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Opertn Resrch

by: Faustino Borer

Opertn Resrch INDE 6370

Faustino Borer
GPA 3.62


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Faustino Borer on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INDE 6370 at University of Houston taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/208246/inde-6370-university-of-houston in Industrial Engineering at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
BLOCPLAN SingleStory for Windows Introduction BLOCPLAN is a facility layout system that has been developed at the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Houston for PC personal computer systems i BL EPLAN HE BLUE PLAN rm wmm i u 23Mamhzu s m EharleLE DnnaghEy Dv EhvislavhevA mung swan any VamnaF Pu DepavlmeN a lndusmal Engmeem cluequot Lallege a Engineenng mquot Umvelsw a n r 772 Email pchungEuh edH Figure 1 7 Crediw Screen for BLOCPLAN for Windows The program generates and evaluates block type layouw in response to user supplied data It is used for single story layouw BLOCPLAN uses a quotbandingquot procedure to develop layouts This permits a large range of possible layouts for a problem For a nine department problem the number of possible layouts is close to 20 million and for a 15 department layout there are more than 26 X 1013 possibilities Each department Will also be rectangular in shape The structure that holds the departmenw will also be rectangular in shape and the user may select the lengthWidth ratio of the structure There are several scoring procedures that may be used to evaluate a layout The manual explains hoW the current version is used BLOCPLANWIN is the name ofthe current version of BLOCPLAN NTRDDUEHDN The Vamhly ayam Dm em has ang been sludxed by ndusma Engmeev The hash pmh em s as Maw Ewen a set ar depaumems each dEDaHmem Mm wt awn vequued 5125 and a gwen 2 ar c asehess ve ahansh vs rm eaeh p u ar devaumemx haw shamd these de av e runenamng ar the system7 Theve may he cansnax m a wed englh m mm vaha ar the was ayau mdeua depaumems m veumved hxed acalian r c aseness ve ahansh vs bet n mal ev essmeasm r A x be auangedm name the m an the sa uhans such as A ave a m the uw vaha ar 55 e e acms hau mm a mamraemung eeu m a smme machme They ea ee u wanna a ayuul ELDEPLAN e a PEEONDMSV Dmgvam that deve DDe and eva uales VamNy ayams my seveva a gamhms and swung Dmcedmes Swng e and mum slaw m sues ayams can be vested Figure 2 e Introduction Screen BLOCPLAN Main Menu The menu ofchoices in the Main Menu is shown in Figure 3 smme relwmeam u MAW MENU LmagamNewmanma eheawusexmupm um nmdad vau nm p heu z m cm 1971 Pmbkm 5 Sug zsmy Mew a tavethVem Em Figure 3 BLOCPLAN Main Menu selections 2 There are four menu options available to the user The user clicks on the selection choice to cause execution ofthe proper option The user may return to this Main Menu a number of times when working on a layout It allows himher to introduce a new problem to modify data on L 39 39 outs quot on the current problem The user can also exit from BLOCPLAN with the quit button After a selection is made from the Main Menu the user will be presented with new menus and information that pertain to the selection that has been made New Problem y ain Menu Selection 1 If the user wants to introduce a new problem to BLOCPLAN hashe uses Main Menu selection 1 The BLOCPLAN system will respond with the message previously illustrated in Figure 3 Data Input The system will rst ask if a new problem is to be entered or if an existing problem is to be entered HI 1 Haw wauldyml mm ems day New thlem me Keymam mung thlsm me Disk Back gure 4 7 Problem Source Screen The user will click on hisher choice If an existing problem choice is made a list ofthe saved problems will be shown and the user will click on the problem name and the data concerning the saved problem will then be entered Fo a new problem the screen shown in Figure 5 will be displayed The user would then type in the name of each department 8 characters maximum in the layout and the area of each of them BLOCPLAN can handle a maximum of 18 departments When all departments and their areas have been entered the user would click on the OK button in I Number Department Aves New Dmhlem Enley m madly Dmhlem data AverageArea 39 Tmamma 39 SldDev Aves 39 Figure 5 7 Department and Area Information Screen Figure 6 shows this display for an example problem The total area for all the departments the average department area and the standard deviation of the department areas are calculated by the system and displayed The data in Figure 6 was taken from quotFacilities Planningquot by Tompkins and White 1984 The user may change any data in the list of departments by simply changing the data on the screen the cursor is placed on the screen in the proper position and the data entered HI I Numtzsr Department A hushed Eula Dr madlyymblem dam AvalageAleli Wanna TnlalAlela I munn SN DEMAYEE 239B 5 dnlmus Print Back Figure 6 7 Example Problem Data Relationship Data CPLAN uses the relationship codes described by Muther in quotSystematic Layout Planningquot Mutha 1973 CB1 Publishing Boston Mass Figure 7 shows