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Senior Project

by: Bella Pollich

Senior Project ELET 4308

Bella Pollich
GPA 3.76

Farrokh Attarzadeh

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About this Document

Farrokh Attarzadeh
Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bella Pollich on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ELET 4308 at University of Houston taught by Farrokh Attarzadeh in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see /class/208317/elet-4308-university-of-houston in Electrical Engineering at University of Houston.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Automated Beverage Station By Carrie Lewis Justin Miller and Leah Wade Team No 3 CourseSection ELET 43081259 Instructor Dr Farrokh Attarzadeh University of Houston College of Technology Semester Spring2005 W April 28 2005 r Project Objective 0 To prowde a solution for the food service industry s problem with Hquorcost 0 To create a product that is portable and can be used for personal use Description The user will choose from the menu on the LCD Tom Collins Vodka and Sweet and sour Vodka and Sprite Whiskey Sour Bourbon and Sprite Vodka shot Bourbon shot Repeat Menu Description cont d o The user will enter their selection on the Description cont d o The microcontroller will send a signal to the correct relay Description cont d o The relay will close which will complete the circuit between the battery and pump o The pump will draw liquid from the bottle and distribute the liquid into the user s glass Components 0 Microcontroller o 4 reed peripheral relay board 0 4 windshield washer pumps 0 LCD 0 Keypad 0 6V battery Circuit Schematic Blck Diaram Microcontroller 4 Reed Peripheral relay board Bourbon Sweet Sour gt Glass Control Program Pseudocode LC D MENU LCD mum Testing A measuring cup was used to measure the amount of liquor The delays in the programming were adjusted until the desired amount of liquor was achieved Competitive Analysis Easy Bar o Expensive 0 Designed to work in restaurants FOR MORE INFO wwweasybarcom Competitive Analysis Robotender Expensive Needs large area to work in Not practical for home use Can be dangerous High Maintenance FOR MORE INFO wwwhoneybeeroboticscom II Part Quantity Costunit Estimated Cost Actual Costquot windsheild wiper pump 4 595 2380 2023 peripheral relay board 1 2995 2995 2546 liquor bottlesquot 4 2200 8800 small tubing 8 ft 1 199 199 199 medium tubing 14quot 10 ft 1 250 250 182 large tubing 58quot 3ft 1 297 297 297 6v 12 AH battery 1 995 995 846 6v battery charger 1 1600 1600 1360 speed pours 1 1013 1013 1013 adapters for tubing 4 400 1600 1452 wood for beverage station 1 2100 2100 Total 6 6 Differences in estimated and actual cost may vary due to 15 discount received from parts purchased from EPO Liquor bottles were donated by team members and do not have an actual cost All wood was donated by Amanda Hardy of Hitachi Power Tools Ta oieg Part Quantity Costunit Estimated Cost Actual Cost 4x1 Keypad 1 1995 1995 1995 resistors 18 Oh 2 010 020 020 8051minimax51 1 6995 6995 6995 24x2 LCD 1 795 795 795 bread board 1 1000 1000 1000 10805 ActUal39 cost of Automated Beverage Station 20723 Estimated cost when mass produced 16578 10805 iN iois ID Duration nih mes Project Proposal 23 clays Tue 11805 Thu 21705 Team 3 Project researchwritten report 22 days Tue 11805 Wed 21605 Team 3 Presentation 1 day Thu 21705 Thu 211705 Team 3 Ordering parts 10 clays Thu 212405 Tue 3805 Carrie Fill out parts request for lab 1 day Thu 212405 Thu 212405 Carrie Purchase pumps 1 day Sun 22705 Sun 212705 Carrie and Leah Purchase battery charger 1 day Mon 212805 Mon 212805 Carrie and Leah purchase tubing for pumps 1 day Tue 3105 Tue 3105 Carrie and Leah Purchase peripheral board 1 day Thu 3305 Thu 3305 Carrie and Leah Purchasing speed pours 1 day Tue 3805 Tue 3805 Carrie and Leah Begin wiring circuit 17 clays Mon 31405 Tue 4505 Connect pump to peripheral board 4 days Mon 31405 Thu 31705 Carrie and Leah Wre battery to system 3 days Fri 31805 Tue 32205 Carrie and Leah wire remaining pumps 10 days Wed 32305 Tue 4505 Carrie and Leah Programming the microcontroller 31 clays Tue 3805 Mon 41805 Justin Miller program keypadLCD 6 days Tue 3805 Tue 31505 Justin program interface to one pump 9 days Wed 31605 Mon 312805 Justin add programming for remaining pumps 6 days Thu 313105 Thu 4705 Justin nal programming and debugging 5 days Tue 41 2105 Mon 41805 Justin Construct the station 16 clays Wed 4605 Tue 42605 build the frame 7 days Wed 4605 Wed 41305 Carrie build bottle holders 5 days Thu 41405 Wed 42005 Carrie add components 4 days Thu 412105 Tue 42605 Carrie Testing 9 clays Tue 4505 Thu 41405 test minimax and pumps 3 days Tue 4505 Thu 4705 Team 3 test unit for correct pour 3 days Tue 41 2105 Thu 41405 Team 3 Final Report 17 clays Thu 4705 Thu 42805 Team 3 Written Report 14 days Thu 4705 Mon 412505 Team 3 Final Project Presentation 1 day Thu 412805 Thu 42805 Team 3 The End Any Questions


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