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US and Texas ConstPolitics

by: Kurt Becker I

US and Texas ConstPolitics POLS 1336

Marketplace > University of Houston > Political Science > POLS 1336 > US and Texas ConstPolitics
Kurt Becker I
GPA 4.0


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Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kurt Becker I on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 1336 at University of Houston taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/208242/pols-1336-university-of-houston in Political Science at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
POLS 1336 Review Sheet Final Exam Fall 2014 i mi vh ll 39i n Ja HEW 39 7 w l w luv Please also be aware that answering a single question on the exam may require knowledge of multiple topics listed on this reView sheet In order to get good grades on my exams you should have read the assigned chapters came to class and taken good notes and then studied the reView posted here along with all of your notes mt 39 Sometimes you will be able to nd the correct answers online and sometimes you won t be able to If you have good notes you should be able to nd all the answers to the lecture topics The time to ask questions about these topics was during lecture or during my of ce hours on any day BEFORE this reView sheet was posted The reason I do not answer questions about reView sheet topics is because if I did that some students who rarely or never come to class would unfairly get the answers that they need A him l6 if mu Final Exam is a scantron ex Page 10f3 POLS 1336 Review Sheet Final Exam Fall 2014 Please study hard for the Final Exam This is your last chance to impact your Semester Grade Also keep in mind that the Final Exam is worth 25 of your Semester Average so the Final Exam could have a significant impact on your Semester Grade either positive or negative I 39l w will NOT bump up or curve your Semester Grade for any reason n I have been clear on my expectatlons of you throughout the semester I I have provided Review Sheets for each exam something I am not required to do I I have provided a fair amount of extracredit throughout the semester enough to improve your Semester Average by more than 5 points if you took advantage of all the extracredit l The grades in this class are relatively good especially for a class so large I Some professors actually curve down Semester Grades if the overall grades are too high but I would NEVER do that In fact if an entire class of mine EARNED A s every single student would get an A Thus I could technically make the argument that if anything Semester Grades in this class should be curved down because they are so good As such you should be glad that I do not curve grades down I While I would happy if every single student EARNED an A in this class I am not here to GIVE AWAY good grades Giving away good grades hurts the integrity of this university my department this course and me as a professor a Getting a grade you earned makes you feel better than getting a grade that you begged for More importantly it will most likely motivate you to do better in the future which will make you a better person All of these topics were covered in class lecture so using the eBook or searching for answers to these topics online COULD but may not lead you to incorrect answers Long story short use your notes or someone else s notes that are reliable to answer these topics Page 2 of3 POLS 1336 Review Sheet Final Exam Fall 2014 VVVVVVV VVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVV VVV The results of the 2004 Election in Texas How many Texas Constitutions have there been According to Abbott The delegates to the 1876 Texas Constitution The criticisms of the 1876 Texas Constitution The number of Amendments to the current Texas Constitution vs the Us Constitution Direct democracy vs indirect democracy The Articles of Confederation who had the majority of the power under the Articles and why the Articles failed The Virginia New Jersey and Connecticut Plans The formal process for amending the US Constitution The 15 10 14m 16 17 and 27 h Amendments Interstate commerce vs intrastate commerce US v Logezl995 and US v Morrison 2000 in addition to knowing the details of these cases make sure you know the three broad categories of activity that Congress may regulate under its commerce power The Incorporation Doctrine What does the First Amendment allow when it comes to prayer in public school What three conditions must be met in order for material to be considered obscene How are libel and slander applied when public gures and public officials are involved What are the differences between tracking polls exit polls and deliberative polls James Madison in Federalist 10 argued for what What are the differences between open closed blanket and runoff primaries What are the differences between initiatives and referenda What is the difference between a primary and a caucus What is the Texas TwoStep When does the partyinpower hold its convention What is the total number of Electoral College votes in the United States How many electoral votes do Wyoming and Texas each currently have Electoral College reform What was the decision of the US Supreme Court in the case of Bush v Gore 2000 and what were the results of the 2000 presidential election both the popular vote and the electoral vote The 1960 KennedyNixon debate Which party and ideology do most journalists identify themselves with Keep in mind that a few questions will be asked about the films we watched in class so ask your classmates about the films if you failed to see them Page 3 of3 INTRODUCTION TO GOVERNMENT V 39 AND POLITICS 1 TWO CENTRAL QUESTIONS F A Important concepts government politics and public policy 0 B Politics and government matter J l Apathy 2 And while political apathy isn t restricted to young people a tremendous gap has opened up between the young defined as under age 25 and the elderly defined as over age 65 on measures of political interest knowledge and participation Class of 2016 0 C Why 5 1 Lack of political information is r Lack of policy impact Is this changing post91 1 f Revolutionary expansion of TV channels and websites REMEMBER THIS THE POLITICAL SYSTEM RESPONDS TO THE ACTIVE ELECTORATE NOT THE PASSIVE POPULATION O D Throughout this course two fundamental questions about governing will serve as reoccurring themes v 1 How should we govern 2 What should government do A 11 GOVERNMENT Government 1 Government politics and public policy are interrelated 2 The way government makes decisions about public policies is through politics 3 Government consists of those institutions that make authoritative public policies for society as a Whole 4 Four key institutions make policy at the national level Congress President the Courts and the federal administrative agencies bureaucracy What governments do 1 Regardless of how they assumed power all governments have certain functions in common W C Politics 1 Politics determines Whom we select as governmental leaders and What policies they pursue 2 Harold D Lasswell de ned politics as who gets What when and how 3 Aristotelian thought argues that as humans there is one thing that separates us from other animals and that is the ability to reason The highest form of reasoning is politics the ability to govern one s life 4 Facts and Values 0 Fact subject to disproof or veri cation True or False 0 Value not subiect to proof39 never universal agreement 3333 I 333 FACT OR VALUE Government should have no place in private sexual relations between consenting adults In the US government places no restrictions on private sexual relations between consenting a u ts Christianity is the one true religion The American people have the right to bear arms The minimum wage is 725 per hour The minimum wage is too low Working full time at the minimum wage will not provide one worker with an adequate standard of iving Working full time at the minimum wage would not provide one worker wit two dependents an income above the federally defined poverty eve Tuition should cover the full cost of a student39s education at UH Tuition DOES cover the full cost of a student s education at UH Abortion is murder 0A 111 THE POLICYMAKING SYSTEM Apolicymaking system is a set of institutions and activities that link together government politics and public policy 7B Political issues and linkage institutions l Apolitical issue arises when people disagree about a problem or about a public policy choice 2 In a democratic society parties elections interest groups and the media are key linkage institutions between the preferences of citizens and the govemment s policy agenda C Public policy 1 Every decision that government makes is public policy 2 When people confront government officials with problems they eXpect them to solve they are trying to in uence the government s policy agenda 3 Public policy includes all of the decisions and non decisions of government 4 A govemment s policy agenda changes regularly D Policy impacts are the effects policy has on people and on society39s problems 1 Having a policy implies a goal 2 Translating people s desires into public policy is crucial to the workings of democracy GET OUTIU


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