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Intro Class&Biblical Greek I

by: Claire Corkery

Intro Class&Biblical Greek I GREK 1331

Marketplace > University of Houston > Greek > GREK 1331 > Intro Class Biblical Greek I
Claire Corkery
GPA 3.51

Dora Pozzi

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About this Document

Dora Pozzi
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claire Corkery on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GREK 1331 at University of Houston taught by Dora Pozzi in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 77 views. For similar materials see /class/208249/grek-1331-university-of-houston in Greek at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
GREK 1331 INTRODUCTION TO ANCIENT AND BIBLICAL GREEK SYLLABUS WELCOME LESSONS INTROUGTION PART I weak of 8725 reavl1dbn Ememorlz e l about39the cour se How will I39Ieam Greek TOPICS The Greek Ian g a39g I39olassiCalian d Biblical Method39of aisicourse Formsiand functions inquot language Morphglogyk Syntax Review offh e basics osznglish grammar Exampl39esfd synta e cal analysis in English English39 syntaxr39a rehearsal in English translatedvfr om Plato LESSON 1 week of 98 E The behavior of Greek nouns Nominative case 12a The behavior of Greek verbs Transitive verbs with a direct object in the Accusative case 12b Present Indicative and Infinitive 13 Adding adjectives LESSON 3 week of 922 amp Summary of Lesson 1 amp Punctuation Q Whose Of what Genitive case 3 To or for whom Dative case LE39 N39z k f 1 amp wee 0 9 5 Q Direct address Vocative case of nouns Imperative mood of verbs E Chart of the declension of masculine nouns 31 Moods of the verb Indicative and Imperative Verb infinitives 2 Tenses Present and Future verbs with vowel and dental stems L Dissecting verbs stems and quotendingsquot 34 Second Declension masculine and neuter nouns 35 Chart of the declension of masculines and neuters MMH LESSO L 5 weekn 106 Alphaquotpurequot7 and i impure quotIype391quot393 adjectives in Oy 39TL0Vwand 0L V Gamma na verb tolmzl 39 quot w I 39 7T0 01nd 7 1 Articular Infinitive 7 2 Fumre Indicativeand Imperfectgof fo bra LESSON 71W e32k 0f1020 V i L Generalintroduction to accents 74 t9 put th e accent 7 Predicate accusativ esr 1 InterrogativesDeclension of figTi Other interrogatives 9 a Personal pronouns of the 1st and 2ndp ersons quotoun of tlie 3rd perSOn 9 QL T Ca srpersonal p r LESSON 9 111010 1121 93 Verbal aspect again punctual aspect Formation of the first aorist 4 Addingthe Aorist to th e d1 art of the Greek verb Firstaorist ActiveaI1d Middlezqconjugation Examples ofthe Aorist L TESTS TEST 1 Lessons 13 Saturday October394th 1000100pm 623 AH with oral component on campus TEST 2 Lessons 16 Saturday October 25th 1000100pm 623 AH with oral component off campus TEST 3 Lessons 18 Saturday November 22nd 1000100pm 623 AH with oral component recommendations FINAL EXAM COMPREHENSIVE to be scheduled REVIEW OF GRAMMAR AND SUMMARIES REVIEWS 1 Introductory 2 FormsI part1 3 SyntaxI part1 W I INDEX OF DRILLS INDEX OF VOCABULARIES INDEX OF quotTALKING VOCABULARIESquot INDEXES INDEX OF SOUNDFILES


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