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Technical Communications

by: Maxwell Howe

Technical Communications ENGI 2304

Maxwell Howe
GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maxwell Howe on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGI 2304 at University of Houston taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/208247/engi-2304-university-of-houston in General Engineering at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
N EHEM Technical Communications Policy Statement Spring 2010 Section Section Instructor Phone Office Email Course Description ENG12304 Technical Communications Cr 3 23 ENGL 1304 admission to an Engineering major and sophomore standing in Engineering Tec 39cal communication skills with emphasis on writing of technical documents oral presentations and visual aids using modern computer technology Expected Course Goals and Outcomes ENGI 2304 seeks to teach students the basics of engineering writing through various reading and writing projects The course will introduce students to scienti c research including documents generally required in engineering but will do so through projects that require critical thinking and analysis Outcomes Students who successfully complete this course are expected to demonstrate the following course outcomes 0 An ability to mction on multidisciplinary teams 0 An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility 0 An ability to communicate effectively 0 The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context 0 A recognition of the need for and an ability to engage in lifelong learning 0 A knowledge of contemporary issues Expectations of the Student Based on these outcomes students are expected to develop or learn the following 0 Con dence in communication both oral and written 0 Knowledge about the style and format of engineering writing 0 The ability to create documents written in the correct format 0 The ability to adapt content and style depending on the needs of the audience 0 The ability to adapt content and format depending on the purpose of the document 0 The ability to edit and revise one s own work for content style and mechanics Cara2314 o The ability to find information on scienti c or engineering topics 0 The ability to manage a group and produce group documents andor presentations effectively and efficiently Required Texts Finkelstein Leo Pocket Book of Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists Boston McGrawHill 2005 Email and Blackboard You should have an email address tied to your UH account We will use Blackboard to post all materials and to enable active communication The procedures for joining Blackboard will be described during the first class period You should consult Blackboard regularly to ensure that you are uptodate on all course materials Discussions and lnClass Writing This is a writingintensive discussionbased class requiring active involvement intellectual engagement and constructive collaboration from every student Class discussion is the foundation of this class Thus every student s presence preparedness and active participation are required The Role of Writing Consultants and the Writing Center Students will have at least two conferences with course Writing Consultants during the semester These conferences give the student an opportunity to receive direct instruction and feedback and address individual and group learning concems Writing Consultants will be available by appointment and during scheduled of ce hours As integral members of the course s instructional team course Writing Consultants will be able to help students clarify and apply writing instructions techniques and lessons throughout the development of each student s assignments Though they are available for assistance Writing Consultants do not proofread dictate content or coauthor students papers nor do they predict what grade an assignment might eam The penalty for not attending a scheduled appointment with a Writing Consultant is a deduction of 25 points from the student s final grade in ENGI 2304 Attending a scheduled appointment without the required materials will result in the same deduction If you need to cancel an appointment you must do so with the Writing Center at least 24 hours before your appointment Make sure you are there for your appointments and that you have material to work on Grading Table 1 shows the grading for for assignments in ENGI 2304 The Letter of Intent Proposal Progress Report Description of a Mechanism Individual Technical Presentation and Poster comprise the semester project as discussed later GENE23M Table 1 Assignments and Grade Percentages for ENGI 2304 Note that presentations are in italics Assignment Grade Percentage Document Creation Group Presentation 25 MPresentation 5 Milestone 1 Letter of intent 25 lVIilestone 2 Schedule 25 Milestone 3 Technical de nition 5 Milestone 4 Description of a technical 12 50 process or mechanism 39 0 lVIilestone 5 List of speci cations with 5 introductory paragraph Milestone 6 Resume 5 Milestone 7 Progress Report Memo 75 lVIilestone 8 Proposal 125 Milestone 9 T eehnieal Presentation 5 Milestone 10 Poster 5 Response Journals 15 Discussion Board Posts 5 Presentation Critiques 25 Semester Review Essay 25 Professionalism 5 Total 100 Attend an ce Students should contact the instructor in advance if they must be absent or tardy Emergency absences will be handled on a casebycase basis Missing more than three sessions may prevent the student from meeting the minimum requirements for the class and will negatively affect the student s class contribution grade The second occasion of tardiness will count as half an absence provided the student arrives within the first 15 minutes of class Arriving 15 minutes late to class equals a full