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Articulations week 3 PNB2264 notes

by: Erica Jingozian

Articulations week 3 PNB2264 notes PNB 2264

Marketplace > University of Connecticut > Physiology > PNB 2264 > Articulations week 3 PNB2264 notes
Erica Jingozian
GPA 3.5
Human Physiology and Anatomy
Kristen Kimball

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About this Document

Articulations for week 3 PNB 2264 notes
Human Physiology and Anatomy
Kristen Kimball
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erica Jingozian on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PNB 2264 at University of Connecticut taught by Kristen Kimball in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Human Physiology and Anatomy in Physiology at University of Connecticut.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Articulations Def quotmeeting placequot of 2 of more bones connected by tissue Range of motion normal extent of joint movement Synovial joints freely moveable joints Not all joints are moveable Ex sutures Flexion and Extension Fexion reduces angle between elements Extension increases angle Hyperextension extension beyond normal rangefunctional range Abduction and Adduction Abduction moves away from longitudinal axis usually midline of body Adduction moves toward midline of the body Circumduction quotmake a circlequot Combination movement at biaxial joints Combine exion abduction extension and adduction Dorsi exion and Plantar exion exion and extension at ankle joint When you stand on your toes what are you doing Plantar exion Rotations movement around longitudinal axis direction de ned relative to anatomical position external rotation outward away from trunkaxis internal rotation inward toward trunkaxis Pronation and Supination forearm movement pronation palms down supination palms up Protraction and Retraction protraction push forward retraction pull back lnversion and Eversion frontal plane tilt foot medially inversion or laterally eversion oints Classi cations Structure type of connection between bones in a joint structure determines the function brous cartiaginous synovia Function synarthrosis immovable ex sutures amphiarthrosis slightly moveable ex btwn vertebrae diarthrosis freely movable ex elbowshoulder nverse relationship btwn mobility and stability the more mobile less stable Fibrous Bones articulate with connective tissue What ber would you expect to join bones together and prevent stretching and separation Collagen 3 categories sutures immoveable skull bones protection short bers syndesmosis longer bers slight give movement gomphosis teeth not on exam Cartilaginous connected by cartilage 2 categories synchondrosis hyaline cartilage connects bones immoveable growing long bones symphysis brocartilage slight movement introvertebral disks Synovial freey moveable joints characterized by joint cavity lled with synovial uid synovia uid cushion lubricate nourish joints Bursa pillow lled with synovial uid Tendon sheath quotsleevequot led with synovial uid Degrees of Freedom useful to categorize joints by the number of plants of movement Uniaxial monaxial joints 1 degree of freedom ex hinge and pivot joints Biaxial joints 2 degree of freedom Fexionextension abductionadduction circumduction ex condyloid and saddle joints Multi axial joints Triaxia joints should and hip 3 movement pairs above movements internalexternal rotation


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