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Calculus I

by: Alvena McDermott

Calculus I MATH 1431

Alvena McDermott
GPA 3.69

Jeffrey Morgan

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About this Document

Jeffrey Morgan
Class Notes
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This 22 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alvena McDermott on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 1431 at University of Houston taught by Jeffrey Morgan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/208398/math-1431-university-of-houston in Mathmatics at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Test 3 Review Problems Topics 139 Differentials 6 Intervals of concave updown and points of in ection 2 Newton39s Method I 7 Absolute maxmm of a functlon on an interval 3 Mean Value Theorem I 8 MaxMm word problem 4 Critical numbers and classi cation I 9 Asymptotes vertlcal and horlzontal 5 Intervals of increasedecrease 10 Graphlng 1 Use dj Terentials t0 39 A y Use di t ere tials to y I re mate the amount of extra paint that might be needed to paint a spherical ball of radius 51 i f measurements of the heme 4 U36 01m iteration of Na method to mxite 21 wt of 2x3 4f x 3 a guegs 0f l U33 one itemti of NeMon kE math a is 3 mt 0f 92 0 The graph f fx is Show below Show lion 0f Newmn s method to approximate a sululjnn ffx 0 the result if owe starti g m a 4 5 The graph wf f x is shwm h low with a portion hidden fm39 x gt 3 The 5 satis es the conclusian 0f the meal thgwm the canclu in 0f the 6311 value theomm for f x g x3 4x2 x 6 an the interval 1 2 The graph of fx is Shawn below Haw values If at SF the Canlusi 0f What if the interval is changed 10 1 41 10 10 l he graph 0f y 2 fx is shown claw Give the f increase 196 concave up and weave dawn i A150 nd classi i aritical Hummers and list valuea where the a p1 Li cti n 11 11 The graph Inf 2 39x ig Shawn balwi the 0f inma e demeasem cmnuave up and can V6 dawn for f AJSEI nd and classify c tical numbers if Midi list any values f igctioni 12 e c cal quotf Off 32 x3x 3 13 13 H3 fungi f f x2 39 a t 114th a x Use t3 to classify number 14 14 Give the maximmn and H jimum value far f r 6x3 1 1517 1 011 the interval 231 15 15 reetenguler pleygreund tie te be fended e end divided inte IWG pane byquot e fenee parallel te due eide of the pleygretmd Ste hundred feet ef feneing ie deed Find the dimeng eiene df the playgreund that will e eleee the greeteet tidtel area 16 16 What are the ditttetteie e ef the beee ef the rectangular ef greeteet E l tt l that teen he eettettueted frem Hm equ ere inehee ef eerdbeerd ifthe heee ie te be te ee ee leng me it ie wide eeeume thet the bee hes rep 17 17 page ie tie eehteih E l eqtt tire eetttitttetiere ef print The tttttt glue at the tep end hettem itte te he eetttitttetere etteh 31111 at the eldest 2 eentimetere eeh Fihtl the meet eeehetttiettl dittteneiene given that the eeet ef e treriee eliteetljt 1with the peritttetet ef the page 18 18 Give the h zam an vertig al e QxE x l ff 2 xquot x 2 19 19 Suppa than darnairl atquot ia 139 U the graph af haa a Earrinail aayrnprara aquot 1 2 a1l F1L If 39 r 3 than give the r 1 critical numb that irlrarrail af inaraaaa daaraaaa the intawall af can aara up 321 am tillEquot rainEra whara in aari a11 a a aura and gira a piauaibita graph fr f 3r 20 Gmphfx x3 6x2 15x2 Be sure 10le critical points paints of Election and the M50 indicate the and macaw of increase a macaw 21 21 5 Gmphfx 2xl3 BE sure 4 t0 plot any 5 ticalp0i11ts P i t If i A150a indicatg m6 t 5 y 0f imma sj mamas E Gamma macaw 22


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