absence Students who miss class should arrange to get notes from a fellow student Withdrawal Policy The withdrawal dates listed in the Academic Calendar section of the Class Schedule will be followed strictly Please consult this document for appropriate dates Grades of Incomplete I will be given only when a small portion of the course has not been completed for a good reason If the material has been completed an I grade cannot be given Detailed information about these issues is available in the Student Handbook on page 17 Cain23M Academic Honesty Policy This class will function as a community of writers and project managers sharing ideas and contributing to a general discourse According to university and department policy plagiarism broadly de ned as passing off somebody else s work as your own constitutes grounds for penalties including failure of the assignment in question failure of the course or suspension from the University Students should protect themselves by keeping notes and drafts of all written work and developing a clear understanding of documentation Students in this course are eXpected to follow the Academic Hones Policy of the University of Houston It is your responsibility to know and follow this policy Proper documentation must be provided for any use of data ideas or work that did not originate with the student Any statement of facts that are not the student s own and are not accepted as common knowledge must be properly referenced The documentation style you follow is up to you but make sure you are consistent I recommend the one in Finkelstein IEEE or CMS All aid from students professors family members etc should be noted at the end of each assignment Seeking assistance with most written assignments is perfectly acceptable 7 provided that assistance is documented credited and permissible within the limits of the assignment Students are strongly encouraged to seek assistance from the instructor course Writing Consultants or fellow students within the class Students who fail to acknowledge all assistance they receive will be penalized according to the University s standards regarding academic honesty Use of Turnitinc0m Assignments should be submitted to wwwTumitincom for review You may submit all of your assignments to check them yourself but the final version should be submitted on the date it is due It should also be submitted to Blackboard We will discuss this during class Students with Disabilities Students with recognized disabilities will be provided reasonable accommodations appropriate to the course upon documentation of the disability with a Student Accommodation Form from the Center for Students with DisAbilities To receive these accommodations you must request the specific accommodations by submitting them to the instructor in writing by the 16th calendar day of the semester Students who fail to submit a written request will not be considered for accommodations For more information see the Student Handbook page 27 Contact CSD in room 305 of the Student Service Center or call 7435400 voice 7491527 TDD The Counseling and Psychological Services Office CAPS offers individual and group counseling for a variety of personal vocational and academic issues Health professionals are available to address a variety of concerns including stress anXiety depression financial worries time management and academic adjustment All services GENE23M are con dential CAPS is located on the second oor of the Student Service Building or call 7435454 Religious Holy Days Students Whose religious beliefs prohibit class attendance on designated dates may request an excused absence Request the excused absence in writing by the 15th calendar day of the semester Consult the Student Handbook for more info GENE23M Explanation of Assignments Written Assignments Unless otherwise directed all papers must 0 be submitted to the Blackboard Assignments tab be submitted to wwwtumitincom be typed in 12point Times New Roman font be doublespaced have 125 in margins have numbered pages if appropriate include an appropriate heading include an appropriate title acknowledge all aid from students professors family members etc at the end of every assignment Late Assignments Late assignments will be accepted but not without penalty One letter grade will be deducted for the rst class period an assignment is late After the rst class period has passed three letter grades will be deducted and one grade will be deducted for every class period after the second For example if an essay is due on Monday and is not turned in during the class period it is considered late If it is turned in during or anytime before the following class ten points will be deducted from the nal grade If it is turned in after the following class but before or during the next class 30 points will be deducted from the nal grade on the assignment Peer reviews may not be made up Not attending a peer review session or coming without a COMPLETE draft will result in a grade of 0 for the peer review Digital Submission of Materials All assignments including presentations must be turned into the Digital Drop Box of your Blackboard account before class on the day they are due They must be saved in the following manner Last name First name Maj or ENGI 2304 Assignment titledoc or ppt Therefore if I were tuming in my technical report I would label it Wilson Chad CPE ENGI 2304 Technical Reportdoc Please follow these guidelines for all of your work Professionalism This portion of your grade will be determined by your absences tardies willingness to participate in class discussions and during group work peer reviews as well as your overall professionalism in the class Treat the class professionally and you will do well in Cara23M this category A sense of humor is generally