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Notes for the Week of September 14

by: Mary Alison Bennett

Notes for the Week of September 14 Clas 221-001

Mary Alison Bennett
GPA 3.2
Early Greek Mythology
Justin arft

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About this Document

Covers some Olympians, Athena, Poseidon, various other sea deities, and Aphrodite
Early Greek Mythology
Justin arft
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mary Alison Bennett on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Clas 221-001 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Justin arft in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Early Greek Mythology in Classical Studies at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Early Greek Mythology CLAS 221 Week of September 14 14 September 2015 Olympians 0 There are more than 12 0 Oracles there were lots but here are a few 0 Zeus at Dodona o Zeus at Olympia 0 Apollo at Delphi FOR 0 Prophets Seers Divination Prophecies LATER 0 Household worship and prayer The Homeric Hymns Cf p 27 MLS 0 33 known Hymns written in Homeric Style meter and dialect similar formula 0 Composed from 8th to 4th c BCE 0 Homeric but not by Homer 0 Dedicated to godsgoddesses from ritual context 0 Contain important early mythological material 0 Could have been a precursor to a larger performance 0 Among oldest sources for myth The wife of Zeus Keeps him in check constraint restraint keeping things together 0 Daughter of Rhea Homeric Hymn 0 Associated with childbirth and marriage lris rainbow is her messenger when lris shows up pay attention 0 Summary on page 99100 for paper 1 Everywhere in ancient Greece and Rome 0 And she s great even though often portrayed in negative light 0 First lady we ve run into that hasn t been plotting to overthrow her husband Gaia 0 She stops problematic behavior instead of creating it Aphrodite Eros Children of Heraand Zeus 0 Hephaestus p 128 craftsman fire born malformed married to Aphrodite fashioned Pandora out of clay 0 Ares war Eileithyia childbirth 0 Hebe cu pbearer 0 Why are cups so important Early Greek Mythology CLAS 221 Week of September 14 0 Drinking was very important 0 Most important topics were discussed over drinks More Children of Zeus Zeus Mnemosynememory The Muses Zeus Themis The Fates Greek Religion Communication with the Divine Do not know how Greek religion was actually practiced or how it spread Gods and goddesses can communicate with humans through messengers Special locations to communicate with oracles o The oracle is not Zeus Gods not unlike saints Early Greek Mythology CLAS 221 91615 Class Notes Poseidon and the Sea Important Sea Deities Pontus from Gaia 0 Oceanus Tethys Oceanids 0 Pontus Gaia Nereus Nerues Doris Nereids Among the nereids are Thetis Galatea and Amphitrite Mother of Achilles Shape shifter common in sea deities Had a son with Zeus there was a prophecy Marries Peleus instead Amphitrite Wife of Poseidon Nereid Analogous to Hera 0 Son named Triton mermanshape shifter Proteus 0 Old sea divinity 0 Shape shifter 0 Associated with prophecy 0 Protean hard to identify changing forms complex problems always changing Scylla and Charybdis 0 Sea monster and massive whirlpool respectively 0 Associated with Poseidon 0 Not depicted very often could have been kind of like us now and bigfoot Poseidon One of the brothers of Zeus he and Hades 0 God of the sea and earthquakes 0 Unpredictable powerful and hard to control 0 Associated with horses and bulls 0 Doesn t get enough credit 0 Known for unkempt beard and trident Athena 0 Homeric Hymn to Athena and The Theogony are good sources for her origin Early Greek Mythology CLAS 221 Metis intelligencecunning becomes pregnant by Zeus Zeus swallows Metis Known for 0000 0 Intelligence Virginal Warfare Masculinity often depicted in more masculine costume Helper of mortalhuman heroes Lost the Most Attractive Goddess Contest before the Trojan War Often associated with weaving Don t need to focus on the ArachneAthena story its Ovid Early Greek Mythology CLAS 221 91815 Aphrodite Sex Love Aphrodite Urania vs Aphrodite Pandemos Two origin stories 0 Urania Aphrodite born form the castration of Ouranos associated more with the male the mind and the spiritual brotherlyplatonic love 0 Pandemos born of Zeus and Dione common Aphrodite associated with sex the feminine the body and love 0 But which one is CORRECT o It doesn t matter really they can both be associated with her together Nature and Appearance 0 Associated with love beauty and marriage sex in marriage unlike Hera and the order of marriage 0 Temple Prostitution at Port Cities Possible but little evidence 0 Temple prostitution was a thing but maybe or maybe not in connection with Aphrodite 0 More conservative associations of marriage and Aphrodite in Athens 0 Early depictions clothed but by 4th c nude and especially feminine Pay attention to Attendants of Aphrodite Homeric hymn The Charities Graces to Aphmd39te The Horae Seasons P apus The child of Aphrodite and who knows 0 Associated with phalluses and male fertility 0 Later appearances are comic and obscene Phallic imagery was a big deal 0 Know about Pygmalion even though its mostly from Ovid not on exam Aphrodite and Adonis Outline pp197 20203 Myrrha falls in love with her father and they beget Adonis Adonis is known for his ovenvhelming beauty 0 Bieber 0 Michael Jackson Aphrodite immediately falls in love with him after birth 0 Also loved by Persephone 0 May have invoked jealousy of Artemis for his hunting skill Famously killed on a boar hunt Early Greek Mythology CLAS 221 Themes of death and resurrection hints of mothergoddess cult practice 0 A recurring theme in a lot of these stories Cybele and Attis ADD TEXT NOTES TONIGHT Don t worry about it too much Cybele ancient mother goddess Theme of castration resulting in growth Cybele originally two sexes castrated to become female the male genitalia was cast away and grew into an almond tree Falls in love with Attis drives her mad in turn drives him mad he castrates himself CASTRATION JEALOUSY AND FLOWERS Sexuality is powerful and productive Vegetal imagery associated with cult activity 0 Cult fairly normal religious activity in this time Rebirth and regrowth Castration has productive results usually Greek genitalia always meant something Aphrodite and Anchises Recounts Zeus revenge on Aphrodite Aphrodite falls in love with a mortal at Zeus hand 0 So she can get a taste of her own medicine What is Love in Ancient Greece When Zeus or Aphrodite forces someone to be in love its usually overly manic and obsessed Plato s Symposium 0 A bunch of old guys talking about love 0 Plato writes it but its about Socrates o Plato finishes with a super indepth definition of love as more than just desWe o Aristophanes Speech myth for the etiology for desire


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