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Finite Math with Applications

by: Alvena McDermott

Finite Math with Applications MATH 1313

Marketplace > University of Houston > Mathmatics > MATH 1313 > Finite Math with Applications
Alvena McDermott
GPA 3.69

Mary Flagg

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About this Document

Mary Flagg
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alvena McDermott on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 1313 at University of Houston taught by Mary Flagg in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/208406/math-1313-university-of-houston in Mathmatics at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
l3l37PreLines Page 1 of 6 3 Math 13 l 3 Seaamp a A Prerequisite Review 39 1 9 0 0 Lines e amplf ampco Topic I Slope ofa Li r AN Slept W K Slopegormula m 3 O 5 VA z 51 I39 When dogs slop 0 2 u y 0 karmic011 mt I n What about the x values being the sa e 39 I m C F 2 i v j v O i l 1 Slope and the direction of theiline P C49 c Example 1 Find the lope of the line graphed below 56 E 39 L39 O a Ill 0 0 m a 07 let M LIL 2 z I i i i i HOW l 7 s 5 a 3 2 V 7 s 7 m f 39 514 40 Opeif ngc CO foga 0 hop3 OIL bi Slope close ILO Verdicak 13137PreLines Page 2 of 6 Example 2 Find the slope of the line passing through the points 725 and 077 H 7 2 m 5 g o w a a Example 3 Find the slope of the vertical line X 3 aidW Example 4 Find the slope of the horizontal line y 2 L t 0 Parallel Lines Two lines are parallel if they have the SAME SLOPE 7 rs Para 7 r0 3 pa 7 Perpendicular Lines Two lines are perpendicular if they meet at a 90 degree angle 5 0 pas arz n cogv r e c r MC On 5 c0 r S m r 9 I b t 6 90 5 fe g m 9 on 13137PreLines Page 3 of6 Intercepts 7 Points Where the graph crosses the aXis F Xplmnle 9 Tnhel the Y and vintercents on the following amnh Re sure to list F39n quoth39irycf j mire5 564 0 207 wig7 OID X I39aLcs d FAysg I c hf0 03gt 39 1 37 6093 0 OX c M4m4 4 X X X m 06 W m by 7 3 g 3X A Aquot IV 39 W f 30 b7 7 0 4245 SofV far I C ot p crcCJy opybfmw r9 5006 347 2 3X 3x l3l37PreLines Sum as y 017 L313 9 Example 10 Find the equation of the line passing through the p C Taix 3 24 wh1 is paralleltothe line x 2y3 a J 5 006 quotXVI 13 b j 39X39l3 2 439 A 19 b L 1 3 2 E ryv L a 1 k 4 L 3 Example 11 Find the equation of the line passing through the poi t 0 l wh39 h is perpendicular to the line x y 2 5H are my fechrGC g 1 t X B1 jlopg ypz j J 7 u mm s m loocry xample 12 Which of the foll ingpoints is onthe line 3x 2y9 1373 03 Smagar 33 2 563ol6 30 7 aw 2m of2 3olQ 39 NOT Liquot 5ng 367 36 ls 7 Yes mam Topic 111 Graphing Lines Example 13 Graph the line 3x 2y 9 sssss M f 7 5 0392 7 s 5 4 3 2 l 13137PreLines Page 5 0f6 Aor 2cmch Example 14 Graph the line y 4 r 7 s 5 3 r 2 w 2 3 5 s 7 1 771 V5 77 N 6 a 7 1 Example 16 Graph the line 5x 22 10 2 fl I y I x y 4 y 13l37PIeLines Page 6 of6 Topic IV Finding the Intersection of Two Lines This is called solving a system of linear equations EII3HP 3117 Solve the system 5 UL L 392 L 2x75y9 aka Sg fm mn Sgcom M27 7 617 w5y XIV 3Qgtr 92 Example18Soet1esytem7 X1 y 2x75y2 x74y72 h 2 v 2 417 4 5Z 2 x4 2 w 4w 31y39 2 x 22 B Q ZJ a1 2l Example 19 Find the Xcoordinate of the solution 0 the system 3x 4y l X 2x73y29 X4 7X 4 Z 3 Fmamp M9 ag X7 Nk a 15 quot JJf 37l4 D l 33 41K 14 Example 20ind the ycoordinate of the lution of the system 54 09XQ 7ltL1L 3 3 Bx L h3gtlt q 39 x v3


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