not grounds for deduction Any reading quizzes will affect this category Peer Reviews We will have several Peer Reviews and the goal of these assignments is to help your peers You will be graded on the depth of your response as well as the helpfulness of your comments Always try to provide concrete clear suggestions in your Peer Reviews As stated earlier if you miss a Peer Review session come in after the session has already begun or if you do not have a COMPLETE draft you will receive a grade of 0 for the Peer Review Discussion Board Entries Each student is required to post to our course Discussion Board at least twice a week However you are encouraged to post more than twice a week and multiple posts will improve your Professionalism grade Discussion Board posts should be a mixture of new posts and responses to other students I encourage you to read and respond to what other students are asking or saying If you only post new ones without responding to other students posts your Professionalism grade will suffer Discussion Board entries can cover anything about the class about technical writing or about school in general You may comment ask questions or answer questions so that other students can bene t from your knowledge and so that you can help others as well Posts must be substantial however Although I don t really grade on length a lone question such as Does anyone understand the proposal will generally be seen as Unacceptable unless the student has posted another response during the posting period If the student eXplains why the proposal is confusing however then the response would be Acceptable There are only three don ts here 0 Do not merely complain about the class These entries don t really help anyone and they tend to annoy the instructor which is never a good idea 0 Do not insult anyone Remember to treat the class professionally which means you should treat your classmates professionally too 0 Do not merely repeat information from your Response Journals Your posts should be wholly different Discussion Board posts will be graded as either Acceptable or Unacceptable based on the following criteria 0 Depth of response evidence of thought 0 Appropriateness for audience and forum 0 Clarity of writing Although clarity of writing is included here spelling grammar and mechanics will not generally be a factor in your grade However if an entry is not easily comprehensible because of its confusing writing then there is no way to judge the depth of response and the entry is therefore not appropriate for the given audience Thus any entry which has numerous mistakes or errors that impede its understanding will be graded as GENE23M Unacceptable Unacceptable responses are equivalent to a grade of 0 or not doing the assignment at all I will email you if one of your posts is Unacceptable Response Journals You will turn in ve Response Journals over the course of the semester Make sure you follow the syllabus to see when your Response Journals are due and what material they should cover Your Response Journal entries should be more than one doublespaced page and should contain at least two or three complete paragraphs They should be a maximum of two pages lSt Para ra h These journals require you to do two different things Your rst short paragraph should summarize whatever reading assignment you have for that week If you are required to read a Sherlock Holmes story or a news story you should summarize the main points of those items This paragraph should be rather shortia quarter to a half a page If your summary is longer than half a page your journal will be deemed Unacceptable 2amp1 and 311 aragraphs The next paragraphs of each Response Joumal should react to the readingiasking questions offering answers clarifying or problematizing anything discussed in the reading assignment This is dif cult but it is also the place where you demonstrate your critical thinking abilities The point is to show me that you have not only read but that you have paid attention thought about dissected and learned from the material in our readings Use your engineering problemsolving abilities to question and examine our readings I have elded a few questions about how students can improve their Response Journals and most of them boil down to my phrase quotgo deeperquot What I mean by quotgo deeper is this any situation that you talk about in your Response Journals needs to be viewed from every possible angle That s perhaps impossible granted but you need to examine situations as complex problems with no easy answer For example in quotThe Adventure of the Engineer s Thumbquot Holmes says that Hatherley gained experience hinting that he now knows not to accept jobs like that again Do we have to take Holmes s word for that though Could Hatherley have gone through the same situation and come out ne Is it possible that Hatherley was in on the counterfeiting scheme all along Is it possible that Hatherley did not tell the truth about everything he says about that night Would you really have done anything differently So when it comes to contemporary issues don t be content with describing what happens with technology or in the news Instead quot go deeperquot If there is an explosion at an oil re nery perhaps you can go into an examination of government regulations of these re neries Why are there some strict regulations and some lax ones Does the fact that we live in Houston have anything to do with how strict they are What about the number of cars we drive The lack of public transportation GENE23M All I want to see is that you are thinking critically which means to try to see and describe something from all sides Doing this requires a lot of space however so it is generally better if you pick one aspect and esh it out Response Journals will be