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Notes from 09/14 to 09/18

by: Anh Le

Notes from 09/14 to 09/18 423

Marketplace > University of New Mexico > Biochemistry > 423 > Notes from 09 14 to 09 18
Anh Le
GPA 3.8
Introductory Biochemistry
Robert A. Orlando

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About this Document

Introductory Biochemistry
Robert A. Orlando
Class Notes
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anh Le on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 423 at University of New Mexico taught by Robert A. Orlando in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Introductory Biochemistry in Biochemistry at University of New Mexico.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD PART 4 RED BLOOD CELLS UNRESPONSIVE TO FED OR FASTING CONDITIONS MYOGLOBIN amp HEMOGLOBIN FUNCTION AND REGULATION 1 HOW DOES THE BODY CARRY OXYGEN TO TISSUES RED BLOOD CELLS HEMOGLOBIN 9 MUSCLE MYOGLOBIN MYOGLOBIN SINGLE CHAIN POLYPEPTIDE Prmima hia liti in In Myr agihhn Page 1 of 24 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD HEME STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION Edge View OH H H I I Fe Oz CH 7 CH Histidine Plane of residue porphyrim ring system 4 PYRROLE RINGS CONNECTED TO FORM PORPHYRIN RING Page 2 of 24 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD BINDING KINETICS OF 0 Equation The association constant K for a binding site on a protein Consider a reaction in which a ligand Ll bilnl l 710 El llml i lPl to form a ligandprtein complex lLPl with a rate constant of LP dissociates with a rate constant oi L P LP Then youe llLllF l The equilibrium constant Keq is equal to the association constant Ka or 1Kd the dissociation constant Unless otherwise given the concentrations of L P and LP are expressed as moIL and Ka has the units of moiL 02 binds with high affinity to myoglobin high Ka and low Kd Page 3 of 24 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD HEMOGLOBIN 4 POLYPEPTIDE CHAINSONE MOLECULE Isn t this better for 02 handoff from blood to tissues Summing Wit It My ge r1 T seuee Ellgr Hl ll ll39ll39i Lunge l Vquot I r V39l u PII39II39II EI I IHE IIHIIHquot Ij39lll 39 n1 4 I 4 Eff D l r 4 r n l x 4f E C J I r r 391 u J39J i 55 j E 15 m 7 JLJt IrJI J ill sf a 1quot iil 2 313 Ii 5 E 33 m 3311 F39 i preamp af Hagen mrn Hg 21 Page 4 of 24 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD How DOES HEMOGLOBIN DO THIS I Slopes rate Tissues I Lunga 0f b39nd39ng a a I 1D iguanamaria 7 1 m n n n 51 i I High affinity i I 4 7 t a if a aquot c myoglobln IS E 9 5 just hIgh I affinity a 4 wit 2 3 II binding II i i Ii I39 F l P t E air EEI Eli E an an 1 Partial IEEEELHFE if Hagen mm Hgla Sigmoidal curve indicates cooperativity binding of the first 02 enhances binding of subsequent 02 molecules Page 5 of 24 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD MECHANISM OF HEMOGLOBIN FUNCTION he maglohih E 32 Hemoglobin Transition from T tense state conformational changes transmitted through all four polypeptide chains H State it Tee fa l R relaxed state Page 6 of 24 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD REGULATION OF HEMOGLOBIN FUNCTION HOW DOES IT GIVE UP 02 BOHR EFFECT EFFECT OF PH ON 02 BINDING TO