the scram display aiie nieu e 39 A C each C L 39 39 This chart is called a Relationship Chart The bottom othe screen gives a legmd of acceptable codes and their de nitions An A 39 quot 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 A t t An quot 39 39 39 39etc Thecode indicates 39 quot 39 39 quot BLOCPLAN quot 39 oiieipeoflayoutanalysis Figure 8 gives the numaic worth of each ofthese codes The usequot can change any ofthese values ml I RELAUEINSHlP HARr viz m 415mm may MW l7 WWW u A inimpqvlani seht l u may x Uhdesusa Eantwe Pn nz Figure 7 7 Relationship Chart Sm mars men a mm mm WW nitmmm n wnvg a n M m Emnru WW Fm ure 8 iNumeric Values For Relationship Codes numeric worth of each department is found by summing all of the numeric codes associated with the department For example from Figure 6 the PRESS department 6 has two 0 s and four U s associated it The BLOCPAN numeric worth ofthese associations would be 2 2 x 1 4 x 0 These scores for all departments in the example are shown in Figure 9 Score Vector Number Depallment Score Figure 9 a Numeric worth ofeach department LengthWidth Ratio The ratio ofthe length to the width ofthe facility that will contain the depanments can be L L tau n lgure r There are ve quotselectionsquot that are iven Selections 123 and 4 are standard LW ratios Selection 1 is 1351 selection 2 is 21 selection 3 is 11 and selection 4 is 12 The user can choose h L 39 39 rrthen e 39 he he will be asked for the desired LW ratio The user inputs the desired values ofthe LW 39 39 that ill artments L 39 39 39 39 39 39 selecte BLOCPLAN will calculate the length and the width ofthe facility outline so that it will have the required areato contain the departments a Long in wmu Hahn 3E S l y a lghglh WW mm Lverlis ll rang mum nu 5a l 52 3 WW spam Flam wam znuxinn 5 inminn 55 5212 52 1 Figure 10 7 Screen presented during selection of LengthWidth Ratio for layout Material Handling Information BLOCPLAN allows the inclusion of Material Handling information in the layout analysis This information is furnished by listing moves per time period between departments into a FromTo Matrix Figure 11 shows the format for giving material handling information mum mum rmnr Err w my mama mmquot W my mum Figure 11 7 Screen Display for Entering Material Handling Information The user can change or enter new values into the matrix when it is on the screen EditAd39ust Data Menu Main Menu Selection 2 When the user selects Main Menu Option 2 it indicates that heshe wishes to change the datathat pertains to the cunent problem The EditAdjust Data Menu will then be presented 39 39 39 r 39 L quot L39 Figure 17 39 A user may examine andu 39 39 L l 39 L 39 the length to width ratio of the layout area and the material handling infonnation Heshe can also ask for arelationship mmmml at a a relationship chart when needed HE 5w uRREm PRDBLEM MENU a wan x5 Using standan relationship than Figure 12 7 Edit Adjust Data Menu Menu electinn H Menu quot L n e L L A the unently in effect After this option is selected the display previously shown in Figures 4 appears and he user is allowed to change any ofthe departmen areas This is followed by the screen displays previously illustrated in Figures 5 o and 7 allowing for Selection 1 from the relationship information c ineu e ain ure 11 It should be noted that all layouts that have been 39 manon nip Menu previously illustrated in Fig previously a n ma parameters 139 tr thxx39Athn 39 39 39 Menu elertinn 7 A new LW ratio may be established by selecting menu selection 2 from the EditAdjust Data Menu When this choice is made the display of Figure lOis brought to the screen and the user selects the desired LW ratio All layouw currently saved can then be reviewed with the new ratio A er the new ratio is selected the system will return to the EditAdjust Data Menu Review Material Handling Information EditAdjust Data Menu Selection 3 e material handling information can be reviewed and changed if desired by usin selection 3 from the EditAdjust Data Menu A er the selection is entered the screen display of Figure 13 appears and the user can inspect andor modi any o the data lfthere is curren no material handling information in the problem it can be added with this selection In this case the screen display would have material handling data and the user would use the quotCquot option to indicate a change is required n u I MATER A L HANDUNE LUAD CHART Enlev m changewalueslm maleual handling loads banneer depavlmenls Figure 13 7 Material Handling Load Chart Use Material Handling Relationship Chart EditAdjust Data Menu Selection 4 This selection will cause BLOCPLAN to develop an alternate REL chart that is based entirely on material handling The example problem had material handling information that is summarized in Figures 9 and 10 Figure 11 shows the greatest amount of product ow is between departments 2 and 4 400 unit loads BLOCPLAN will divide this maximum ow gure by 50 to develop product ow values for REL codes A through U 4005 80 Thus any 10 product ow between 321 and 400 will be assigned an quotAquot code A product ow from 241 to 320 will be assigned an quotEquot from 