graded on an Excellent A r 39 39 U r 39 39 scale based on 0 Evidence of reading 0 Depth of response 0 Clarity of writing As with the Discussion Board posts grammar and mechanics will not generally be grounds for Unacceptability unless the Response Journal is incomprehensible Still a number of errors in any piece of writing show carelessness or a lack of professionalism which is enough to dock a Response Joumal from Excellent to Acceptable or from Acceptable to Unacceptable Make sure you keep all graded Response Journals for submission in your portfolio Gila23M Response Journal 1 Broad Education Response Journal 1 concerns how your general courses will affect your engineering coursework or your abilities as a working engineer Discuss how courses such as economics government philosophy English psychology or other general education courses will affect your life as an engineer Try to be as specific as possible and make an argument about exactly how they will or will not affect your life as an engineer or as an engineering student Response Journal 2 Ethics Response Journal 2 is on Doyle s The Engineer s Thumb found at httpwwweastofthewebcomshort storiesUBooksAdveEngishtml Discuss an ethical situation found in the story and refer to the engineering code of ethics httpwwwnspeorg1resourcespdfsEthicsCodeofEthicsCode2007Julypdf Use proper citations to document at least one quote from the story and one quote from the engineering code of ethics Use Finkelstein s documentation system or the one used in your major Failure to document these sources correctly will result in a grade of Unacceptable Response Journal 3 Contemporary Issues and Ethics Response Journal 4 discusses a subject from the news that may pose an ethical problem for engineers Summarize the subject explaining how it poses an ethical problem Go into detail analyzing why it is an ethical situation and what challenges or solutions you see for the problem Be sure to use the standard citationreferencing system that Finkelstein recommends in Chapter 14 of PET W or one that is used in your major Failure to document these sources correctly will result in a grade of Unacceptable Response Journal 4 Contemporary Issues and Lifelong Learning Response Journal 3 covers a current issue facing engineers in your discipline Find an important magazine or journal for your discipline either online or in the library such as IEEE Spectrum wwwspectrumieeeorg or ME Magazine wwwmemagazineorg and read one of the feature articles Summarize and then comment on or analyze the article Include proper website documentation in the text of your journal as well as at the end of the document Be sure to use the standard citationreferencing system that Finkelstein recommends in Chapter 14 of PET Wor one that is used in your major Failure to document these sources correctly will result in a grade of Unacceptable Response Journal 5 Implications of Engineering Decisions Response Journal 5 is on a contemporary issue that poses challenges for engineers in your discipline Search cnncom or another news source to nd a current issue Then analyze that issue to describe how it affects engineering and how engineers may or should deal with it The point of this journal is to discuss the implications of engineering whether those implications are economic philosophical environmental or social This journal differs from Response Journal 2 in that is discusses a current issue from a news source not from an engineering magazine Search the news to find anything you see that may pose challenges for engineers Be sure to use the standard citationreferencing system that 10 Grimm Finkelstein recommends in Chapter 14 of PET W or one that is used in your major Failure to document these sources correctly Will result in a grade of Unacceptable GENE23M When Technology Fails Presentations Each student will be responsible for one presentation covering a chapter from When Technology Fails by Neil Schlager The book is available in the library s reserve section Photocopy the chapter you have chosen Your presentation should be a 57 minutes long maximum of 7 minutes PowerPoint presentation and it should summarize the material from the chapter The rest of the class has not read the material so your job is to teach them the material using PowerPoint slides Keep in mind that you are the only one who has read the material and that you must explain everything carefully so we can understand it To do well in these presentations keep the following in mind Read the chapter from Schlager several times until you fully understand his points Decide which points from the chapter are most interesting or most important In other words which parts should you concentrate on You only have a few minutes so you may need to choose the important information from the chapter and disregard the rest Do not follow the format of the chapter if it doesn t work well for a PowerPoint presentation Concentrate on ethical or design failures Use pictures clearly documented with the URL or list of references to help explain the author s points You should be able to find pictures from websites If not you may scan pictures from the text Do not read long passages of text in your presentation unless it is absolutely necessary and you will dissect those passages for us Your presentations should be uploaded to Blackboard s Digital Drop Box before class begins and you must complete your entire presentation with questions answered by 10 minutes after class is scheduled to begin GENE23M Presentation Critiques Students will be required to review two presentations including the When Technology F ails Presentations and the Individual Research Report Presentations For the When Technology Fails Presentations you will choose the date of your review on the same day you choose