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PNB 2264 Cartilage and Bone week 2 notes

by: Erica Jingozian

PNB 2264 Cartilage and Bone week 2 notes PNB 2264

Marketplace > University of Connecticut > Physiology > PNB 2264 > PNB 2264 Cartilage and Bone week 2 notes
Erica Jingozian
GPA 3.5
Human Physiology and Anatomy
Kristen Kimball

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About this Document

Cartilage and Bone notes for week 2 of PNB 2264 (Anatomy and Physiology)
Human Physiology and Anatomy
Kristen Kimball
Class Notes
PNB2264, pnb 2264, UCONN, anatomy, Physiology, anatomy and physiology, cartilage, bone, cartilage and bone, notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erica Jingozian on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PNB 2264 at University of Connecticut taught by Kristen Kimball in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Human Physiology and Anatomy in Physiology at University of Connecticut.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Cartilage and Bone Tissue cartilage is connective tissue hyaline cartilage brocartilage elastic cartilage General Structure cels chondroblasts produce matrix proteins and ground substance chondrocytes mature cartilage cells lacunae Avascular Hyaline Cartilage matrix lots of dense ne collagen resists stretch perichondrium dense CT membrane surrounds hyaline cartilage strong exible and smooth Ex Articular cartilage ofjoints Functions reduces friction in joints Fibrocartilage Matrix collagen some elastic bers Ex intervertebral disks Resists compression How Bc of hydration Bone tissue Bone matrix has 2 components 1 organic protein 2 inorganic mineral Functions BoneSkeleton support protection movement storage for Ca and P salts Ca and P salts give ability to resist compression lf blood Ca levels get low it can be dangerous hemopoiesis Classes ong femur short tarsals at skull irregular vertebra sesamoid bone Long bone diaphysis shaft metaphysis epiphysis ends epiphyseal line where growth plate used to be marrow cavity red active yellow inactive make blood w red marrow spongycompact bone articuar cartilage hyaline periosteum dense CT membrane source of osteoblasts endosteium lines marrow cavity Blood Supply bone is a dynamic tissue responds to mechanical stress very vascularized blood vessel enter compact bone via volkmann s perforating canal Martix organic protein osteoid 13 bone mass collagen property 23 bone matrix is calcium phosphate reacts wcalcium hydroxide to form crystals of hydroxyapatite Components of Bone compact bone osteon haversian system haversian canal ameae lacunae canchuH spongy bone trabecuae struts oriented along stress lines Bone Formation Early gestation fetal skeleton formed of connective tissue membranes and hyaline cartilage 2 types bone formation intramembranous skull bones form on connective tissue membrane patterns endrocondra Endrocondral Ossi cation know this Stages of Endnchondral seilfiica tn 5ampanth Fu39tinular r quot neeif inatsuni m ila x Ia quot neuter w A w i 5 Epnnegy 39 s it Epiphy al 1 bane eterinratinsgi blu wye l l 7 3 J 7 cartilage Hiyalin e ITIH E Fix A cartilang Epiphiyee alquot 39V i39 v IV palate j Primary tune I mmla g 7 neeif inatiuni a f rn l cmni A see Hirer p i i 39h h 39 n u h V Bane heullar 39 Blend meeeel snaf peerinebeal 39 thud Furmatinninf bunesnullar g V I amum l hyaiine eh a ma a mathquot la e withi39nithe 53quot 39W35 39m Hf 7 m dilagg mEDdEL Internal GaimtIEE FDrmatmmuf the by th FFBFI DEtIEHI n39iedullary rty 15 r r I bu dl l39l l FFDI39lEIEII39 D E EifiE 39ti l39li zmntin ueE D l at39 nl f 19 bani fJD39rmati FII appearance uf39eese Epiphyeee uniLe n unjlzllary39 uree39rficaitiuni 39WmPl39BhEl dl h FFIin DEE mam inI the Epiphyu Fal39tlla iEiI39EI39I39IEII39IE uni Bey5 ini pmparatium II39IJtI39IE epiphyseal palate5 fur Eta E 5 and articular cartilage5 Ail quotI allquot is in 2 1 I 5 is LIT39tii Figum E IB Long Bone Growth cartiage proliferation on epiphyseal side of epiphyseal disk ossi cation conversion to bone occurs on diaphyseal side of epiphyseal disk process continues until closure of epiphyses


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