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Week 4

by: Tiarra Jensen
Tiarra Jensen
GPA 3.9
Business Organization and Management

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About this Document

These are meant to go along with her slides, they go into further detail as well as include class examples.
Business Organization and Management
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tiarra Jensen on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MQM 220 at Illinois State University taught by Jia in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Business Organization and Management in Business, management at Illinois State University.

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Date Created: 09/20/15
MQM 220 Business Organization and Management Teacher Heather J ia Note taker Tiarra Jensen tiiens1ilstuedu Week 4 Anything emphasized during class discussion will have a next to it These notes are meant to be partnered with the slides that Heather J ia provides on ReggieNet Dav 7 September 8 2015 Slides are available for print out on ReggieNet Chapter 5 TI Slide Five Green Management and Sustainability Green Management Any decision that has a positive impact on the environment a Slide Six Green Approaches The 3 lower environmental sensitivity approaches Legal Market and Stakeholder are all reactive and the high environmental approach Activist is active 0 Legal Approach Only doing what is legally required to help the environment 0 Market Approach Doing things for the environment based on the customer preferences 0 Stakeholder Approach Doing things for the environment based on the supplieremployee preferences 0 Active Approach Seeking for ways to be environmentally friendly simply to help the environment a Slide Seven Managers and Ethical Behavior Ethics are pretty much the same thing as morals a Slide Eight Factors that determine Ethical and Unethical behavior This slide shows what steps go into ethical thinking 0 This shows a study that happened at Yale after WWII the holocaust that answers a psychologists question of how did no one stand up and say this is wrong 0 They had a person hit a buzzer each time they answered a question incorrectly which gave them a shock slowly the shocks got worse and worse and can potentially be fatal 0 Stats showed that 6065 of the people hit the fatal shock amount Well over half of the people killed people 0 They recently redid the experiment and the outcome was worse 75 went to the fatal shock amount 0 The first time it s not that much of a shock so they slowly adjusted to it being worse and worse From an ethical stand point it would start by doing something unethical that is small before you start doing some very large unethical things 0 They rationalize their actions by putting the responsibility onto the person who is directing them and telling them that it is okay Slide Nine Stages of moral Development 0 Principled Example would be not eating grapes before actually purchasing the grapes or the lady who went to jail for not handing out marriage licenses 0 Conventional Not doing something because society says it s wrong 0 Preconventional Example would be putting a booger on mom s pants then getting in trouble and then next time putting the booger on a tissue instead of mom s pants because you don t want to get yelled at and not because you know society believes it s wrong to put booger s on another person s pants Slide Ten Eleven and Twelve Factors that determine ethical and unethical behavior 0 Individual Characteristics gt Values gt Ego Strength Strength could be saying that there is absolutely a right and a wrong and no grey gt Locus of control Internal you are responsible for your own fate External No matter what you do fate has its own plan for you and will put you back on that path no matter what you choose to do 0 Organization s Culture An example of this is that Hobby Lobby is not open on Sunday s and that s the way they like to run their business 0 Issue Intensity Six characteristics determine this refer to slide to see all six An example would be if Brian brought home a nice pen home from work every day because he wanted to have some at home where as Rachel accidentally took one home every day because she is forgetful who would get the bigger punishment Brian would get the bigger punishment since he intentionally took the pens Slide Thirteen Issue Intensity May want to print this graph a bit larger Slide Fourteen Ethics in an International Context 0 Ethical standards are not universal Ex She is prochoice and so is her husband but her parents are not prochoice 0 Foreign corrupt practices act Still be held to US Law even if done in another country TI Slide fteen sixteen and seventeen Encouraging Ethical Behavior 0 Employee Selection 0 Code of Ethics EX A boss creates a rule to eliminate a lot of problems by simply writing it down and having it posted in visual places 0 Leadership They need to be directed by actions The Do what I say and not what I do does not work in leadership positions especially since actions speak louder than words 0 Job Goals and performance appraisal If you threaten to fire someone if goals are not met then they will find a way to reach those goals no matter what a Slide Eighteen and Nineteen Social Responsibility and Ethics Issues in Today s World 0 Managing ethical lapses and Social Irresponsibility Ethical training does not create better ethics 0 Ethical Leadership 0 Protection of employees gt SarbanesOxley Act This act protects whistleblowers One whistleblower ran into an issue once since he was working for a government agency he swore to protect state secrets So when he became a whistleblower he spilt state secrets and the question there was which is more important to protect Do we protect the whistleblower or the state secrets We then reviewed for the test and the next class period was the test


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