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World Realms

by: Jordyn Ledner

World Realms GEOG 2340

Jordyn Ledner
GPA 3.93

Victor Mote

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About this Document

Victor Mote
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordyn Ledner on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 2340 at University of Houston taught by Victor Mote in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 86 views. For similar materials see /class/208323/geog-2340-university-of-houston in Geography at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
KEVv GERMAN C l TlEEES Rhine Cities centers of waterborne transpon and fanning D sseldorf later part of Ruhr coal development Kisln Cologne do WiesbadenMainz at RhineMain confluence llilanhelmLudwi gshalenuHealdialblurg Triplex at R hineiNeickar confluence Rhine Tributary Cities transport and farming Essen on Emsfionmund Canal39JIater center of Ru velopment Wuppertal on Wupperlater part of Ruhr coal dev Frank lrtamNlain on Main1 oday s major hub of Stuttgart on Neckar Cities outside of Rhine region Hanover center of Leess Bell agriculture Leipzig and Dresdenin Loeess Belt but more associated with Saxony and its Brown Coal Hamburg on Elke and Bremen on Wesermajor seaports Munich and NuremburgACemral Uplands industrial centers Today with Stuttga It Sun Belt Berlin Artificial creation Capital city Di eremes bclwtcn Eastern Onllodnx ml Roman Cadlulicism in out page onlmdox nrlgl rl urged 7 Holy Spirk mam from my alune nm mm and Sun rlbccmly efjus ce but dlzd 5001a He might me agnm and m 5n dolllg dcstmy dcm Tncmrorc Lhe Resunactinn nm lhc Cruci xion is the cnmal mm Ull39lmalc goal i Lhmusl m unlou Wilh m unclcated ensrgies nfGnd use Julian calendar mycr order ufmonastlclslll 7 all munnllcs are manasucs pc udr Luv ned blend usrrl in lb Ella 39 l only mmllrrenslml imagcs allowud 7 mm conform m pccl c forms Scpruagjnl is auLhunhlm Version 0 old Teslamuu 1 illfanu go m heaven Nu mmarulm ceuuepuon or m Virgin M39 calllllg fawn mu Holy Spam msrurm Lham nut by m words cfinsliluliml mt eat v v 1 mgml nontcxx ora mcal 39 purgamry7 arm dumb one cxpc enccs l comm ofhcawn or hdl and ls exposed m he punfymg le 01 God s presence 5 Roman Catholicism Filmun 7 Huly Spirit places 5 from the Father and the Son 39 Julidles pmd 7cl1rlslclled an arr crass m sa sfy dn39 alumna Ultimate goal l Beati c Vislon 7 lrtual unity Lb unarmed esaunu of God an cal d muslc ms ems aliuwad n rlrrs Dfmunaslic and clergv 7 Dominican Frmwisomrs lesulls Etc unleavened b m in Lb Euchznsl sulluan allowed 7 rm forms must be rollomcl Vulgale andor Masorcuc cm aulhormmvr mmquot ufUld Teammem Drigmal sin inhnmtd 7 we Arc all born guilty anrlam and Eve ongmal sun 39 39 n gm El d t or a sln Liturglczl hours almosl commonly suprsssed m favur 0H3 Mass m saw di inclus c HlNDUlSlVl 1800 BC North Indian origins Major gods and goddesses Brahma Vishnu Shiva and Shakti Sacred texts lea as CASTE SYSTEM Bramins priests and educators Kshatriyas warriors and members of military Vaishyas merchants and farmers Shudras laborers and servants Harljans untouchables street and public toilet cleaners Parahs outcastes outlaws and criminals Hindus believe in reincarnation If one returns as a human positions in castes are predestined in accordance with one s karma or fate Perfect karma ends the cycle of reincarnation Hinduism is a religion that practices love by instructing 39 followers not to kill or destroy life of any form ahmsa if possible most Hindus avoid eating beef pork and fish Jainismtakes Hinduism to its logical extreme Jains eat only rice Geographical distribution began to disperse primarily by sea in AD 200 Is solidly in lndia in Pagan and Mandalay in Myanmar reached central Vietnam central Thailand Cambodia Angkor Wat and the island of Bali in Indonesia Throughout Latin America people persist in asking What their country can do for them NOTwhat they can do for their country F 1 hi bU 39 MIC G ER IE V 9F SELECTEB LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES 2005 Overall Latin American unemployment stands between 10 and 15 and poverty averages 43 Some say capitalism is the problem many jobs are small off thebooks ventures like auto repair shops and food kiosks Mexico Free market economy now in trillion dollar class 37 May 20usually underreported unemployment 443 June below poverty line Colombia Engaged in rebel conflict economy in recovery 118 July unemployment 40 2003 below poverty line Venezuela Oil profits remain 13 of GDP and 80 of export value 115 Sept unemployment 47 1998 below poverty line Peru Pres Alejandro Toledo is unpopular despite stronger economy 94 Sept unemployment 54 2000 below poverty line Brazil Largest economy in South America 96 Sept unemployment 22 1998 below poverty line 39l Chile Signed freetrade agreement with US 2004 12 May 20 unemployment 443 June below poverty line Argentina Suffers from inflation external debt capital flight and budget de cits 12 May 20 unemployment 443 June below poverty line So rces Governmental statistical of ces CIA Factbook 2005 LatinFocus 2005 39 a i Onchocerciasis River Jlindness Onkough sirKYA sis How is onchocerciasis spread The disease spreads from person to person by the bite of a blackfly When a blackfly bites a person who has onchocerciasis microscopic worms called microfilariae in the infected person39s skin enter and infect the blackfly The microfilariae develop over 2 weeks to a stage where they are infectious to humans An infectious blackfly will typically inject one or two larvae to transmit the disease to another person Since the worms can only increase their numbers in the human by first mating and then cycling their microfilariae through the blackfly the intensity of human infection number of worms in an individual is related to the number of infectious bites sustained by an individual Blindness is almost always in persons with intense infection SHARE OF EMPLOYMENT BY ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES ON THE EVE OF NAFTA ECONOMIC ACTIVITY USA CANADA MEXICO PRIMARY of which was 39 57 295 0 Agriculture 30 34 200 est 0 Other primary 09 23 95 est SECONDARY of which was 220 231 195 Manufacturing 171 170 111 o Construction 49 61 84 TERTIARY of which was 741 712 510 ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES PRIMAR Y Ra wMateriaIOriented o Extractive mining logging fishing etc 0 Agricultural o HuntingampGathering SECONDARY Weight Loss or Weight Gain Manufacturing 0 Processing 0 Construction 0 Power Generation TERTIARY Services for Primary Secondary Communities and Individuals usually includes the Quaternary and Quinary economic activities see below 0 Retailing amp Wholesaling Personal amp Professional Services 0 Transportation QUA TERNARY Services requiring Specialized Knowledge Technical Skills Communications Abilities and Administrative Competence 0 Office Work a Teaching Medical Care 0 Stage Radio and Television QUINARY Management Research and HighPaid Skills 0 CEOs 0 Research Scientists 0 HighPaid Consultants 0 Troubleshooters


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