161 to 240 an quotIquot 81 to 160 an quotOquot and zero to 80 a quotUquot code When EditAdjust Menu selection 4 is made BLOCPLANwill make these calculations and assignments depending upon the current material handling informati n It will then display the resulting REL art Figure 14 shows the REL chart that resulted for the exam le pro lem with the material handling information that is summarized in Figures 9 and 10 This REL chart is now the one that BLOCPLAN will use for its scoring calculations Any layout scores or tables that are developed will use this REL chart The user may alter any ofthe REL codes that are in effect by using menu selection 1 in the EditAdjust Data Menu Adjust REL Info If the material handling information is changed by u ing selection 4 in the EditAdjust Data Menu user will have to then c l on this selection again selection 4 to cause the REL c art t e c ges A message on the screen will indicate ifthe material handling informat39 0 re ect on is used to develop layouts u u I MATERlAL HANDUNE RELATlEINSHlP CHART Enler m change Bade A Ahsnlul ly Essermal i lmpmlanl E e Essenlia l u e Uldmaw Kantwe Pnnt u e Unlmpnvlanl X Undeniable gure 14 7 Material Handling Relationship Chart Restore Relationship Chart EditAdjust Data Menu Selection 51 The REL chart that the user entered when creating the problem along with any modi cations that have been made to it may be recalled from memory to replace a Material Handling REL chart by using this menu selection The chart is recalled from disk and displayed on the screen It will then be the chart that is used for scoring any layouts The Relationship Chart that was used will be displayed for any tables or layouts created This REL chart is based entirely on the material handling information that is summarized in Figures 9 and 10 The user may make any changes desired Return to Main Menu EditAdiust Data Menu Selection 6 When this selection is made the user transfers from the EditAdjust Data Menu and the Menu shown in Figure 11 is placed on the screen Single Story Layout Menu 1 am Menu Selection 3 level 39 39 MainMen nu quot 39 Layout Menu will be displayed This menu is snoWnin Figure 15 u u I swagsmw MENU w ogum He MmmsaH V sua SNmaWBSEWANEXs Using standavd vs ahbnsh mu 1 Menutu nseu Devaumenls r3 mvmvememA gamhm a Amamahos amh 5 Rewew Saved Lawn s Tah sarSavedLayam Back la Mew Mew Figure 15 7 Single Story Layout Menu In le Sto Menu Selee Ion 1 39 39 Whenit Manuall Insert De amnents is evoked me screen display ofFigure 15 appears lsl l mam A n c n 2 r c n r 1 mcvmc z m1me a mass SCR mu 5 ASSEMBLY 5 ma 1 smnw 1 mm 1 A A M M n MW 2 WE 2quotquot B We 2 Manuall Lacales clhedDe anneal 39 3 was I E d M y v p H Figure 16 7 Screen display for manually locating departments There are nine zones and each zone may be divided into its le and right side Department legend is on bottom of screen BLOCPLAN provides nine zones for locating departments These zones are designated A through I and they are arranged in three tiers ofthree zones each as can be seen in Figure 16 Each zone can be irther divided into its le side or its right side The layout outline for manual insertion is drawn according to the current LW ratio The display in Figure 16 is for a LW ratio of 11 Suppose the user wants to place Dept1 RECVING in the upper le hand side of the layout and Dept 7 SHIPPING next to it on the right Heshe would click on the RECVING choice in the Department scroll at the bottom ofthe screen Zone A for the zone choice and specify that it is to be on the le side ofthe zone He would then click on the Manually Locate Speci ed Department option Heshe would do the same thing for RECVING placing it in Zone A on the right side After placing these two departments he would use the Return option These two departments would be placed in those two locations for the rest of the analysis Fi ure 17 shows an example layout with these two departments placed in their speci ed locations The LW ratio for this layout was set at 11 Isl I 39LAYoUTz SCORE n I 7 393 5 LIWRinnl 2 a 395 I RECVING 2 MILLING 3 PRESS a SCRMCH 5 ASSEMBLY s PLATIMG 7 SHIPPING Standard Relatinnship cum Analws Exchange Pm 5m 39 25an 1 Figure 17 7 Screen display after departments 1 and 7 have been manually located Adjacency Scoring The layout display shown in Figure 17 is the format that BLOCPLAN uses to display a single story layout that it has created It has a layout score of 44 assigned to it BLOCPLAN uses an adjacency criterion to develop this score The departments that share a boundary in the layout are examined and the numeric value of each of their relationship codes are summed The total value of all the normalized adjacency score for the layout ofFigure 16 is 1943 44 rounded to two places A 10 would be the highest possible adjacency score Saving Layouts Figure 17 also shows the options that are available to a user when a layout is created These options are quotSavequot to Save a layout quotAnalysisquot to have a layout Analysis performed quotExchangequot to Exchange departments in the layout the Print option to get a hard copy of the layout being displayed BLOCPLAN is capable of saving 20 layouts