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Educational Technology for Children II

by: Lauren Heidenreich

Educational Technology for Children II CUIN 3112

Marketplace > University of Houston > Education and Teacher Studies > CUIN 3112 > Educational Technology for Children II
Lauren Heidenreich
GPA 3.89


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Heidenreich on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CUIN 3112 at University of Houston taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/208275/cuin-3112-university-of-houston in Education and Teacher Studies at University of Houston.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Research No Child Left Behind Actquot No Child Leff Behind NCLB sfafes fha l39 well prepared feachers are fhe besf benefif fo a child39s educafion They feel fha l39 all children regardless of age gender race efhnici l y or income should have fhis benefif They define a prepared feacher as one who knows what fo feach how fo feach and has command of fhe subjecf maf l39er being faugh l39quot The NCLB Acf defines a highly qualified feacher as one wifh full cer l39ifica l39ion a Bachelor39s degree and demonstrated compe l39ence in subjecf knowledge and feachingquot The NCLB Acf also offers alfernafive rou l39es fo feacher cer l39ificafion One rou l39e is designed for fhe mili l39ary If is called Troops fo Teachersquot Men and women of fhe mili l39ary may have necessary knowledge in Mafh and Science fo be used in fhe classroom The governmen l39 spends 29 million fo fund fhis program Anofher program is called Transi l39ion fo feachingquot The governmen l39 spends 42 million fo help recruif highly frained and qualified professionals fo fhe feaching field Parents have a righf fo knowquot what qualifications and cer l39ifica l39ion fheir child39s feacher has obfained Paren l39s can requesf fhis informa l39ion from fhe school district Paren l39s can find out abouf sfa l39e cer l39ifica l39ion emergency cer l39ifica l39ion and gradua l39e degrees of fhe feacher Paraprofessionals or feachers39 aides are nof allowed fo insfrucf a classroom on fheir own under NCLB NCLB recognizes fha l39 fhey are valuable assefs fo schools buf fhey musf be used fo provide insfrucfional suppor l39 Basically NCLB is frying fo improve fhe qualify of feachers by providing alferafive ways fo become a feacher and meri l39 pay and bonuses fo reward good feachers Tear Down This Wallquot Frederick M Hess believes fha l39 compe l39i l39ive cer l39ifica l39ionquot is fhe besf model for defermining feacher qualify Hess does nof believe fha l39 professionals should be ignored for feacher employmen l39 oppor l39uni l39ies because fhey have nof been fhrough an approved program of feacher preparaTion He sTaTes ThaT They should be able To apply for a Teaching posiTion To compeTe againsT oThers who have or have noT gone Through The program Hess does noT Think ThaT educaTors39 knowledge of skills is known on a masTery level He says To daTe despiTe The besT efforTs of many groups we have been unwilling or unable To esTablish a specific agreedupon measurable body of skills or knowledge ThaT Teachers musT masTerquot He says ThaT The skills educaTors feel are mosT imporTanT are lisTening caring and moTivaTing Hess claims ThaT cerTificaTion dissuades people ThaT may be highly qualified from seeking The field of Teaching because They do noT wanT To have To endure The hoops and hurdles of cerTificaTionquot Hess suggesTs Three criTeria for Teachers applicanTs should be subjecTed To rigorous background checks required To hold a BA or 35 degree and required To pass a TesT demonsTraTing compeTency of essenTial knowledge and skills Hess sTaTes compeTiTive cerTificaTion would creaTe new opporTuniTies To enhance The qualiTy and relevance of professional developmenTquot A PerspecTive Approach on The Renewal of Teacher EducaTionquot Americans have always exhibiTed concern abouT The qualiTy of Their child39s educaTion The expecTaTions of parenTs are causing a reshaping of Teacher educaTion Technology is creaTing new alTernaTives abouT The besT way To educaTe sTudenTs EducaTion reform is being enforced by policymakers The business communiTy and educaTors The mosT imporTanT issue is The impacT of Teacher qualiTy Policymakers are beginning To assume more auThoriTy over Teacher educaTion programs OrganizaTions ThaT are parT of The ProfessionalizaTion Agenda believe ThaT Teachers musT be Thoroughly prepared in boTh conTenT