HEMOGLOBIN II 0 0 I III I I o 2 4 6 8 10 p02 kPa C02 FROM METABOLISM IN PERIPHERY C02 H20 9 H Hcog39 I H 4 PH CARBONIC ANHYDRASE LOWER PH PROMOTES TRANSITION TO THE T STATE Page 7 of 24 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD ALTITUDE EFFECTS ON 0 BINDING T0 HEMOGLOBIN ALLOSTERIC MODULATION OF HEMOGLOBIN THROUGH BINDING OF 23BISPHOSPHOGLYCERATE 23 BPG FROM GLYCOLYSIS INTERMEDIATE 13 BISPHOSPHOGLYCERATE E D HE E 23BPG MADE IN RED BLOOD CELLS II D 5133mm E D QTEH D II s1 af nity of 02 for hemoglobin in P02 in Iungs IIungIs tissues 4500 m sea Iievel I I I Greater release of 02 at high altitudes BPG concentration atsealevel 4 BPG concentration at high altitudes Page 8 of 24 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD MEMBRANE STRUCTURE AND SMALL MOLECULE TRANSPORT MEMBRANES PROVIDE COMPARTMENTALIZATION NIAEIELIE r r Arf unleaw 39 E enm pa r A Hl rll UE I Emm i Eln l ml thmanim lls 39i M FTEiEEUl UW S quotHI I Elimlum 1 7 If Plasma mEmlfli 39 Free A A T fauna I39iil f E 11 a q Egii L 7 gamma 1 7 i 7 Samaria l 13 3 M m wbulTEE Mif h nd i ln E 39lri l Page 16 of 22 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD CELL MEMBRANE ARCHITECTURE Enamnilw raia if Emmmr kiEle atal39yI Ernagin It I 3 Hydmm iilic l1 if39 i r H3rmi h lnii refit n I j 1 l 1 E quot r if in v H F x 393 r 39 a quotH l39ljil39 ahlll I 1 j v a HEM 3 D J A L r L I l quot 7 1 V r Fariph ral 39 angrtseijn r fEfi Page 17 of 22 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD POLARITY OF PHOSPHOLIPIDS AND CHOLESTEROL a Unqafailyied transverse quot ipflopquot diffusion Page 18 of 22 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD WHY IS CHOLESTEROL AN IMPORTANT COMPONENT OF MEMBRANES Membrane Fluidity are Temperture Fluidlike Membrane E I39dl39k Fluidity 39339 39 E Tempereilre With an increase in temperature the sharp treneitien is made frem a mere rigid membrane te a mere fluid ene Page 19 of 22 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD WHY DO WE NEED TRANSPORTERS FOR SOLUTES T0 CROSS MEMBRANES Free energy G 5 Hydrated solute Sim pile d i usiun withaut transpth D i ffusiun with transpnrt er transpnrt Transporterquot Page 20 of 22 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD BIOLOGICAL MEMBRANES NEED TO ESTABLISH GRADIENTS TO PERFORM WORK AND ORGANIZE BIOCHEMICAL REACTIONS in quotF 4 Eli II GRADIENTS CAN BE ELECTRICAL IONS IEtEEhtEEI i Ilia I m i la Q Iiiii OR CHEMICAL SMALL MOLECULES TYPES OF MEMBRANE TRANSPORTERS 2 Mniport I Sym port Antiporfw I Catramspart Page 21 of 22 Biochem 423 Robert A Orlando PhD V l 59 quot Faciiitated diffusion S39mME difius39m v quot dawn electrdciiemical inompuiar caxmpnumds uni diuwn cumcemtratinm V gradient A P ri ma ry active transport against eiectmchemicai ldmmplhores mediated I idm tianspo rt Idawn eilectrdchemicai gradient f7 39 39 I lion V J z I a I I 39 if Jr P I 39 39 1 V 3 E quotu l 39 quotMY V gt I I V K lonlcliamnelidiuwn 39 i 5 39 g v I 39 l g I J 7 39 t ll Ir 2 5112 quot I i EIECtrDEh EmEaI fame v g 39 Secamdary active trainsth b aandf0ainl quot quot 39 against elegtruchemical EV 9 39 39 Inn gradient driven by im muvimg dawn its gradient FINAL NOTE ENDOCYTOSIS End nyi aia Page 22 of 22


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