karma o Poa (transference of merit) o Predictions  Unless 30,000 convert as renunciates doomsday will occur  Structural o Renunciation  Leave family life to practice  Friction with the outside world  Withdraw from society into exclusive AUM world  Outsiders=enemy  Key members arrested  Asahara sentenced death  AUM members and past members ostracized  Reformed as Aleph­leader was Joyu


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