the date of your presentation For the Individual Research Report Presentations you will be randomly assigned a presentation to critique When Technology Fails Presentation Critiques will be due one class period after the presentation was completed no matter what else is due that class period Therefore you should choose the day of your review wisely and plan accordingly Individual Research Report Presentations will be due the class period after all presentations have been completed You should email your presentation critiques via Blackboard both to the presenter and to the instructor Your Presentation Critiques should include the following o Oneparagraph summary of the presentation Include an explanation of the topic a few details about the topic and the purpose of the talk 0 One paragraph discussing the presentation slides Did the presenter follow all of the guidelines for good presentations What did the presenter do well What did the presenter do poorly Did he or she use animation Bullet slides Pictures diagrams tables Overview slides Were the slides interesting or boring 0 One paragraph discussing the oral delivery of the presentation Did the presenter make eye contact Did he or she get lost Had the presenter practiced the presentation before What did he or she do well and poorly Remember that your critiques are not anonymous so the presenter will know who has written the critique Therefore you should write your critique as nicely as possible Do not make statements such as This was the worst or best presentation I have ever seen Instead say The presenter was very good with his eye contact He constantly looked around the room However at several points he kept his hand in his pocket and stared at the oor Your Presentation Critiques should be no more than two doublespaced pages and will be graded on the following criteria 0 Quality of summary 0 Understanding of the guidelines for good slides and critique of the presenter s slides Understanding of a quality presentation and critique of the presenter Quality of writing and use of judicious language to critique the presentation 0 Grammar and mechanics Cara23M Document Creation Group Project For this assignment you will join with two partners to write a 12 page handout posted to the Discussion Board and to create a PowerPoint presentation on the following topics Group 1 How to use MS Word s outline feature to help write complicated documents Group 2 How to paginate a long technical report in MS Word Group 3 How to create and label tables gures and equations in MS Word Group 4 How to create an automatic table of contents and list of tables and gures Group 5 How to create and import Gantt Charts from MS Excel to MS Word Group 6 How to use MS Project to plan work Assume that your audience will write a long technical report with the sections listed in Table 2 Table 2 List of Sections for Standard Technical R port Letter of Transmittal 0 Statement of Goals and Accomplishments Title Page 0 Design and Methodology Table of Contents 0 Results List of Figures and Tables professional Component AbStTaCt o ConclusionSummary 0 Introduction References 0 EUTEOSC J Appendices O I Goal The goal for your group presentation is to teach the class about your subject You may reference your handout during your presentation and you may also ask your students to work on their computers during your presentation Students will then have the detailed handout to help them in the future Presentation Your presentation should not last more than 15 minutes and it should be as close to that time as possible You will need PowerPoint slides but the number will depend on whether you ask students to work on their own computers Remember that you should spend at least one minute per slide but you may spend longer than this Remember to document all sources including pictures you use on your slides H andout Your handout should follow the guidelines for instructions in PBTW167l90 Use clear explanations and include stepbystep instructions for specific parts Try to make these look like professional instructions using clear guidelines and a variety of figures or pictures Research Although you may need to research MS Word to gather information on your topic no part of your handout or presentation should be taken directly from a source without proper documentation For information on documentation see PBTW GENE23M Overview of Semester Project The semester project for ENG12304 includes ten milestones Milestone 1 Letter of intent lVIilestone 2 Schedule Milestone 3 Technical de nition Milestone 4 Description of a mechanism Milestone 5 List of speci cations with introductory paragraph lVIilestone 6 Resume lVIilestone 7 Progress Report Memo lVIilestone 8 Proposal including letter of transmittal lVIilestone 9 Poster for Engineering Students lVIilestone 10 Technical Presentation Option 1 design a dimmable light switch Option 2 design a re llable ink pen Option 3 design a wholehouse water puri cation device Option 4 design a home s rainwater collection system For these projects you must design one of the selected devices If you wish to design a different device you must have the device approved by your instructor You will produce the following documents concerning this project lVIilestone 1 Submit letter of intent Write a formal business letter to your instructor explaining the option you have chosen for your semester project and why you chose that option Your letter should be at least three paragraphsi context explain why you are writing content explain your project and contact give your contact information Follow example 183 on page 327 of PBTW but eliminate the From Date Subject and To words An example of a letter of transmittal is shown in Figure l The content will be different for your Letter of Intent but the