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Week 4 Notes

by: Marci Daugherty

Week 4 Notes HIST 4410

Marci Daugherty
GPA 3.8
Ancient Greece
Ian Mladjov

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About this Document

These notes cover Ancient Greek basic mythology and rituals, and the analyzation of Greek city-states.
Ancient Greece
Ian Mladjov
Class Notes
Ancient Greece History
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marci Daugherty on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 4410 at Bowling Green State University taught by Ian Mladjov in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see Ancient Greece in History at Bowling Green State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
14 September 2015 More Mythology Pun of the Day I am glad I know sign language It s handyquot Many stories of the gods fighting others monsters titans etc gods sometimes have to fight to stay in power but they always emerge victorious The 3 fates Moirai amp Graces Kharites The 4 Seasons Horai The 9 Muses Mousai all varieties of the arts History comedy love poetry music sacred music epics dance astronomy tragedy Nymphs Dryads Nereids Other devine beings Centaurs kind amp wise Sphinx Phoenicians added wings Gorgon Kheiron with Akhilleus Medusa Persephone amp Haides Persephone daughter of Zeus beautiful Hades abducts Persephone Demeter goddess of nature dislikes this mother of Persephone gets agreement deal Persephone spends part of the year in the world of the living with husband spends other partf of the year in the world of the dead explains the seasons psykhe soul Odysseus consults the shades in Hades Different aspects of the afterlife Good mutual and awful levels Eternal punishment in Hades Do not cross the gods they will punish you If not now then in the afterlife Herakles dies amp becomes part of the gods as part of a reward for all of his heroic actions Sacrifice multipuropes thing offer to gods celebration selfconsumption of baked goods All cities worship all gods not all equally 14 September 2015 Major god for citystate Patron God Ex Athens Athena Pylos Poseidon Zeus is patron god of Olympia sanctuary giant temple in center Greeks compete to see who can worship amp sacrifice more than other city states treasuries used for competition between citystates Sanctuary of Apollon Delphoi Stadium agon arete excellence Greek society rewards excellence when it sees it demonstrated Greeks love to compete in every sense of the word held several competitions athletic even chariot races foot races diaulos 400 yds dolikhos pentathlon 5 field event like track amp field jumping weights discus javelin throw etc 16 September 2015 The Greek CityState Polis Pun of the Day Don t trust people who do acupuncture They are backstabbers Language amp alphabet unites the Greeks though they are not uniform also disunites the Greeks Same with mythology slight variations Not united politically but superior to the rest of the world in their mind Survivors of Bronze Age basileus king basileis agathoikakoi noblescommoners agathoi become more powerful towards the end of the Dark Age gerousia counsel of elders Greek Aristocrats hunting amp riding expensive get involved in politics not for them trade farming Athenai naiquot means it is feminine plural translation to us it means several towns brought together as one Theseus amp the Minotaur very important Synoikismos dwell jointly come together in the ways you live multiple communities come together as a Polis Demes villages rural Aristocracyoligarchy basileia check chart online Greek Agriculture competition b w land wines grains olives versitile medicine cooking oil oil lamps eating Ships Avoid hunger by dumping excess population elsewhere 16 September 2015 Colonization long process 9th8th century go to North African coast Syracouse Vastly different tan the European version this established dependencies EUR the mother city was searched for advice Oikistes capt in charge of ships once landed in charge of getting the city started on a colonization creates boarders distributes land etc


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