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Week One Notes 9/15

by: Jyliann Davis

Week One Notes 9/15 MGT 371 100

Jyliann Davis
Managing Entertainment Projects
Prof. Noh

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About this Document

First week of class notes.
Managing Entertainment Projects
Prof. Noh
Class Notes
Management, Arts and Entertainment, Entertainment Projects, MGT, pace
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jyliann Davis on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGT 371 100 at Pace University taught by Prof. Noh in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Managing Entertainment Projects in Business, management at Pace University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Managing Entertainment Projects Class Notes 91515 Prof Noh Planning Organizing Leading Controlling Show Business Show consists of creativity and risk takers must be a free agent always looking for the next job Business Making money there is a pecking order starting with power players or network executives Chairman CEO President Executive Vice President Senior Vice President 0 Director Manager Coordinator Entertainment Project Stage in parenthesis are the chapter within the book that correspond with the stages 12 Development Idea Generator 36 Pre Production Plan and Organize resources 78 Production go out and do it 912 Post Production pull the parts together and polish the final product 13 Distribution and Marketing get people to see it Film 80 of films produced are by only 6 studios Studio executives develop scripts Studios partner with producers and production companies Attach a director screenwriters and actors Television Showrunner sells idea to studio or production company Studio and Production Company sells idea to a network development executive The executive orders a script and the writer will write The Network orders a Pilot episode The Network green lights it to a series Online Contents Actorwriterproducer pulls together the people needed to produce the project completes it and puts it online No network studio distributor involved Free agents Grandma Betty always looking for the next job no job security or consistency Organization Men Dominant until the 1980s regular pay and job security Project A temporary undertaking performed to produce a unique result Scope results 47 Schedule gt Resources Projects can Be Large or small Involve many people or just one Legal contract or verbal agreement Business related or personal affair Projects can vary completely from one extreme to the other Misunderstandings Projects are all crisis there is no time to plan Structured project management is only for large projects Projects require creativity and new development and cant be produced with any certainty Stages of a project Starting the project Generating a need for the project Organizing and preparing developing a plan Carrying out the work establishing the project team performing the planned work and monitoring performance Closing the project assessing the result Project Management Process Process of guiding a project from its beginning though performance closure Initiating clarifying the business need Should we do it Can we do it The answer to both of these questions must be yes to move forward Planning detailing the project scope time frame resources and rules Constraints Reasons Required Work Detailed Schedule Role Breakdown Resources Communications Risks and Uncertainties Ensuring Project Quality Assumptions Intended Results Least required work and constraints Executing implementing the plans Preparing Role Assignment Team member introduction task assignment Communication Set up tracking system Project announcement Performing Doing the Tasks Assuring Quality Managing the Team Developing the Team Sharing Information Monitoring and Controlling tracking performance Comparing Performance Plans Fixing Problems Keeping Everyone informed Closing ending all project activity Clients approval of final result Close Project accounts Move on to next assignments Post Project Evaluation Monitoring and controlling process 99 Ntquot Initiating Process Starting the project Planning Process Organizing and Preparing Executing Process Carrying out the work Closing Process Closing out the project


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