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SOCI 2301 Notes Week 09/14

by: EllenElizabeth

SOCI 2301 Notes Week 09/14 SOCI 2301

Marketplace > University of Connecticut > Sociology > SOCI 2301 > SOCI 2301 Notes Week 09 14
GPA 2.959
Dr. Bradley Wright

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About this Document

SOCI 2301 Notes for Week of 09/14
Dr. Bradley Wright
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by EllenElizabeth on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOCI 2301 at University of Connecticut taught by Dr. Bradley Wright in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see Criminology in Sociology at University of Connecticut.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
SOCI 2301 CRIMINOLOGY Week of 0914 WEEK 3 Gender Race amp Crime Gender Data shows that men commit the most crime 75 of all arrests are men This varies by the type of crime and it narrows over time In 1960 only 11 of arrests were women Liberation Hypothesis as women have more opportunities in society this will re ect itself in crime Women are committing more crime now than they used to Statistics on Violent Crimes Murder 2 88 of arrests are men Rape 98 of arrests are men Aggravated assault 2 79 of arrests are men Robbery 89 of arrests are men Weapons 2 92 of arrests are men Statistics on Property Crimes Larceny theft 2 62 of arrests are men Car theft 2 83 of arrests are men Arson 83 of arrests are men Stolen property 2 81 of arrests are men Vandalism 83 of arrests are men Crimes with the highest female arrest rate Prostitution 2 69 Runaways 59 Embezzlement 50 Fraud 2 45 Men are kept in prison longer 93 of federal prisoners are men Who is victimized the most Men are 40 more likely to be victims of violent crime Sexual Assaults Over the last 3 decades sexual assaults have dropped by almost half Collegeaged women are most likely to sexually assaulted College students tend to be a bit less likely to be assaulted than non college students 38 of sexual violence takes place against men but this is mostly against boys Keeping in mind that the overall violence rates against men are higher why do you think there is a greater focus on violence against women Gender stereotypes public reaction differences in physical strength there are many possibilities Victimoffender relationship varies by gender Women are more likely to be hurt by someone they know when it comes to homicide So far we ve focused on actual crime rates The fear of crime is higher in women In class what are some of the ways that students change their behavior to avoid victimization Traveling in groups at night Stay on the phone with someone Carry a weapon Why do men commit more crime than women Feminist Theories Why do men commit more crime than women Three main issues in feminist studies crime 1 Generalizability Mainstream criminology theories have been developed by men about men Do they apply to women Best candidates are those with Differential opportunities for crime based on gender Socialization Social bonds 2 Gender Ratio Why do men commit more crimes than women This is found in every society studied There are several ideas Differential control Question curfews Opportunity for crime Socialization Patriarchal dominance Biology 3 Di erential treatment in Criminal astice System Chivalry exists so women are considered to be in need of protection Women are punished less for some crimes particularly serious crimes 10 to 25 less likely to be convicted If convicted no difference in sentencing As of 2014 2 of the total death row population are women Why less punishment with serious crimes Women viewed as less threat to society Families and children viewed as suffering more Women Viewed as less culpable Women have strong social ties Women punished more seriously for some less serious crimes Especially status crimes to protect them Running away from home curfew Violations Especially white girls White To protect them Race What would we see if the US Criminal Justice system was racist Differences in who would enforce the law Blacks are 5 to 6 times more likely to be incarcerated Is this racist Good News Relative incarceration rates are going down Black to White radio in 2000 black women were imprisoned at 6x white women In 2009 it was 28 Men in 2000 black men were 77 times more likely in 2010 it was 6 Trending in right direction still long ways to go So strong racial differences exist for both men and women What about Asians Usually frame question as white vs black Criminal Justice amp Racism Data shows that a disproportionate amount of blacks are shot by police compared to whites Selective enforcement of marijuana laws Even though men and women are equally likely to smoke 90 of arrests are males While whites smoke the most 52 of arrests are blacks and hispanics 83 of those charged are blacks and Hispanics Sentencing Rates Race has less effects than variables such as prior arrests More race difference is shown in juvenile court Overall mixed evidence Arrest Rates Do African Americans commit more crimes Is the criminal justice system racist because it arrests more African Americans than whites


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