in the Saved Layout area in memory When the user uses the Save option the layout currently on the screen will be stored If there are currently 20 layouts stored when this option is used the 2039th layout in memory will be replaced with the one currently on the screen Layout Analysis A layout analysis for the layout currently on the screen will be performed when the Analysis button is pressed There are several screen displays of information that will be displayed when this option is used Figure 18 shows the first display in this sequence The 15 centroid of each department along with the department39s length width and its LengthWidth ratio in the current layout is given in the display mi l We Figure 18 7 Department Information for Layout in Figure 17 The next display Figure 19 given in the layout analysis shows the adjacencies that have been aii neu Jul con id iariun TL 39 39 th havebeen satis ed are e displayed in upper case The adjacencies that have not been satis ed are displayed in lower case display of39 39 39 39 39 shown in Figure 20 This screen displays the results ofusing another criterion to evaluate a layout The adjacency criterion that was discussed previously only involved departments that shared boundaries The criterion that wi 1 now be used sums the products ofthe distance between each pair of departments and their corresponding relationship score For example from Figure 18 it can be seen that the centroid of department 1 is 4178 19276 The centroid for department 4 is 18520 8315 Therefore m quot 39 L A r 39 39 39 Mm is l4178 718520 l l19276 7 8315 l 25303 feet The relationship matrix Figure 3 shows that departments 1 and 4 have an quot1quot relationship code which has been assigned an equivalent score of 2 Therefore the product of the distance and the relationship score for these two departments is 25303 X 2 50606 These values are calculated and summed for each pair of departments in the layout This sum is shown in Figure 20 at the bottom ofthe screen and is 798400 The better layoum should have a lower RelDist score BLOCPLAN normalizes this score 16 n u I ADJAEENQES sAnsnEn mmva ant Have a shed A Absa me y Egsennax x mva vlanl E Essentia ndeweab e seAdL LawerEaseAd quotMama I Dldmavy Ennhnue Pm Figure 19 7 Adjacencies that have been Satis ed for Layout of Figure 17 IHI l msIANcE MATRIX Uppev Buund y mmas Hawum 5m 7224 um anevBmud gauzaz R 5mm 070 Emma Fm Figure 20 7 Screen Display Giving Distances Between Departments for Current Layout BLOCPLAN will create a vector of these 21 distance values from the lowest to the highest This vector D would be Dd1d2 d21 A vector of the 21 values numeric values of the relationship chart for the problem is also developed This vector S would also go from the lowest to the highest SSlSz 821 A lower bound for the RelDist score for the layout would be Lower Bound d21s1 d20s2 d1s21 The highest value in the D vector is multiplied by the lowest value in the S vector the next highest D value by the next lowest S value etc An upper bound for RelDist score can be found by Upper Bound d1s1 d2s2 d21s21 It should be noted that these bounds may not be obtainable for a given layout and they will vary for each layout for a given set of departments The lower and upper bounds for the RelDist score for the layout is shown on the left side of the display in Figure 20 The actual distances are used in the D vector instead of the entries in the distance matrix The entries in the distance matrix have been divided by 10 and integerized to control the size of the matrix for the display The normalized score for this criterion is also shown on the right side of Figure 20 It is labeled RSCORE It is calculated by RScore l RelDist Score Lower BoundUpper Bound Lower Bound For the example the value is l798400 7 3802921077338 380292 or 040 An RSCORE of 10 would be a perfect layout and a value of zero would be the worst possible The last display that results from the Analysis option is shown in Figure 21 This is the product ow screen If there has been no product information given for a problem this display will not be generated and the layout display of Figure 17 will be returned to the screen ml l PRDDLlET rmw w LEAD rm BETWEEN was ur DEPARTMENTS Mame mm E nggggggfm mm mm W Figure 21 7 Screen display giving product ow information This is still anoth display that results from a layout analysis It is suppressed ifno product data has been supplied e matrix in Figure 21 shows the product ofthe unit loads and the distance between them for each pair of departmenm The value has been divided by 1000 and rounded to the closest integer to control the size ofthe matrix The divisor in thi normalization is problem dependent At the bonom of the screen the total unit loaddistance value for the problem is shown In this example the value is 26485363 unit load feet The two departments having the quot39 quot 1 4r 2and4quot 39 395300un39 load feet ofproduct ow between them This display will stay on the screen until the user depresses L 39 ju l been 39 Layout Analysis will then be returned to the screen with the display ofFigure 17


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