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Sw Policy Analysis

by: Mrs. Astrid Mills

Sw Policy Analysis SOCW 6351

Mrs. Astrid Mills
GPA 3.79

Robert Fleming

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About this Document

Robert Fleming
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Astrid Mills on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOCW 6351 at University of Houston taught by Robert Fleming in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 84 views. For similar materials see /class/208261/socw-6351-university-of-houston in Social Work at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
YUF UIIIVIISI39I39Y of HOUSTON SlIlded a um V59 GRADUATE COLLEGE OF SOCIAL WORK WWWSWUHEDU COURSE TITLESECTION SOCW 6351 35127 Social Welfare Policy Analysis TIME Thursdays 600pm 845pm FACULTY Bob Fleming OFFICE HOURS Before and after class and available by appointment Email bflemingunitedwayhoustonorg Phone 8325453328 Course A Catalog Description Provides knowledge of comparative social welfare systems and policies the impact of policy on clients and communities and the skills of policy analysis B Purpose This course is the required advanced social welfare policy course The course examines alternative models of policy development and applies them to current issues in social welfare It emphasizes frameworks for policy research and secondary analysis of governmental data It provides knowledge of social welfare systems and policies the impact of policy on clients and communities and the skills of policy analysis as a means to achieving social and economic justice for oppressed groups A comparative perspective is included ll Course Objectives Upon completion of this course students will be able to 1 delineate skills in initiating formulating implementing and evaluating social welfare policies and programs 2 demonstrate a knowledge of crosscultural comparative perspectives of social welfare systems and several models of social policy and program analysis 3 describe how political and legislative processes influence social welfare policy and program development SOCW 735635127 Fall 2008 Page 1 VI SOCW 735635127 Fall 2008 4 discuss how social work professionals can affect the formulation implementation and modi cation of social policies and service delivery systems 5 demonstrate an understanding of how social welfare policy formulation and program development may exclude oppressed groups from participation and how full participation can be insured 6 demonstrate an understanding of how social welfare policy analysis may be used to advance or hinderthe pursuit of social and economic justice 7 demonstrate the successful application of secondary data sources in the analysis of social welfare policies and services 8 demonstrate critical thinking skills in assessing social need developing potential social welfare policies and programs options and evaluating current social welfare policies Course Content O FnP FDN overview of social policy governmental social insurance and income maintenance programs elds of policy practice and alternative welfare programs the use and application of data sources to analyze policies assessing need developing policies and programs options and evaluating current policies Course Structure Class sessions will be a combination of lecture discussion and inclass exercises Three guest speakers will address the class including one filmmaker Lecture material guest speakers and lm are intended to supplement not review the readings Because readings are a major source of learning students are expected to study this material as it is assigned To make sure they do so a short reading quiz will be given at the start of every class period Textbooks Dinitto Diana and Cummins Linda 2007 Social welfare politics and public policy 2007 Boston Pearson Education ISBN 0205503470 Other readings as assigned Course Requirements Page 2 VII The final grade for this course will be based on the following assignments Participation and preparedness 15 points The success of this course is completely dependent on the interest investment and contribution of its members therefore attendance is mandatory 15 classes X 1 point per class everybody gets one freebie Reading Assessments 30 points There are 15 quizzes and ten questions per quiz for a total of 150 points Calculate your grade by adding up all of your quiz scores and diving by 5 For example if your score is 128 1285 256 or 26 points out of 30 Decimals higher than 5 are rounded up All quizzes are open book Questions are a combination of multiple choices fillinthe blanks truefalse and essay In all likelihood bonus questions will be given for each quiz Points earned in bonus questions will be counted Group Presentation 15 points Small groups ofthreefour students will make 30 minute class presentations on topics that supplement the assigned readings each week A list of such topics is provided for groups to consider Students may suggest other topics as appropriate Written paper 40 points Students will be required to write a policy paper The paper should be between 12 and 15 pages doublespaced typed and referenced using APA style Students will choose a speci c eld of social policy that corresponds with the textbook A format for policy analysis will be provided to students Students will be required to submit a one page introduction and outline for their paper on September 29 Grading Criteria for letter Grade 95100 A 7779 C 9094 A 7476 C 8789 B 7072 C SOCW 735635127 Fall 2008 Page 3 VIII X 8486 B 8083 B 6769 D 66 or less F Policy on grades ofl incomplete The grade ofl incomplete is a conditional and temporary grade given when students are passing a course but for reasons beyond their control have not completed a relatively small part ofall requirements lncompletes will be given only under exceptional situations after consultation with the instructor Consultation Contact instructors by phone or email for appointment Addenda Disabilities Whenever possible and in accordance with 504ADA guidelines the university of Houston will attempt to provide reasonable academic accommodations to students who request and require them Please call 713 7435400 for more assistance Plagiarism and academic honesty All written assignments must be original student work ldeas concepts and words of others cannot be used without attribution of the source References and citations are required Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero for that assignment and additional disciplinary procedures in accordance with the academic honesty policy Course Outline Topics listed for each date are to be discussed and quizzes given the following week 825 91 98 915 First Class Assignment Historical Perspectives on Social Work Dinitto Chapter 2 Fleming only Assignment Social Policy and the American Welfare State Karger Chapter 1 handout Assignment SocialWelfare Policy Research Framework for Analysis Karger Chapter 2 handout Assignment De ning Poverty Changing Paradigms Dinitto Chapters 3 and 9 Group presentation An alternative to social welfare The Ownership Society SOCW 735635127 Fall 2008 Page 4 922 929 etc 106 1013 1020 1027 113 Assignment Maintaining and Creating the Middle Class Social Insurance Programs Dinitto Chapter 4 Group Presentation The GI Bill of Rights or Federal Studentcan program or The concept of stakeholding Assignment Systems of Taxation Handouts Group Presentation The Earned Income TaX Credit El TC or Other taX credits such as Child Care IRA s Health Note Summary and outline Due Assignment Helping the Deserving Poor Dinitto Chapter 5 Group Presentation SSl and SSDI programs or Harry Hopkins and the Work Progress Administration WPA Assignment Improving Health Care DiNitto Chapter 8 Group Presentation The Harris County Hospital District or Universal Health Care in Massachusetts Assignment Public Assistance Programs Dinitto Chapter6 Group Presentation No Child Left Behind or Texas Charter Schools and HISD Charter Schools or Home School Movement and Small School Movement Assignment Fighting Hunger Dinitto Chapter 7 Group Presentation ACAM Area Christian Assistance Ministries or Zip code ministries Assignment Providing Social Services to Children the Elderly and the Mentally Ill SOCW 735635127 Fall 2008 Page 5 1110 1117 1124 121 1124 121 Dinitto Chapter 10 Group Assignment MHMRA or Children s Assessment Center Classes on these dates will be dedicated to guest speakers that will address speci c social welfare policy issues that are particularly timely or compelling Reading assignments will be brief due to pressures associated with writing the policy paper Instructors will pick from these topics Issues of Diversity and Civil Rights Group Presentation GLBT issues Criminal Justice Issues Group Presentation Privatization and the prison system or Wrongful Convictions in Harris County and Texas Immigration Policy Group Presentation Stories of Deportation or Local GovernmentAttempts to Control Immigration The Catholic Church s approach to immigration reform Disaster Recovery Film The Storm Within Papers Due Last Class Final chance to turn in late paper SOCW 735635127 Fall 2008 Page 6


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