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Dendrology Lab Notes Week 3, Pratt Falls

by: Jacob Erle

Dendrology Lab Notes Week 3, Pratt Falls 336

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Foreign Language > 336 > Dendrology Lab Notes Week 3 Pratt Falls
Jacob Erle
GPA 3.85
Dr. Donald J. Leopold

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About this Document

Here are Dendrology Lab Notes from the trip to Pratt Falls. Each tree introduced that week is accompanied with general features described and pictures that should be helpful for identification and...
Dr. Donald J. Leopold
Class Notes
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This 26 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jacob Erle on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 336 at Syracuse University taught by Dr. Donald J. Leopold in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see Dendrology in Foreign Language at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 09/20/15
Dendrology Lab Notes Week 3 Pratt Falls Species Identi ed Prunus serotina Roseacea black cherry aJ F bark is very characteristic resembles quotBurnt Corn Flakesquot back cherry fruit is edible drupelj eshy fruit with one pit gand found along petiole pubesence present Salix agilus Salicaceae crack willow DI 7f J I L J n I I j J J fragie branches found near wetlands oodplains l eaf is sickle shaped Stipule leaflike appendage found adjacent to leaves along twig Bark has distinct ridges deep furrows Caplike scale on top of bud Picea abies Pinaceae Norway spruce Drooping branches very long large cones up at the top usually over 5 long g ray scaly bark Pinus strobus Pinaceae Eastern white pine quotSoft Pinequot 5 needlesfascicle deciduous sheath encompasses fascicle termina umbo unarmed ong rectangular ridges on bark Tsuga canadensis Pinaceae eastern no resin blisters smaller cones and shorter needles than those of Abies balsamea stomatiferous but unlike A balsamea some needles are upside down Pinus resinosa Pinaceae red pine poofyquot resemble pompomsquot 2 needlesfascicle red amp gray bark dorsa umbo unarmed 1 whorl of branches per year of growth Pin us slyvestris Scotch pine 2 needlesfascicle somewhat intertwined cone is 23quot long thickened apophysis unarmed gray bark peels off to reveal vibrant orange underneath Thuja occodentalis Cupressaaceae northern whitecedar assembage of tiny scalelike leaves Decussette basay attached can be found just about anywhere Osterna Virginia Betulaceae Eastern hophornbeam Photo credit goes to Paige L shreddy bark very characteristic Fruit is quotNet in a bladderlike sacquot consistent serrated margin sparsely haired on both sides Fraxus americanus Oleaceae white ash fruit is ca rshaped gt samara oppositely arranged both leaves and branches pinnately compound with 57 lea ets bark has interlacing ridges diamondshaped furrows Acer saccharum Aceracea sugar maple sinnuate wavy margin but smooth sinus pamatey lobed 5 lobes paired simmaras winged at 60 Acer rubrum Aceraceae red maple rough toothed sinus 3obed Fagus grandifolia Figaceae American beech buds are spearshaped entire margin smooth tooth at end of veins smooth gray bark


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