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Week 4 - Calculus I

by: Joanne Notetaker

Week 4 - Calculus I MATH 021

Joanne Notetaker
Calculus I
Dr. Terrence J. Napier

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About this Document

Week 4 of Calculus I: More examples of using the limit definition and finding the tangent line at a point on the function, how to find higher derivatives such as y' and y". Covering the theorems a...
Calculus I
Dr. Terrence J. Napier
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joanne Notetaker on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 021 at Lehigh University taught by Dr. Terrence J. Napier in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Calculus I in Mathematics (M) at Lehigh University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
q 39 39 weEk Lf DEHUQ H JfS 971 4 as L Wm g a MFR a FEM 1W deriva 39 Hm h PMquot H MJIV 1 up r hm mem 3 mm 0 w 371 W5 1 mm r Irv 3 0 I 11 rm quot W W WW Wm Ur 2 513 h r w M n quot fitm39z 27 32 2 u7V WU TW w x flM ONE when 1 f 77 03 pm x x x20 x x40 whaf 13 Shagquot r I 39 lagg1 7 J33quot CIm 37 g 4 w N f M Elma 16 fhami quot m 3 Wm WM 7 mm I 353 mg m W Mwwmw My Nb mnch me ozEa A A m m qmq r r A V 1 A lt P J A 1 r I quot a r 7 433 HW W Hm 3 HUI 39 Irvw W 2 mm ham a Hm 3990 h been 15 3quot 0 35 MC The 3 39 H utr cqi 7 mngenr HM 39 x r wl pm For WW 0 a UQHLL 71quot Hn n ff 5 H 1C 5 MWWen am 61 7 a Cm wma wm 5L PROD F H 1 1 Em QMH 13 HM w QM I 1 ixwm 399 WI v no A M f IiiA f i x N F39La39 0 4r i f i 7 9M i SaW WM 90 5 W wm 3 7M 16 llet Q FWHKI 4 W W e We an dEKQCWHa e 63 0 cm maua 4 0 by 39 fm V Hm 11quot 3 0 h 39 30quot quot kw V I mi 77 I I m39izl39W d w a hr Mr V 7 3quot 339 139 3 F 3 mm ljim39m M61h 39wn 1 i STHH i il imhii K Wt quotm 3 in 1 1E C11 515 realmH HIM warwa m a g EmIowlha Fund tms m n5 4 39 M xiii gA w hL h39l vatxfhj39f ji taxialgrsfg Uh L g a 7 V r r w m tx iijjquot39famahe zx 565 3x1 a LVN 739 h I W hm i h 4 3M mag 215 1 f 1 39 a I m Mkr 254 a 15 I M P39 7 r 7 1 at 30 1 2 393 fU t r9 taquot39quotx39t3 739 4 Find mngm HM x21 qu z plu nm b i 2 it a m gash r L Wm k W ET Fm 91 10 2xh 2qc40 a fhe lo 1quot 16 IU 20 1 K g9P6z 39i h pain g 155 1 1c 2 m1 1 1 2 PuihU3 0 hcgwn I39m e quot er 4 3 35 I l VFDLim39 l r w gig w L Mme 59M ua we 1 Wm 69 MC alcpc are diFf m aiming Frmvs it ri jm quot CGHH wink mu MC WWW35 f9 Mimi Vaii i 9 mu 39 be Lin Hhums a Cami l wort m Q blc danH gm WMHS Hm mg d 4 1 wu mf f a MW WV 1 WE file Mm CM MW W i WW6 awHM w wi mums 1 m7 x W c 51 V xgt2 xiquot C 1 4 i3233 c 1 2 C1 5 s g i i Q r a j j g a a 2 g 6119 5 I Higher DCFTMHUCS 5 WFNGHUQ 9Drcu6 f7quot Whirl MM mu L1H rm Hawm Pm 39 s s hat 5 1e I hm h x quot 30 quot 1 2Hb l f dt b and Whine Frmgang n h 7 39 quot F150 7 51mm 1quot h quot39 lg mm 35 i 1 1 30 in GM 30 5 a g Hm h JD fl JwL hU i Hm baa txwu up a r g 10th Tc l 39 Mi Barium mes LWRWFU Ww g u 31 gig d piix pm 7 Hr glf uquue mm 3 7quot 9quot X quot F143 ESE m d w a m n 5 7 Q m 3 J 311 If l 7 t H g k 1 A 394 Fanquot l 5 Y VL 4 H pagi Jim w loch j Clit l rm iw m a I 1 quotl kn fl t l 9 U We 31 A 4 fl 5 L91 0 quot m ivtrg 0 P r r 7 N r arm 43 11h q H fig g 5 1 lien 39 rim 3335J g39wwy u E m 3quot li fan HT H m q mat 13 4mnmgg r mlra a a h H h f r V lquot 1 vm H quot 39 x 7 y I If g yak 5 3 quot g g 9 a e m li39 lwquot 1m skigai b WM39I39 diffCHM W v v e I W H quot5 7521 I3 y M0 376 39 f L9 50 quotbi 3 Moving 93 if9 C 5392151 s r 1 e l LlVHgtI eat 20 a Meet eramn hm vLHm ew39 Qquot been quot k f w rim h HG 2 at t 7 hi Hm lawat y 2 mm H by mch N D ce 5 Md 5140 V Par cle le up if dgg itwamh Lt u at a ag a a g r SEEM r d rm am 39 c 15 cman 39h W3 PC 6 M quot 4 1 of 9 Wdlna a a Tlf lb dirgmfgn ITXHH 7 z pix 39 7 a 16 quotFE g 7 A u PU g X 393 xi 1 l4xl1iuax It RIM 1 u x i 1 Nvmnl l lull I lIL 1 IMHErJtIJJ firm I 1 1m FW in Go r em 5 6 MW L f 1 gm39 7 ng k a dVEF Wh e F39DO P OE f Th fW th w f e a w 6 CW u 2139 UH I M CLEOM13559 139 quotW TI w r r I c Wm Fm fgm c4300 hat 39 h le kg ax 33 I LX39fhjj i ifEKLEQU Ls quot h w a aiimgig 4910 w 7 a gnymrla w tum 1 5 fi39l i 5 31 ELL 5 7 X 21x1 100 x Lgtlt L21 I Lag n Pm wow3h Th torew w f i 6 16 mix cmwm H f 39 m NEH a gwm FL 39 g nduo mle NQH 6m rwe whim 91 imzam HWme 5 1 W ll ZWim qH hf geim x xHo HXJ y i a y i ab h af x mg j aw xy waive mm fly1 w w A M ki t i in E ix h 3 7 quot39 Ui 7 giglvh gquot my airmai 3 t W Li L w Hwtxquot gtx wx iLMaE W d WEE 6quot MW ametxm h Jl gig catxy gi lgi l RX Pawn2913 3 xz 5 U imam e 39 l W quot 391 wwwoc w Nib a mo k1 m quot 3 mw mwfw a W 39e gj hzeu Damquot l 53 2 39 quotSQid a v I Lifq ng i f quot 33 1xiiii i ex UHquot Sirex w TV39 V a m ruff am Wm mm f 36 ice 6 0 Pro duck we z y ix i XEEC OHofx rm x 190 x g x 5 x ng st 39 4quot we pm qua fm pm mm Eng 39 i39 39 a r 9f 1


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