and pedagogy and have ample appropriaTe pracTice prior To enTering The professionquot ExTernal people To educaTion believe ThaT alTernaTive rouTes inTo Teaching more adequaTe TesTing of candidaTes and abolishing The educaTion major are The besT ways To break up The monopoly of professional educaTors EducaTors Try To creaTe an environmenT based on sTandards and Those ouTside The profession believe in compeTiTion and alTernaTives for enTering The educaTion profession Policymakers creaTe a cenTral auThoriTy To ensure accounTabiliTy using managerial Techniques In The CurrenT EducaTion Agenda many feel ThaT academic achievemenT in America is noT high enough The business communiTy is concerned wiTh This because iT is direchy affecTed by iT High qualiTy schools provide wellprepared workers consumers and employees aTTracTed To The area STaTes are gaining more responsibiliTy for The educaTion of Their preservice Teachers and progress of Their sTudenTs They musT reporT TesT scores over basic skills conTenT knowledge and pedagogy of preservice Teachers AlThough sTaTes are required To reporT This informaTion TesTs are difficulT To deTermine reliabiliTy and validiTy Technology is beginning To have a large impacT on Teacher educaTion People believe ThaT Teachers should have knowledge of how To use many forms of Technology and how They can Teach Their sTudenTs abouT Technology Teachers should be creaTing Technology rich lessons To improve sTudenT learning The biggesT challenge in changing educaTion is creaTing or modifying approaches To Teaching and learning Teachers are encouraged To change The way They Think noT infuse new ideas wiTh old meThods Resources httpWWWedgovnclbmethodsteachersteachersfaqhtml httpWWWedgovnclbmethodsteachersteachershtml httpWWWedgovadminstchrqualleamnrenar39 Lllllf erence he html httpwwwncrel orgtech renew indeXhtm1 TEKS and NETS Standards Comparison Educators today face many different sources of technology standards two of which are the TEKS and NETS standards NETS is the National Educational Technology Standards for Students TEKS stands for the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills While at rst glance each of the standards could appear overwhelming once a closer look is taken both similarities and differences can be drawn O Divided into six broad 0 Standards are divided by grade categories that represent the evel overarching goals of the standards 0 Guidelines for Insthtlon 0 Within each grade level there are four categories that the standards are divided into O Utilizes student pro les of technology literate students that contain indicators for each grade level that are then linked back to the related category 0 Attempt to provide goals for students as well as teachers 0 Standards are very detailed and speci c 0 Provides benchmarks at the second th and eighth grade levels 0 Each set tries to gear standards to the appropriate grade level of the child 0 Student pro les are straight forward and to the point 0 Very easy to view and understand the pro les for each grade 0 National standards 0 State standards As a class we were asked to view an online video of a technology integrated lesson that took place in a classroom I selected a NETS video entitled Awesome Authors The video took place in a third grade classroom and focused on the students researching an author of their choice After researching an author the students wrote their own stories using a character from the author that they researched Upon completion of their stories students will take turns doing on camera author interviews The teacher utilized the NETS for the development of her lesson 7142010 and was able to include many of the performance standards Students were able to use input devices 1 as they researched their authors online typed up their stories and taped each other s interviews By utilizing the computer intemet publishing software and the video camera the students gained exposure to a variety of electronic resources 2 The students worked in groups and individually 5 The teacher reviewed how to use the equipment and how to search the intemet safely 7 Finally since the project incorporated research with the communication of student stories the students used technology to both communicate in order to collect information and communicate in order to disperse information It was a great lesson plan as it covered so many of the NETS and a fun activity to view 7142010


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