format is similar lVIilestone 2 Submit schedule Use the remaining milestones 310 and due dates to develop a schedule for your project Break up each milestone into three to ve speci c tasks Then create a Gantt chart that states all milestones with associated tasks and the dates that you plan to nish them Include an introductory paragraph that explains the project Cara23M Center for Filtration Studies University of Houston 4800 Calhoun Rd Houston TX 77004 July 26 2006 James Bradshaw PhD Cole Associates 4520 Greeley Lane Houston TX 77004 Dear Dr Bradshaw The following report documents the progress made on the micro ltration project contracted through the Center for Filtration Studies at the University of Houston This project was begun on March 23 and is scheduled to be completed by November 1 The report includes an updated schedule and budget and details which milestones have been reached and which have tasks have been completed This project describes the fabrication and testing of a new micro lter to eliminate lead particles within home filtration systems The completed system can be installed in homes built prior to 1975 to reduce the dangers of lead water carrying systems So far the project is two weeks behind schedule but well under budget Our progress is excellent and we expect to be able to make up the lost time during the testing phase If you have questions please contact me at cwilliams uhedu or at 713 7435555 Sincerely Clark Williams PhD Re earch A nciate Figure 1 Sample Letter ofTransmittal Milestone 3 Submit technical de nition For this paper you will write a one page paper de ning the device you chose to redesign You will de ne an existing device using guidelines from Finkelstein for technical de nitions Include a header with your name and title Milestone 4 Submit description of a mechanism 0 Build on your technical de nition to create a formal technical report that describes how your device functions These reports must include a letter of transmittal title page an MS Word automatic table of contents list of gures and list of tables and an abstract They should also use at least three appropriate sources Failure to document sources correctly using a standard referencing system will deduct 20 points from your grade These reports must include at least one gure and one table They must be at least four pages long not including the front matter Milestone 5 Submit list of speci cations with introductory paragraph Speci cations act like a technical de nition of your redesign If the newly designed device were a black box plugged into a system how would it function Speci cations should include an appropriate header with your name 0 O GENE23M and title an introductory paragraph and then a list of bullets that de nes how your redesigned device will work Milestone 6 Submit resume The resume will become a part of the proposal itself Milestone 7 Submit progress report memo Your progress report is an internal memo addressed to your instructor that lets him or her know how the project is going Milestone 8 Submit proposal 0 Include all formal front matter Include pictures or drawings or your device Begin with an explanation of why the design is necessary and then eXplain how your new design meets all of the specifications outlined in your previous work Write the formal proposal as if you were going to send it to a client to accept and then pay you for the design and to build the final product The proposal should include a letter of transmittal context content contact title page and table of contents Under the section Personnel include your revised resume Sources should be used as a method to define the device Use parts from your description of a technical process All sources must be properly documented The proposal should be at least five pages long not including the front matter letter of transmittal through table of contents 0 Do not provide a schedule here The project is done and you are competing for the best design not trying to get a job to do something else Milestone 9 Present technical information For this presentation you will present how your new design works using pictures drawings and a logical organization The presentations should be a maXimum of siX minutes long Milestone 10 Submit poster for engineering students For this poster each of you will eXplain your device in a single PowerPoint slide See httpwwwswarthmoreeduNatScicpurrinlposteradvicehtm for more information on technical posters O O O O O O O GENE23M Semester Review Essay Your semester review is an essay about your work in ENG12304 It should contain at least two complete pages of material organized in paragraphs Please include discussions of the following information but use effective transitions to ow between your ideas 0 Discussion of your writing process Now that you have completed ENGI 23 04 describe your process when you write Has this process changed since you entered this course How and why or why not 0 Discussion of your writing abilities After completing this course describe how your writing abilities have changed or not changed Identify your strong and weak points How can you continue to work on these weak points 0 Discussion of what you consider to be your best and worst f1nal pieces included in the portfolio Why do you consider these to be your best and worst pieces 0 Discussion of your future as an engineer How much writing will you have to do when you graduate What sorts of writing How do you feel about your abilities to complete these writing tasks How will you proceed with them NOTE You may also tum in a complete revision of one assignment Depending on the extent of the revisions the paper may be regraded The revision is due at the same time as the semester review essay


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